Northwest Native: Stuff and things. [7.12.16]

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stuff and things. [7.12.16]

You guys, I'm an emotional wreck. On Saturday night, we watched The Good Dinosaur. When he was born (spoiler alert! but not really) he was adorable. I said, "Oh my gosh, he's so cute I'm going to cry!" I didn't really mean it...until I did. Yikes. I think my monthly visitor is coming though, so I'm not normally this crazy. I hope.

I think I need these shoes. I mean...LLAMAS! I don't need to explain any further, right?

I know I've mentioned our bedding about 437280 times now... But now I need help. I want to get some cute throw pillows. I really love yellow with navy blue, as you can see. My favorite is bottom right. I can't resist a good floral and some pom poms.
top left - bottom left - bedding - top right - bottom right

This is how it actually looks on our bed though, and it's a little more intense than I imagined. I love it, but now I'm not sure if patterned pillows will be too much. Side note, I bought king size pillows over the weekend and now I feel like we're sleeping in a big fluffy cloud and I love it.
There's a version of this picture without Tully too, but my philosophy is dogs make everything better, obvi.

And speaking of bedding...I ended up buying this bedding from Friday's post for our guest room. Jessica did too, and she got it in store, so she can give a review! I ordered it online so I'm still waiting on it.

I'm also already starting to regret getting white bedding. I absolutely love white bedding...but my dogs also sleep in our bed and they love getting stuff dirty sooo... Flora also has really dark hair...I foresee a lot of lint rolling and comforter washing.

The Walking Dead is giving me sooo much anxiety (but in the best possible way). I watch it on weekend mornings when Michael is still asleep, when he's playing basketball, and if I have extra time before work. It is so hard to turn it off and drag myself into work. I just started season three and I could just explode. I wish I knew someone who was watching it and was at the same spot as me so we could discuss!

We're going to put sod down in our backyard (it's currently dirt with some bark dust that probably used to cover the ground completely). When we moved in, there were bushes and plants just planted randomly. I'm terrible with gardening, but even I wouldn't throw all these random bushes and plants in random spots and think it was a good idea. Michael took out the stump of a giant tree/bush took hours. And using the hose to get it muddy. And him sitting down in said mud. He was covered by the time he was done. But it's gone!

We went to a Salvodorean restaurant in our neighborhood and had some amazing pupusas and nacho fries. I already want to go back.

Got the skirt I wanted from Target! I love it with this top...but I don't have much else I feel like I can wear it with. I love it enough just with this top to keep it though! (Also wearing a bralette and these booties.) I'm excited to wear it with shoes other than was raining on Friday when we went out to dinner though, so I opted for them.

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  1. That skirt is adorable! It's very 80's looking :)
    The Walking Dead makes me anxious & I've seen every episode already :)
    I give up on bedding with our dogs. I try to stick with neutrals because white, yep, shows dirt... but dark shows hair. So I try to stick with light tans. Oh, the things you do for your dogs.
    I never even wanted to watch The Good Dinosaur because I know the tears will be throughout for me.

  2. I'm so jealous of your king bed and pillows, it sounds so cozy!! And I love the new comforter, it's definitely thinner which is perfect for summer and it's super pretty, plus soft! I'm glad you got it too! By the way you need all of those throw pillows! I wouldn't be able to choose between them so I just say get them all haha

  3. Your bed is so adorable! And I love those yellow pillows. I need to update my bed spread.

  4. I definitely think some throw pillows would be super cute. If you are worried about it being too much, I think if you fold down the top part of the comforter so it has more white, it will kind of be less intense and you might feel better about adding more colors/pattern!

  5. Your new outfit is so cute and I think some yellow throw pillows would be totally fun with your comforter! Mac doesn't sleep in our bed with us but I still stay away from white bedding because it makes me nervous. What if I was too lazy to wash my face and I layed on the cover? Or my brunette dry shampoo. Yup...nope. Haha. but it is so pretty though!!!!

  6. I like the polka dot pillows, but I'd probably stick with solids against that!

  7. Love the skirt you got! So cute! Your bedding is beautiful, but I do think I would stick with solids for the pillows. Love the adorable Tully appearances in your photos. We just got a new comforter, and I know it totally defeats the purpose of a new comforter, but we put a sheet over it to help with the shedding.

  8. Your bedding is so cute! I agree with a few others, I think I would do solid color throw pillows with that pattern though but the ones you picked are cute too! I'm excited to see what you guys do with your back yard now after getting rid of all those random bushes! I'm definitely not into gardening & don't even know where to start so I feel you on that!

  9. That outfit is super cute and I love your bedding! I do think you need some contrast color along with the navy. I love all of those yellow pillows with patterns but if you think it's too much then do a solid yellow pillow(s)!

  10. First off, that skirt is adorable! I used to have one similar...but I have no idea what happened to it. (My sister probably stole it back in the day lol.) I am going to check that out! And so, is walking dead good? I feel like you are going to say yes, obviously lol, but I feel like it's so not something I would normally watch. But I really need a new show to watch. Not BINGE, but maybe at night time lol.

  11. I love the top left and bottom right pillows. So cute. Love the bedding. It is bright and bold, but amazing. I love the shoes too! Give me all the things.

  12. I regret getting white sheets for our bedroom too! Dart sleeps with us, but he sometimes gets these sores that bleed a little bit and it gets all over the bed. He's just so cute and cuddly that I can't resist sleeping with him! And yes to The Walking Dead! Season 2 was a little slow on the farm, but I kept on saying that each season it gets better and better! I can't wait until you get caught up!

  13. The Good Dinosaur is actually playing during a family even at the park tomorrow night. I thought about going to watch it with my nieces. I can totally relate to the dog hair situation.

  14. I love yellow with navy! But I know what you mean about adding lots of patterns. I always get nervous about pattern mixing, but one of my besties does it all over her house and her place looks like it came off Pinterest. So obviously it works!

  15. I'm a big fan of the mostly yellow pillows- especially the polka-dot one in the bottom left corner! We have white bed spreads, too. Badddddd dog-mom decisions. Whoops.

    I want to see The Good Dinosaur but I know it's one of those Pixar films that's going to make me cry so I'm holding off for a night that I want to be sappy. Haha!