Northwest Native: July Budget [2016]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Budget [2016]

It was a big month, spending-wise. That dang Nordstrom Anniversary Sale did me in. My mom and I remarked last year how everything that was in the sale ended up just being on sale again by November (or even as early as September) and a lot of it was even cheaper then. So, I figured I wouldn't buy anything this year or even be tempted. I thought wrong. Judge all you want for how much I spent. I probably deserve it. But I've decided to do a no-spend August (clothes-wise), and no buying shoes or purses for the rest of 2016 (gifts are allowed--my birthday is in October and then there's Christmas, of course).
july budget 2016

Shawl Collar Cardigan - $74, sale price $49.90
This is backordered until October. I know a lot of people don't count things toward their budget until they receive it, but that doesn't make much sense to me. What if I didn't account for it and somehow spent the rest of my budget money? If I kept the sweater, I'd be $50 over budget. And if I return it, I'll just add back $50. I originally wanted the burgundy, but it sold out, so I went for the gray. I'm glad that the burgundy sold out actually, because I feel like I was telling myself I should get burgundy because it's more fun and I gravitate toward gray too much. Once I settled on gray I was even more excited about this purchase. (At the time of writing this, this was sold out.)

Deep-V Neck Tee (gray) - $24, sale price $15.90 returned
Remember how I talked about my perfect black v-neck pocket tee that I got for Christmas? It was meant to be pajamas and it came from Abercrombie & Fitch. I loved the deep-v and loose fit, and I tried on the most similar tee that A&F had, and it wasn't the same. Well, this looked like a similar fit, so I snagged it. The shirt is nowhere near as long on me as it is on the model/all 75 bloggers I've seen wearing it (#longtorsoprobs), the v-neck is weird on me, and I wasn't a fan of the material.

Plaid Tunic Shirt (red) - $44, sale price $28.90
This is actually pretty similar to a Target shirt I bought a few years ago and got rid of last year. The Target shirt was shorter and thicker (not to mention I had lost weight so I swam in it). I'm not a huge button-up person, but if I'm going to wear one, I want it long like this one, not standard length. I also like that this one is lighter weight. I will most likely wear it unbuttoned over a tee.

Wedge Booties (honey) - $138.95, sale price $89.90
I have wanted wedge booties for a while. I'm not big on black, so I knew I wanted the honey. I do have cognac booties already, but they're leather with a block heel, and these are suede with a wedge (and a lighter color), so I don't feel like I'm duplicating anything.

Tencel Skirt - $19.99 - 5% REDCard discount + other discount = $17.24
You saw this already in this post. I don't know what the second discount I used on this was. That's what I get for not keeping track as I order things and trying to figure it out based on my email receipt.

Shirttail Tee (navy) - $28, sale price $19.90
SO SOFT. I want everything I own to be made of this material. I also love the hemline (they call it a shirttail tee, but I've seen it referred to as 'tulip hem'). And it's the perfect amount of loose and the perfect sleeve length. (And I'm really picky with my t-shirts!) If I hadn't bought so much...I'd consider buying every single color of this shirt (or like four of them, at least), no joke.

Deep-V Sweater (gray) - $52, sale price $33.90, paid for by Mom (thanks, Mom!) = $0
I didn't even notice this online. I thought it was cute in store though, so I tried it on. I usually wear a medium in juniors at Nordstrom, sometimes even then the sleeves are too tight. But this fits me with room in an extra small. It is definitely oversized. And no, I will not be wearing it with nothing under it like the model.


Over-the-knee Boots [Steve Madden] (chestnut) - $169.95, sale price $112.90 - $20 Nordstrom note = $92.90 returned
Last I checked, these were sold out. My size was online until the sale opened to the public and it vanished. While I was in the store with my mom, I asked if they could order them from another store for me. There was low stock, so he warned me that the order may cancel, but as of now it hasn't yet. Got the email that they shipped! Now to wait and see if they fit/I like them! They arrived last night! I am pretty sure I'll be keeping them, but I need to try them on with actual outfits I'll wear in the fall. (I tried last night, but we had gone on a bike ride and it was soo hot in our I couldn't deal with even trying on fall clothes.) They were way too narrow for my wide feet. When I first tried them, they felt tight, but I figured they'd stretch. I tried them on again and then I was unsure they'd ever stretch enough. And the third time...I realized there was no way they could ever stretch out to an even slightly comfortable level. So I exchanged them and bought...

Over-the-knee Boots [Vince Camuto] (bark) - $239.95, sale price $159.90 (+$47 with exchange of other boots)
These fit much better. I was going to do a review post of the Steve Madden boots vs. these ones, but I decided I'll just summarize it here. These boots are wider in the foot as well as the calf. The SM boots were way too narrow on my feet, and they fit my legs, but with less room. I feel like they were 'sexier' because of how slim-fitting the legs were. I think they were slightly shorter. Also, I don't think the color of either of the boots online is accurate to the color in person. The Steve Madden boots are much darker, and the Vince Camuto boots are just a different color (but a color I like). Below are pictures of me in the VC boots...but I feel like the pictures make the color look like the color on the site. *shrug* (The sweater in the pictures is the deep-v sweater from above!) I do also feel like these boots just look to be higher quality.

My mom also bought one of these necklaces (as I'm typing this, there's only one color left) and she didn't love it, so she gave it to me. Score! As of now, I plan on keeping everything, but the cardigan has not arrived and I need to try multiple outfits with the OTK boots and really think about them. I don't want to wear them a few times in the fall and then realize they're not for me.

I ordered a purse too that was really pretty (and like $30, not a designer one--this one, actually, but in a deep plum color) but the order got cancelled, and I wasn't devastated, so I'm kind of glad for that! (I ordered that before my in-store excursion with my mom, so I'm even more glad for it because I ended up finding more than I thought I would on that trip!)

A little annoyed because Nordstrom decided to switch up their cards for security reasons... So when I tried to order online on the first day of presale, my cards both showed expired. They sent my new cards to the wrong address, so I had to have them send more new cards which takes a week. So all of my orders had to be done in store by a salesperson over the phone (until the day I went with my mom--I had one of my new cards then). I just think sending out new cards right before their busiest sale was a terrible move (I made an order with one of my old cards in was not expired then, so I know that's how the timing was). The most annoying part, though, is that all that money I spent could've been earning me 6% cash back with eBates if I had had my card(s).

I'm pretty pleased with the number of tops I got, and that I didn't buy any jeans (I don't need any more!). I don't have many tops that I actually love and wear, and I find myself holding on to ones that I don't wear just because I think, "I don't have enough tops." So I'm going to do some major purging...I have three pairs of shoes in mind to get rid of, I need to clear out any tops/sweaters I don't wear... I'll probably be doing a post on my closet clean out soon!

End of June 2016
$653.54 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$729.87 - Maximum budget amount available

July total spent: $345.74

2016 Budget Remaining
$354.80 - Annual budget remaining
$17.87 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$19.43 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$384.13 - Maximum budget amount available

As usual, I'm linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers and stalking what other people bought!

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  1. I hold on to tops that I don't love or wear often because I feel like I don't have many that I do love. That stinks that the tshirt didn't fit you right. I usually have the same issue where I see like 50 people wearing it and I want it but it looks ridiculous on me. Not saying you looked ridiculous...but I get how that goes. It is hard to get out of the Nordstrom scale unscathed! I ordered Kate Spade Studs this year but resisted any and all clothes because...well...who knows what size I will be after I have this baby. Haha! But next year is my year!

  2. You always find so many steals and styles- I'm awful at shopping. I never find anything and I have no patience... I did have some luck at NY&Co before my vacation but I'm always in the market for comfy tees that can go with dress pants. I love those tall boots and that necklace!

  3. THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see what you pair them with in the fall/winter!

  4. Well it makes me feel better that a lot of these items will be on sale again in November because there was so much already sold out by the time that I went online to order! I love that shawl cardigan that you got! It's so beautiful!

  5. Yay for the OTK boots coming! The ones I had (kind of) wanted were sold out in only my size and the color I wanted before the sale even went public so I figured it was a sign it wasn't meant to be, haha. You might have mentioned this before, but what is splender?

  6. I'm always looking for tops and end up lacking and have wayyyy more bottoms. It's been my mission this year to find more and just buy as I see them. I hate shopping (the whole trying on shit and spending hours in a mall) and I don't do much online shopping because a lot of places don't ship here/aren't available in Canada or I have to worry about returning the shiz and I find that irritating. Plus Canadians never get free shipping so with the exchange and shipping, we always pay out the teeth for items you guys get at a fraction of the cost. It sucks.
    Always love reading what you've bought. :-)

  7. Gurllll you got some great stuff this month!! And before this year, I was regularly dropping $200-300 a month, so I know that feel. And also the need for every item purchased to be maximally comfy, haha! If I had a Nordstrom closer to me so that I could easily return things, I would have been all over that sale too. Those wedge booties are super cute! And I wasn't loving the navy shirttail tee UNTIL you started raving about how comfy it is, then I was singing a different tune! I might have to check that out myself!

  8. Love both pairs of boots!! I'm looking for flatter boots this year bc I can't wear anything with a heel with these awful ankles I have! Boo!

  9. Well, I think a splurge is okay since it's their annual sale! Plus, you got some pretty nice stuff for that price too! Those boots especially! I love the look of over the knee boots + the heel but I've never been able to find any that fit. I feel like I am the same way with shirts. I have so many that I don't actually wear but just hang on to them anyway! I haven't ordered anything from the sale & actually the only thing I really liked is now sold out! But I'm keeping it saved just in case it goes on sale again this fall - thanks for that tip!

  10. I think you got great deals!

    It's time to do another purge for me, and then I'll see what I need for the fall.

  11. Out of curiosity, how do you determine your annual budget for clothing? I really like the idea of having a set amount!

    1. This is my first year with a set budget! When I started my blog last year, I just kept track of what I was spending on clothes and posted budget posts. I think I had about 8 or 9 months to go off of. So when January came around, I added up the total that I had spent in those months and worked out a figure that I thought would work for me!

  12. Bummer that the shirt wasn't long enough! I hear you on those long torso problems!

  13. Those are some great finds. I do hate when they cancel my order, but sometimes it is fate. I can't wait to see the boots and the Fall outfits you chose with it. I have a long torso too. Sucks when things don't fit properly.

  14. Yep... that was a big spend month! Lol. You picked up some great items though. I love the outfit you have on! I need to find some sweaters that hang like that on me!

  15. Those over the knee boots are everything!! Love all of your nsale finds, and I agree, the sale is basically fashion heroin

  16. Those boots!! So cute and such a good price! Can't wait to see how you wear them this fall!
    Peace, Sarah