Northwest Native: Things No One Ever Needs To Know About Me

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things No One Ever Needs To Know About Me

Do you ever think of the most random facts and stories about yourself? Not your favorite color or food, or what you wanted to be when you grew up. But just random things you've done or can do or like that you would never find on a questionnaire somewhere? Well, I do, and as with most things that pop into my head my first thought was, "Can I blog that?!" So, here you go.

When I was little, my mom used to love buying me legging sets. I had a few, but the one I distinctly remember was brown leggings with acorns and leaves on them, paired with a sweater and a turtleneck to go under (yes, they were all coordinated--they were made to be). I absolutely despised wearing leggings. I know, right? Leggings are a gift now, but as a child, so not for me. I just didn't like how they clung to my legs. I distinctly remember crawling under my bed in those leggings for some reason, and they got snagged on a wire from the bed frame and I was so happy there was a hole in them so I couldn't wear them anymore! Ha!

I own this shirt. Yes, it says, "There ain't no party like an S Club Party" and I should know, because I went to that S Club Party. In my case, it was a nostalgic but underwhelming party because it was only Jo and Bradley or something like that. But still, life goal achieved. Another thing to note, I'm not wearing pants in this picture. You're welcome for not including visible evidence of that.

Once, in the first few months that we lived in Seattle after graduating, Michael dropped me off at work on his way to an interview (I normally walked to work from our first apartment when we didn't have dogs so I didn't have to go home to at lunch). I got out at a red light, opened my door without looking, and a bicyclist suddenly crashed into a construction cone next to my open door trying to avoid it. I was mortified and asked if he was okay and said sorry but he just got on his bike and sped away. I still feel bad about that!

I love mascots. Michael thinks mascots are dumb and pointless, but there is a point. The point is to entertain children and myself. I seriously bought a boy's large t-shirt with the Blazer's mascot on it. And I fangirl over mascots. Like if I can get a picture with a mascot at a sporting event, I'm ridiculously happy.
Shopping in the boy's section because I'm a child.

I don't wear concealer and pretty much never have. Exceptions can be seen in this post where I put myself on blast for using way too much of it/a shade (or seven) too light of it. When I started wearing foundation, it was BareMinerals. The starter kit came with foundation, a foundation brush, a concealer brush, and a few other things. The point is to use the foundation powder as both your foundation and concealer. Since then, I've purchased a Bobbi Brown foundation stick (I wanted more coverage for wedding makeup, and the girl at the counter said stick foundation would be best for pictures) and on Tuesday I purchased my first liquid foundation from the drugstore...and I still just use the foundation as concealer. I can't bring myself to spend more money on it, especially since I don't know how to match it. (I was proud enough that when I bought my drugstore foundation after staring at the different colors for fifteen minutes it actually matched pretty well.)

I'm the absolute furthest thing from a germaphobe you can possible be. I hate the smell of 'unscented' hand sanitizer. I hate that it dries out your hands. I have literally never bought a bottle of it.

I've mentioned this before but I hate the feeling of getting my blood pressure taken. I'm not a fan of the squeezing, I don't know why.

I have a horrendous cowlick. Bangs? Forget about 'em. Hair laying right even without bangs? Nope, that doesn't work either. Apparently it's hereditary though because my cousin (technically my third cousin) and I look a lot alike annnd...she has the cowlick too.

I had to lower my Fitbit sleep goal from eight hours to seven or else I would never ever hit it. (I think I hit the eight hour goal like twice ever.) And I still don't usually hit the seven hour goal (and if I do, it's only on weekends).

I hate the feeling of loose rings. Last year, when Michael and I took up running, I could feel my engagement ring bouncing back and forth on my finger during the beginning of a run (until I got hot and my fingers kind of swelled). Now that I'm working out again, my rings are loose again and moving around. It seriously grosses me out. I'm not even kidding, that feeling gives me the heebie jeebies. But I guess I should be happy because I'm losing excess fat (in the one place I really don't care about it, my fingers). [When I got my rings soldered together, the looser one was sized down to match the size of the other one, so it's not as bad; the ring I wear on my other hand moves around too though.]

Speaking of rings, the ring I always wear on my right hand is actually my mom's wedding ring from her marriage to my biological father. She gave it to me in high school, around the time my grandma passed away and we were going through things in the house, so I had assumed it was my grandma's. I randomly found it again a couple years ago and started wearing it and my mom saw and said, "Oh, you have that? I was trying to find it to give it to you!" And then she told me where it actually came from. I kept wearing it because I think it's a pretty/unique ring. I could've stopped wearing it because of my father's actions, but he doesn't have that power over me. Anyway, the day before I posted my tell-all about my father, the ring somehow got caught on something inside my car door (still have no idea what) and I yanked my hand (because I didn't think it was caught on something hard, like metal) and it bent the ring like crazy. I can't decide if I should take it as a sign to not wear it anymore, or if I should just take it to a jeweler to get bent back into shape.

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  1. I loooooooooove randomness! Thank you for sharing all of these! So...little fact...I know Clutch. The Houston Rockets mascot. Like, in real life. I went to his wedding and everything. I *think* he is the longest serving professional mascot in the NBA working right now. I remember him getting some big award for that. He has adorable twin sons that he uses in skits.

  2. These facts are super entertaining :) I actually like getting my blood pressure taken! I love that I can feel my pulse in my arm when they squeeze it. Also, concealer makes me breakout so I never use it either.

    I don't wear my rings when we workout for that exact reason. My wedding band is pretty loose and my engagement rings keeps it on (they're not soldered) but when I'm working out my hands swell and thin out so I just clip them to my water bottle and don't deal with it :) I don't wear them when I swim either.
    If your mom's wedding band brings you happiness, wear it. If not, cut the obligation-cord :)

  3. Love your S Club shirt, and love even more that you went to an S Club party?? haha. I struggle so much with concealer and don't use it most of the time either because I feel like my foundation does a good enough job (most of the time), though I probably just need to learn how to apply concealer a little bit better, especially over annoying spots! What were your thoughts on the BB stick foundation??

  4. I purposely sized my ring down .25 to prevent any moving around. In the winter it's easier to get it off because my knuckle and my finger are about the same size so I was able to get away with it, but come summer time, it's a struggle to get them off without cold water. Good thing I never take my rings off! I think I took them off once and that was when I was hammering, but other than that, these bad boys stay on all the time.

    As for the other ring, I think I'd still get it fixed, maybe not wear it as often, but that's just me. I have a few rings from my ex which I can't seem to throw away, but I don't want to wear them either. So they sit in a jewelry organizer just hanging out.

    What goes on first concealer or foundation? I think a few times when I was an exra I just needed the foundation, but I always remember it being so heavy and gross on my skin which is probably why I never wear makeup ever.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. That's kinda crazy about that ring... maybe it is a sign... or a good excuse to make your hubs just buy you a new ring ;)
    I hate when rings spin & clink too.
    Isn't it funny some of the shirts we hang onto? I have a Mickey Mouse shirt when I was in 8th grade I STILL sleep in!

  6. This is my favorite post that I've read all day!! That S Club shirt is FANTASTIC!! I remember loving their show on... was it Fox Family back then? Also, I LOVE mascots, too... Mike always laughs when I want to get in line with all the 5 year olds to take photos with them when we go to different ball parks!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. Hahaha S Club. Love it! I am not a fan of my rings being lose either. Even though I have had my engagement ring for over 6 years, I still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to feel that it is still on. Ridiculous. I know.

  8. I love these random facts about you. I hated leggings growing up too and now I love them. As for the ring, maybe it is a sign or maybe you can get it reset in a different way so it is a ring meant for you. I hate hand sanitizer too. It dries my hands out so bad and then I get bloody knuckles. So gross. I had to use it and iodine a lot when I was in the NICU with my girls and my hands were raw.

  9. Ooh the randomness is fun! I'm not really a germaphobe either, but sometimes I am. :) And mascots are SO cool. I love all the different school mascots.

  10. I love reading posts like this. Also, I have to confess, I'm 31 and don't actually know what foundation or concealer are for and if you told me to apply them to my face, I would probably look like a hooker... or someone with HORRIBLE make up.

  11. I would have felt so bad about the bike guy crashing too! I guess that he really was fine if he got up and sped off! I specifically remember all of those leggings growing up too! I wasn't exactly fond of them, but I now I can't get enough!

  12. Ah that ring thing is kind of crazy! I would definitely take it as a sign...but I'm a sign weirdo!! I love the idea of this post. I'd read this stuff over a beauty post any day lol.


  13. Love the s club 7 shirt, I used to love them, and didnt they have a tv show?!

  14. Damn you, I'm not singing S Club 7 in my head!!! Lol Rock the no-pants girlie!!

    Dude this is so weird but my very first BSB concert, AJ broke his ankle and had to cancel and I was the saddest girl. Lol! It just wasn't the same without him.

    I too detest hand santizer. It chaps the f out of your hands and smells terrible. I have no idea how people can guzzle that shit just to get the alcohol in it. BARF!


  15. Leggings were actually some of the only pants I'd wear as a child! I hated jeans and I wouldn't touch dresses. And I'm the same way with germs... I seriously can't handle all the antibacterial stuff and I swear we're doing more long-term harm than good!

  16. This is a fun post! I love hearing/reading random facts about people. I don't wear concealer or foundation either. I have pretty fair skin and everything is too dark or has a terrible yellow undertone. And I might be a little too lazy to deal with putting it on every day!

  17. Leggings are my jam haha I remember wearing them as a kid (deprived I know) but I def make up for it now :) Holy I wish I could get 7-8 hours of sleep! I think my body is training me to be ready for a baby because I can barely sleep past 5-6 hours a night lately! And that ring thing is a sign!! If anything, you can always sell it if there's a diamond haha like, don't throw it out (if you decide not to get it fixed)

  18. I probably wouldn't wear the ring anymore if something like that happened to me, but I'm also pretty superstitious about the most random things. Don't want any bad juju near me! I'm the exact opposite with makeup- I wear concealer more than foundation, but that because the kind lady at Sephora helped me find my match and it's a gel-like formula that goes on and blends in so smoothly.

    That S Club shirt is too funny! I used to love them!

  19. I loved leggings as a kid! I was so reluctant to switch over to jeans once "jeans being cool" became a thing in grade school, haha! I hate the feeling of a blood pressure cuff, it's just so weird and unpleasant! And you should come to Philly and go to a Phillies game sometime because their mascot, the Phanatic, is such a nut and definitely the star of the show (even when the Phillies were good, haha.). Sometimes, the former Phillies mascots are at games too, and those characters look like they're straight off the Mayflower, which is pretty amusing in comparison to the giant fuzzy green Phanatic!

    1. Oh, and being able to buy sports swag from the boys' section is the bestttt (and so much cheaper!)!

  20. S Club 7 was my favorite! I'm going to have to hunt my cd down so I can upload it to iTunes :) I love the theme of the post! Did you ever fill out a NCAA bracket based off the mascots? We did that one time and it was hilarious :)

  21. I love these types of posts! It's so interesting to learn the most random facts about other people. I actually loved leggings as a kid! I remember the sets with the printed leggings which usually matched some sort of design on the shirt & wearing them all the time. I didn't even know S Club 7 was still around?! I loved them back in the day! I have to wear concealer almost every single day & had to finally splurge on some better coverage stuff rather than the drugstore kind. Good choice on the foundation though! Colorstay is my go-to! It drives me crazy when my rings are rolling around my finger! I'm kind of superstitious so I would probably think that the ring getting bent as a sign!

  22. oh no to the poor bicyclist~ ha, poor guy! At least he wasn't too mad. I know Portland bicyclists are usually quite willing to scream...

    Interesting about the ring! You could take it as something negative. Another perspective could be a nod to yourself as it does have something to do with how you came to be. But clearly, you know how you feel about it much more than me.

  23. omg i need that sclub party tshirt!!
    i have my mother's rings from my biological father as well, though they were never married, they are a wedding set. i don't wear them because my mum is a smurf apparently and the rings don't even fit my pinky, i'm not kidding. but i have them. i don't know what to do with them. i want to keep them though, because they represent more about her than him, it's a long boring story, but yeah. so i feel that.
    i am not a germaphobe either. at all.
    i have not hit my fitbit sleep goal at all, ever. i get 4 or 5 hours, max, even if i am in bed for 10. wtf?! it's not fair.