Northwest Native: Confessions: Anger & Ice Cream

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Confessions: Anger & Ice Cream

I tried to write a post detailing my thoughts (horror) regarding the Stanford rapist case...but I couldn't. It ended up rambly, and my thoughts on things I'm passionate about are always so coherent in my head, but when I go to write's hard. A few things: 1. I don't care how drunk anyone is, that doesn't justify rape or make it the victim's fault in the slightest. 2. The fact that he plans to educate students on 'the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity' makes me sick. I think it's a valid thing to teach students, but not in relation to this case. He doesn't get to teach students about sexual promiscuity (because his saying this is disregarding the fact that this was rape, plain and simple--not two drunk people being sexually promiscuous). 3. Six months in county jail? The minimum was supposed to be six years? He deserves more time, and he deserves state prison. Oh but that would impact his life too much? Oh poor thing. How the judge could hear the victim's statement and then decide the impact on his life would be too harsh is absolutely batshit to me. (But poor Brock is too depressed to eat his favorite snacks anymore. That's no way to live!) #incomprehensiblerage #ourjusticesystemisajoke

Now, I'll try to move on to lighter things after that one...

Leave Taylor Swift alone. So she's going through a breakup. The jokes about how it'll be included in her next album are fine (but really, really unoriginal), but the inevitable, "She must be so annoying," and, "She can never keep a guy around," and, "She's such a slut for dating so many guys," are not okay. She's hardly the only person (famous or not) to date and go through breakups. It happens. And I'm sure it's hard on her, and getting slammed by people while she's already dealing with the breakup itself would suck. And probably contributes to her writing material, so I guess there's that. #teamtaylor


I need want so many things for the house, it's overwhelming. As I type this, I have seven tabs open of things I want (four address stamps from Etsy--can't decide which to get!--a console table for behind the couch, a Portland neighborhood poster to match the Seattle one we already have, and a TV stand that matches the console table). Other things: I'm trying to find the right table/cabinet/hutch to use as a coffee bar. I've desperately wanted a coffee bar for years because hashtag Pinterest (my most pinned thing is probably coffee bars--I've pinned those in the double digits). We just bought a king mattress, but have to wait on the bed frame because if we ordered it now, it'd arrive when we were in the midwest later this month (boo slow shipping!). Luckily, we're getting about $700 back from our apartment deposit, unluckily, we got our first mortgage payment bill (due in July). #buyallthethings

We have a digger. Michael sent me this picture yesterday morning. She was outside for like three minutes while he was getting ready for work, and she did this to our patio. We already wanted to lay sod in at least part of the backyard, and now apparently we need to to discourage the digging. #rascal

I ate entirely too much ice cream over the weekend. Friday night we went to froyo, Saturday we went to Salt & Straw (best ice cream of all time) after dinner, and Sunday after we dropped Michael's dad off at the airport, we bought ice cream on the way home. I'd say that's the sign of a successful weekend. #icecreamforever

I'm going through a major blogging slump. Last week I was fine as far as I can remember, but suddenly I've just not wanted to write anything. After work I just want to go to the gym, or do stuff around the house, and then hang out with Michael since I don't have to wait until after seven for him to get home. When I'm on the computer I just want to look for more furniture/decor for the house, or look on Pinterest for inspiration. I'm still enjoying reading blogs...but the writing has me stumped. I still have at least one more part of Michael and I's story to write, and I haven't even started it. I don't know. How do I get past this? #nomotivation

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  1. There is no such thing as too much ice cream. ;) I agree with everything you said about the Stanford case. I can't believe all the victim shaming going around. It's horrifying and says so much about what's wrong with the rape culture. Yay for a king bed! Where are y'all headed in the Midwest?

  2. So many things lol! I love love that console table! I think my mom & I are taking a trip to IKEA next month to buy ALL the home decor!! We've been in our home for a year and I still feel as if it needs to be more put together. Where oh where are you traveling to in the Midwest???? And as for the blogging slump....I think it happens. I've been there and my thoughts are, "It's my blog and if I want to take a few days/weeks (lol) off then that's my choice!" Hope that helps and sorry for the novel :) Happy Wednesday Mattie!

  3. I took a whack at the Stanford rape case on my blog today. I went back and forth about it, but I exploded ALL my anger to my husband (who quietly cowered in the corner) and then decided I need to channel it somewhere else. It's one big father-son piece of trash team. You obviously read the father's words. His whole "20 minutes of action is a steep price to pay..." or whatever. Last I looked RAPE was not defined as "20 minutes of action." They, however, are the definition of trash.

    And all that ice cream sounds heavenly. I need some more of that in my life.

  4. i have the same thoughts/felings as you - makes me sick i can't even put them into words. it's no wonder he's not taking any accountability for his actions considering the fact that his dad is so dismissive about the whole thing (his conviction is "too strict for 20mins of action") is complete f*cking bullshit. as a parent, that is appalling. i am all over my daughter about mistreating others so for that guy's dad to completely dismiss the victim in such a crude manner makes my blood boil.

  5. I cant even wrap my head around how messed up our world is becoming... & then stupid things like that Stanford rape case happens & I'm just like "Jesus come today!!!"

    Oh no - what do you do about digging? We've been lucky to not have that issue.

    I feel bad for Taylor Swift too... but I have to say, I guess its the payment for putting yourself in the spotlight. Not that that makes it right, but I guess its just part of the job requirement. I am always amazed at the celebrities, like Ryan Gosling - that can hide pregnancies & even HAVING A CHILD & no one knowing. Taylor needs to get their publicity team on her side :)

  6. Well your bullet points on the Stanford case come across very poignantly! I agree with everything. It is crazy and I think really a reminder of the privilege of being an upperclass male in this society.

    Funny about Taylor Swift - you should make a "LEAVE TAYLOR SWIFT ALONE" video ala mode the Britney Spears one :)

    I feel you on the wanting to buy everything for houses! I am that way now and I can only imagine once you bought your first big home! I just ordered a PDX sign too!

    So cute about your little digger! Ha, it's funny you never knew til she got her own yard :)

  7. Ughhh I know what you mean by no blogging motivation. I was going to do a DIY project today and write about it tomorrow, but motivation! Were people giving Tay Sweezy a hard time?! I was (as usual) unaware. Haters gonna hate. Haha

  8. I love Taylor Swift and when people rip on her I get so mad, I just tell them they're jealous! And don't get me started on the Stanford mess, it's just so wrong and sad.

  9. I'm loving that bedframe, we need to get a new one since also have a king but I haven't found one that we like yet, I always forget about wayfair though!

    I've been behind on the Stanford case, I read up on it last night and honestly I can't entirely formulate how I feel about it, I'm writing a post because I need to get out my feelings about it, but on the whole it saddens me a lot more than I'd like to admit.

    liz @ j for joiner

  10. There are a million things wrong & so awful with what happened in that case, but the sentencing is just awful, and I can't understand how anyone could think it was okay or JUST to give him six months in jail because it would be too difficult for him to go to prison for a significant amount of time???

  11. The Stanford case is so infuriating to me, and I think I would end up in the same boat as you if I tried to write about it. But I've been rage-reading like every article I can find. The victim's impact statement is so deeply moving and profound. She is so courageous to share it and illuminate the reality of life with PTSD and sexual trauma for the rest of the world.

    I feel you on the lack of blogging motivation. Since the break-up, I just haven't felt like writing anything, besides my usual budget and Friday posts. I just sit around like a bump on a log in my free time these days! I really enjoy blogging once I get started buuuut how to you get to that point if you can't get started?? #conundrum #solidarity

  12. Ice cream for the win!!!!

    I that picture of your girl, frig, I thought she was taking a crap when I saw the tiny image pop up in my Feedly! Lmao!!

  13. Ummmm first of all, there is no such thing as too much ice cream!!! I can't even comment properly on the Standford thing because it is so disgusting and such a huge injustice. Only 6 months because jail is convenient for the little shit??? He raped someone. Clear as day. It is just so wrong. You know what would be justice? Him drowning in a pool. This is why people just do whatever they want to do these days. There are no consequences. It makes me sad to see the world this way.

  14. This rape case angers me so much too! If you see somebody laying unconscious on the floor you shouldn't take advantage of them, sober or not. That's not right, and he should be doing more time for it!
    I hate that people view girls that date lots of guys as sluts, but guys who date lots of girls (George Clooney until he got married and Leo Dicapprio) are viewed as the man. It's just not right!

  15. Totally agree with you on the Stanford case. It's just all so horrible.

    And I didn't realize T Swift was going through a break up (I'm so bad about keeping up with current happenings like that, ha!), but I totally agree with you. I mean, lots of people go through break ups and heart break, but not all of those people can write beautiful songs from those broken places and then make a killer living from it. Good for her for doing something positive with the hard things in her life!

  16. I am soooo mad about the Stanford case too. It is awful. He deserves way more than he got. And to read the letter his dad wrote made me even more pissed off. I read the victims's statement and she totally said it ALL.

    I hate the things I read about Taylor Swift's breakup as well. I don't care about it that much, but people are such haters. Makes me mad (again).

    Yay for all that ice cream goodness.

  17. Salt & Straw is the VERY best and I'm jealous you were able to indulge in some! I'm also clearly out of the loop because I didn't know Taylor Swift is single again so I'm off to internet search the details of this... TGIF! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  18. I have a digger, too... A beagle. She catches the scent of a rabbit that squeezed under the fence and the digging commences. You should see my fence line and all the digging deterrents we've put in place throughout our dog's lifespan. Our dog, interestingly enough, was appropriately named Rascal... Have a good one!

  19. The entire rape trial is SO messed up. Even more messed up that his dad thinks it was OK!!! Like what??? And he has a daughter?! What if it was his daughter that was raped? Would he just tell her to get over it and suck it up? Seriously.
    Anyways, though, enjoy your kind mattress! Def best thing ever haha we love ours, too! And salt & straw sounds/looks freaking amazing, holy cow

  20. I went mattress hunting this weekend but came up empty-handed. I need to check that one. Hehe she was totally busted digging in the yard! My Charlie isn't a digger outside, but always tries to bury things inside.

  21. Six months is laughable. What a disgrace. I don't understand it at all. Oh mattress shopping, I always have the hardest time picking one out. Last time, I thought my mattress was way too firm but I ended up really liking it. I dread when I have to replace it.

  22. All bloggers go through periods of being in a slump. Don't let it get to ya. That whole rape case and how the guy was sentenced is seven levels of wrong.