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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Unpopular Opinions

Is there something that everyone seems to love that you dislike or are just 'meh' about? I was thinking about it, and there are quite a few for me, so I figured I'd compile them into a blog post so you can either heckle me or nod in agreement. (Note: I appreciate all viewpoints. I'm not trying to put anyone who likes these things down!)

They're squishy. I can't. My family has tried to convince me for years that they're 'flavor sponges' so they just soak up the flavor around them. I don't care, texture matters, and I hate the texture.

The Wizard of Oz
I've just never really been a fan of the movie.
via GIPHY - me, watching The Wizard of Oz. *yawn*

The Royal Family
I don't care about the royal family. Not in a rude way, I just mean that when new pictures or articles with tidbits about their lives come out, I don't feel compelled even a little bit to click on them. I realize this puts me in the blogging minority. [Though I'll be honest, I'm currently reading The Royal We--I wasn't going to, but it was available from the library with no waiting--and I'm obsessed and it kind of makes me want to Google how William & Kate met. So maybe this is changing.]

The Big Bang Theory
I feel like this show is super polarizing (die-hard fans or people who don't like it, no real in-between). I'm not a fan.

Dane Cook
Okay, I know he like doesn't exist anymore, but I just have to get this off my chest. My friends all loved him and I didn't think he was the slightest bit funny.

Fake Nails
Never got them, and don't plan to.

La Croix (or any other flavored unsweetened water)
I can't. I get that these are supposed to encourage people to drink water, but if I was restricted to only drink these flavored waters, I would drink way less water. Give me plain water. If it has flavoring, it needs to be sweetened for me to drink it (aka the reason I pretty much never drink flavored water).

Adam Sandler
Another comedian I'm not a fan of. There are a few movies of his I do like, but overall I'm pretty 'meh.'

If another person tells me I just have to keep drinking it to develop a taste for it, I will scream. (Also, why force yourself to drink something you hate just to make you like it?)

Downton Abbey
Michael and I tried watching part of an episode and I was like, "huh?" I can't. If you've watched How I Met Your Mother, that's how I think of Downton Abbey. (They discuss a show called Woodworthy Manor they watch and the 'drama' of it is always like, "The Duke's servant burnt the scones! *gasp*" and stuff like that.)
via - How I imagine everyone watches Downton Abbey

New Year's Eve
There's too much pressure put on it to be a good time. With Christmas or Thanksgiving you just hang out at home (well, my family does), but with NYE you could go to countless parties or clubs or whatever (clubbing + parties = things I also dislike). When you stay home, you're 'lame,' but I have to stay home or I'll be miserable... So yeah, just not a fan.

Independence Day
Going along with NYE... I just like holidays where you get to chill at home. I don't like holidays where you have to go socialize and have the best time or it's a waste. (I don't dislike that we gained independence, I just don't like the holiday. Don't accuse me of treason.)

'Waterfalls' by TLC
I don't think I've ever admitted this before. Probably because everyone and their mother seems to love this song. Whenever it comes on I want to change it, and everyone around me freaks out and gets excited. So I just stay silent. I just don't think it's very catchy, particularly the non-chorus parts.

Game of Thrones
DUN DUN DUN! I think people are going to freak about this. Michael and I were like, "We should start this!" and the very first episode opens with snow and some horses galloping around and we were like, "Let's turn it off" hahaha. I'm not a huge fan of fantasy or period pieces or whatever (I have no idea if it's fantasy or if it's realistic...either way, not my favorite genre).

Why do people like taking shots? If someone suggests shots I panic and tell them I hate them and hope they'll lay off of me. And if I take one I immediately start gagging and feel like I'm going to throw up.

via GIPHY - multiply her face at the end by a million and seven and you have me

Brown Liquor
If I do take a shot, it's not going to be anything brown. (Even in a mixed drink the liquor will never be brown.) I'll drink gold tequila, but that's as brown as I'll go. I also kind of hate rum these days.

Do I lose my woman card now? I like to wear makeup/dislike going most places without wearing it, but I'm not someone who goes out to buy new products for fun. Like, if I already have foundation or primer or a certain color of eyeshadow, I'm not going to go out and buy another brand of it to try it out. I use it until it's gone, and then I either buy the exact same thing again, or cry trying to figure out something else to replace it (because I have no idea what I'm doing).

I'll eat crab cakes or crab cocktail (because I love cocktail sauce) but otherwise, no thanks. It makes me a pretty cheap date, so that's good, right? I'm also not a huge fan of shrimp, but will eat it sometimes.

The Kardashians
Just no.

Lilly Pullitzer/Vera Bradley/monograms
GASP. The blogger trifecta! I see bloggers post these things all the time, and I don't sigh and think, "Omg so dumb/ugly/whatever." Honestly, I think a lot of it is cute and it looks great on them and all that, but it's just not my style at all. What works for you, doesn't always work for me. *shrugs* As for monograms (and to a certain extent, the other two), they're just not very big in the PNW. I think the farther south and east you go from here, the more popular they are.

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  1. Your last one...I'm right there with ya. I may lose my Southern Girl membership card, but I've never owned (nor want to) anything Vera Bradley or Lily Pultizer.
    Game of Thrones - never seen a second of it.
    Mushrooms - hate.
    Kardashians - go away please.
    BUT...I do love me some make-up and brown liquor. :)

  2. I don't like NYE either - too much pressure to have the best night ever!

  3. Hahaha these are all so awesome! I'm glad you are loving The Royal We but sadly I don't think that your heart is changing towards the royals. It's just a good book :) My husband really hates mushrooms and I miss cooking/eating them since we've been married. I'm so right there with you about beer, though. Like, IT'S NOT GOOD LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT IT.

  4. Things we totally agree on: flavored water (ICK), beer, The Wizard of Oz, Big Bang Theory (it's ok.. I'm just not obsessed), those types of purses, and Dane Cook (why is he yelling at me??). Also, no GoT for me- it's violent and rape-y.
    ON THE CONTRARY- I love Downton Abbey :) I also love the Royal Family. They're just so darn cute and nice looking. Also, I HATE vodka and anything clear; give me allllll the rum :)

  5. YES to the beer thing and people saying it's a developed taste. Nope, nope, and nope. But I looooove flavored sparkling water-- so refreshing! And I'm so sad you guys didn't like Downton, haha, but if you don't care for period pieces I can totally see why!

  6. I have friends that go crazy at sephora and all these makeup places and i'm over here like, yeah i usually just get what's on sale at target. haha. also monograms are the weirdest thing to me. that and people who get their last name tattooed somewhere on their body. i love tattoos, but your last name?! really?!!

  7. I bought some La Croix because I see so many people saying it is awesome and I spit it out immediately. Yuck!! I want my water plain or a Diet Coke!!

  8. adam sandler. ugh. he's SO NOT FUNNY, his jokes and songs are dumb and i don't know why he's popular or was popular

  9. I totally agree with you on mushrooms and Adam Sandler, but ahh you don't like the Wizard of Oz?! I love it! Lol but yay so glad you're reading the Royal We, I love that book so much!!

  10. I never liked the big bang theory either! Both my mom and Kyle love it. Me, I couldn't care less.

    Also didn't really know who Dane Cook was, had to look him up...oh well...

    YES La Croix, fanciest name for a drink that doesn't even taste good to me. My co-worker drinks it and I'm like you look like some high society snob haha (not that it's wrong being high society, but a snob yes)

    liz @ j for joiner

  11. This is so funny - so much I agree with you - others, I'm like, "GIRL IS CRAZY" :)
    I tried Game of Thrones & made it to 3 episodes & then was just embarrassed by all the nudity & sex. & I dont consider myself a prude - I just didnt get the story line.
    Kardashians - totally agree. Royals? Get with it girl :) haha
    All of this? Makes me think you're even cooler for putting it all out there

  12. I love this and I related to it so much as I dislike so many things of these as well like New Year's eve, Fourth of July, Game of Thrones, DA, the Big Bang theory, and that La croix-YUCK!!! You are so funny, so real, and that's why we love you so much!

  13. Oh and the Wizard of Oz scares the s*#t outta me!!

  14. Let's see....mushrooms are fungus and disgusting, I don't get the big hype around NYE and have stayed in every year for I cant remember how long. I do like the 4th but that is because we schedule our annual beach trip around that time, Lilly Pullitzer is lame and way over priced, I dont want Game of Thrones or Downtown Abbey, I could care less about the royal family, I cant do shots and find them disgusting tasting anyways. In fact if my cocktail tastes like liquor in general I don't like it. I prefer beer or wine but I am a beer snob and only like certain kinds. Same with wine. And I love love love sushi and some fresh seafood while at the beach but in general I am not a fan of most seafood, shellfish included.

  15. I could have wrote this list myself! Don't even get me started on how disgusting and vile mushrooms are. I've also never had anyone else admit they don't care for Adam Sandler - I just don't get the appeal. The only thing that wouldn't have made my list is beer- I do love that. And if I ever monogram something then someone should check to make sure I haven't been taken over by aliens - soo not into all that either!

  16. I don't understand the blogger trifecta and think it's more of a Southern thing as I don't like any of those either! And I'm with Andrea^ Wizard of Oz is scary- hello there are flying MONKEYS trying to KILL you! No thanks! I feel like fake nails were really popular when I was an older teen/early 20's so I did have them, but not anymore. I like NYE because I've been attending house parties for the last 10 or so years- much less pressure! I'm not into spending literally $100s to have a "good" time in a crowded, sweaty room where I can't even get to the bar and ringing in the new year with a bunch of strangers. Brown liquor/shots/Game of Thrones are definitely not for everyone, and I get that :) Love this post and putting it all out there!

  17. I'm with you on not liking mushrooms! I can eat them if they're chopped up really tiny in something, but I can't handle them in big pieces. I totally understand not liking Game Of Thrones. I love the show, but if you don't like fantasy, this definitely isn't for you. This is so funny, but our number one girl whenever we go on Girls' Trip is no shots! It's just always a bad idea lol!

  18. Lol, too funny. I liked the Big Bang Theory more in the first season than I do now. It started out really awkward and geeky, and I loved it because I understood the physics and engineering jokes they were cracking. Now it's turned into more of a standard sitcom with a few jokes thrown in for good measure.

  19. I'm with you on all the shows you mentioned. I think La Croix tastes really bad. So much YES on the beer. I hate when people say that you need to keep drinking it. I did have a cherry beer I liked in Belgium, but I'm pretty sure that's because it tasted nothing like beer. Haha.

  20. I can't do mushrooms either. Actually, scratch that. I can only eat them on pizza, otherwise I can't deal with the texture. Eebie jeebies dance right over here. Lol!

  21. I used to hate mushrooms and some of them I still hate. But others are good. Stuffed mushrooms. Yum. I don't like the Big Bang Theory either.

  22. I loved reading your list! I'm with ya on Game of Thrones and beer. I feel like I am "doing NYE wrong" when we stay in and watch movies. ;)

  23. I think it's normal to be different. We're all unique anyway. And I agree that with these shows, you either like them or you don't at all. I only watched The Oz too because Michael Jackson was in it. I know it's a flop but I love MJ. :)

  24. Hahaha why don't you have more to say about the Kardashians?! ;) This is hilarious and I want to link up next week!

  25. I am so with you on mushrooms, Lilly Pulitzer/monograms/etc., La Croix & the royal family. Actually, the only thing I enjoy about the royal family is the Queen's corgis! I've tried a few different flavors of La Croix but for some reason, they always give me a headache! Which makes NO sense because it's supposed to be free of all those artificial sweeteners? However, I do love some beer! Haha, I used to hate beer but started to like it more after I turned 21 & learned it was cheaper than vodka. And Waterfalls was my JAM when I was 7! I think I can still rap the Lefteye part too!

  26. i hate aqua eye shadow on the lower lash line. i think it looks bad on everyone. i hate beer too. i can stand Not Your Father's Root Beer, but that's it. big bang theory is literally the same every week.

  27. We were meant to be best friends. I'm serious. The only things I have to disagree with is Independence Day, I love it because it's like the ultimate summer fun day for me (usually), and then Game of Thrones. I'm not like, a hard core fan with an HBO subscription, but Matt and I watch them when they come out on DVD. I don't totally understand what I'm watching but every once in awhile it's good. It's better than Star Trek, which Matt has seen every single episode and all of the generations/spin offs, whatever. It's horrible. I'll take GoT any day over Star Trek. We obviously need to get BFF necklaces, stat.

  28. I love reading people's unpopular opinions as it's always interesting to see what we all weirdly hate! I am so into GOT but to be honest, as my husband read the books, if I hadn't had him coaxing me into the first few episodes and explaining things, I probably would have given up. But now I love it. I LOVE La Croix so much. I WISH I didn't like makeup as much as I do, lol. You're lucky you don't (and luckier even you are so naturally pretty!). I'm not into Dane Cook either or Downton Abbey. I wanted to like that show but I didn't get into it. Maybe I'll try one more time.

  29. haha I agree with most of these, especially the 4th of July and NYE. Like, ugh. Mushrooms DO have the weirdest texture, I think monograms are dumb, I have no interest in the royal family, I rarely drink (especially beer--bleh), and I hate wearing makeup (although I do, it's just such a production to put on and take off--and I only wear like under-eye concealer, mascara, and something to even out the redness in my face!). We only really part ways on Game of Thrones (which am very surprised that I like!). Also, lol Woodworthy Manor!

  30. Can't stand Wizard of Oz. Such a weird movie.Never got into Big Bang Theory. I haven't found a beer I like and will probably just stop trying.Both Downton and GOT took me awhile to get into. I'm not like a die-hard fan, but I like them now. I have the worst skin ever so makeup kind of scares me. When I find something that doesn't make me break out I jUst keep on using it. Lilly Pulitzer is the ugliest. I can't even.

  31. Loved your comment about makeup. I have no ideas how those beauty blogs function//why people follow them. Like are you really buying $500+ worth makeup a month just to try. Find something that works and stick to it. I haven't changed my foundation in years and I probably never will unless they stop making it ha. As for lilly, vera, and monograms, those seem to be super popular in new england and amongst the south. not so much in the midwest or west. you'd probably stand out wearing that stuff there.

  32. This is great! I love the makeup comment! Who ever thought colored eyeliner was attractive lol! I am not a huge fan of Lily, vera, or monograms. I agree that they are cute, just not me at all. I live in Charleston where Lily, vera, and monograms are around every corner. I am totally the odd-ball. Maybe I need to move up north.

  33. We actually have a lot in common. Except I don't mind doing shots and I love The Big Bang Theory. I'm just not a girlie girl so I don't give two hoots about the latest fashion (Lilly) or what I "MUST" have in makeup.