Northwest Native: Playing the woman card.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Playing the woman card.

Donald Trump is an idiot. I'm sure everyone heard that he said that Hillary is getting votes because she's playing 'the woman card.' Actually, I don't think her being a woman is helping her much. I honestly think that a lot of the hate she gets is because she's a woman. These people will always say there are other reasons (and sure, there are, most times) but I think an underlying issue for some voters is that she's a woman.

I've heard countless people talk about how 'shrill' she is. I've never in my entire life heard anyone refer to a man as 'shrill.' It's an adjective reserved for women, in my experience. So if Donald Trump thinks that's where all her votes are coming from, he's sorely mistaken.

You wanna know what else comes with that fancy 'woman card' he's referring to? Constant judgment for our decisions from both men and other women. In the span of one week I've read a blog post about people judging a woman for not wanting to have kids and people judging a woman for having 'too many kids.'

Basically, if you are born with a uterus, you can't win. And you know what else you have to deal with? Men creating laws regarding what you can and can't do with that uterus. In a lot of places, tampons and pads even have a luxury tax. I don't think any woman would tell you that being on her period is luxurious. But I guess they're just saying that not bleeding through your pants is a luxury? So I guess they're inviting us all to go feminine hygiene product-free. I'm sure they'd love that.

Aside from those things, here are some other *fun* benefits of having your very own woman card!

I'm happy that women (and some men too!) are fighting back against this crap (examples: Periods for Pence, this guy, these tweets, and the blog posts linked above), but wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where a woman's uterus was her own, and not up for comment by strangers at the grocery store, politicians, and even family members?

I could go on, but I'll go ahead and end my rant here. May you have a lovely day free of uninvited comments about your reproductive system!

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  1. YES! YES YES YES YES YES. You know what my woman card gets me? It gets me cat-called when I'm minding my own damn business walking my dogs. It gets me LESS money than my male co-workers. It gets me long, uncomfortable stares when I'm alone in the grocery store. It gets me old men telling me to smile when I'm just trying to order a coffee. It gets me ignored, disrespected, laughed at, scoffed at, and picked on. It ensures my right to work HARDER to earn the same respect as those with penises.
    All of that, and I'm still proud to be a woman. Manly because I don't have to share my gender with asshats like Trump.

  2. They did a whole thing on The View about "The Woman's Card" - I think it was based off an article someone wrote in the New York Times - it was funny & sad all at once.

    Its election day here - I totally did NOT vote for Trump today - I can promise you that.

  3. Agreed. I try to stay out of politics on the internet - but all this Trump support scares me. :(

  4. He is so ridiculous - understatment of the year.

    I cannot stand Trump. I really hope he doesn't get voted in to office.........please America don't let this happen.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. I honestly don't think there's a good candidate out there right now for this election, and it's so scary! I'm really scared of having to talk to my kids about why Donald Trump was this "strong" of a Presidential candidate in the first place.
    And amen! A women can't win no matter what she does. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

  6. Yes yes yes!!! Why are women constantly judged for everything that we do or how we look or what we say and all that. And why are some women judging other women?!?! Why cant we all just be humans with our own opinions and thoughts and not be judged for them because we are women, or we are a certain race or age or whatever. I am going to stop before I get on a real rant and just say yes, girl!

  7. That video about the luxury tax is not funny, but that guy is hilarious. Good really makes you think!!

  8. I haven't been following politics other than what the morning news talks about when I'm getting ready for work. However, I keep wondering WHO the heck is voting for Trump!? And WHY?! But, I do think that it's awesome to see a woman running for president & not letting his stupid comments bring her down! That CNN article is so true, sadly. I deal with the "unsolicited compliments" on a near daily basis because of the location of my office. UGH! Makes me SO mad!

  9. Bravo for this post! I dislike Trump more than I can put into words.
    Speaking of the "benefits" of having a uterus. Just today, I read about one of the most despicable crimes I've seen in a long time. A mentally-challenged student had complained of being abused by her mother and step-father. A little while later, she was found burned to death with her uterus removed. Seriously. What the hell has the world come to?!

  10. Good for you. I dislike pretty much every candidate, but Hillary just makes me cringe. And no, she is not getting all women's votes. Love that you put this post out there.

  11. So just more evidence that Trump is a fool

  12. I think the fact that Hillary isn't doing so hot among white men tells you that the woman card isn't one I'd be waving around if I were here. It's clearly not a winning tactic and anyone who says it is is a total moron with no math skills. It was interesting because yesterday a friend posted on Facebook she hates Trump, but she's voting for him because she cannot vote for anyone who thinks abortions, birth control, and anything in that group, is OK. I asked her if it was better to vote for someone who blatantly is fanning the flames of hatred and discourse in our country. How is that not worse? I don't know. I don't really understand the mindset of Trump supporters and I'm pretty grateful for it. I don't always agree with every abortion scenario but I 100% think it's none of my damn business what medical procedures someone else has.

  13. So agree with all of this! The things we call women (adjectives, names, etc) are never used on men! Why do women have to choose between a career or their children, but men are expected that they can have both? That's my biggest peeve.