Northwest Native: My Happy List [4.14.16]

Friday, April 15, 2016

My Happy List [4.14.16]

I'm sharing my happy list/favorite things today! Let's get right to it.

Number One: Halo Top

Guys, go get yourself some of this. It's a life-changer. Yeah, that's 280 calories per pint, not per serving. And it has tons of protein and stuff. It was created by some body builder or something on accident when he was trying to make some sort of smoothie. Anyway, on Wednesday night Michael and I really wanted dessert and considered blizzards from DQ, but then we looked up the calories (one of my favorites is 800 calories for a small!!!) soooo I ran out and bought these. I've had birthday cake, chocolate, mint chip, and Michael has had lemon cake. My favorite is birthday cake, followed by mint chip. I wasn't a huge fan of the lemon one. The texture of this stuff is pretty strange, but if you let it get a little melty (slash let it melt in your mouth) it's awesome. One guy did an experiment where he ate nothing but Halo Top for a week (because it has so much protein) and he actually lost weight (but didn't lose any muscle mass). His doctor said he would've been totally fine if he had been taking vitamins to make up for the nutrients he was missing. (Sorry for the long description, this stuff just fascinates me. And no I wasn't paid to blog about this/given free Halo Top, but I wish.)

Number Two: Pretty Kate Spade Spring Bags

I had to go to Seattle on Monday for my review, and on Monday night I went to Nordstrom Rack and saw these beauties. There was a crossbody (in the back), the smaller bag (in the front), and the larger size (behind the front mint bag). I was kicking myself for not snagging one, but yesterday I found this Kate Spade bag online and think it might be my next one (if it goes on sale...never full price!). I don't have a nice black bag yet, but I also love the blue color. Decisions, decisions. I ended up going to the Rack last night and they did have some of these, but I just couldn't stop thinking about that other one!

Number Three: This Tank

I always love Lush tops. I have been eyeing this tank for a couple months now. So many pretty colors, but I especially love the white because I have an ideal outfit in my mind: the tank + these skinnies (if I ever get to it and buy them!) + these shoes or cognac wedges + a fun/pretty necklace (like this one or this one). Am I the only one who comes up with fantasy outfits in my head?

Number Four: Haircuts

You may have noticed from pictures on the blog that Michael has a luscious head of hair. He was growing it out because he wanted a man bun (his last haircut was in November 2014!). Last Friday, he decided at 11 p.m. that he had to shave it all of right that second. So...we did. I was sad at first (hence this picture), but he looks good without all the hair too. It's weird though because it takes me back to before we were together/early in our relationship (which might have something to do with me working on our story now too!).
You guys, I'm not wearing makeup in this picture and it's the best my skin has ever looked without makeup (which is mostly due to the bathroom lighting but shhhh). So naturally  after this the universe provided me with giant zits all over my chin that I've had for days to make up for it.
Annnnd here is the finished product:

Number Five: Fuller House

I finally started watching this last week. I was excited about it coming out because #nostalgia, but once it did I was like, "This is going to be soooo cheesy" (and everyone said it was) so I held off. But I'm seriously obsessed. The nostalgia is real, and I like that it's geared toward adults (with some actually funny jokes--I personally like the little digs at the Olsen twins & Trump and whenever they joke about Full House/Fuller House themselves). Yes, super cheesy...but super worth it. Also I never ever thought I would not be Team Steve...but, never say never, right? (He is so dang whiney/not as attractive as Matt!)

Number Six: Amazing Home Decor

There's this home decor store near my hometown with hands down the cutest home stuff. I just snapped a random picture of one corner of the store when we were there last weekend. I always go in there and want like five things. They have furniture, wall hangings, and little knick knacks.

Number Seven: Sunny Weather

We had a week of amazing weather--two days with highs in the low 80s, which is crazy for April here! Annnd now it's cold and rainy. But apparently it's going to be nice again next week. I was loving swapping my booties for sandals and actually being warm enough to take my jacket off in the office. As I type this I'm wearing jeans, three-quarter sleeves, booties, and my blanket wrapped around me and drinking hot tea (because all I was wearing was not warm enough). Anyway, I'm ready to be back to sandals and dresses!

Number Eight: Congratulations, Michael!

Remember how I mentioned that we didn't get preapproved because Michael is a contract worker? Well, before we even tried to get preapproved, Michael interviewed for a permanent position (doing the same thing he already was) and he just found out yesterday that he got it! So soon we will be able to get preapproved!

Number Nine: Wedding Dress

And by wedding dress I mean a dress I will be wearing to a wedding, not the dress I wore in my wedding. When I went to check out the Kate Spade purses at The Rack last night, I found this dress and I am totally in love! Also, I normally avoid halter styles because I feel like they accentuate my arms too much, but I'm feeling a lot better about them lately, which is a win. I found similar dresses from the same designer here and here!

I was going to do ten things so I could be a part of that link-up, but I have writers block/this has gone on long enough (I only had seven things when I first wrote that and the last two were added late last night, so nope, still no ten)! (If only I was one of those people who could just list the thing without a paragraph of description!)

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  1. I basically have the same paragraph in a confessions draft post about Fuller House-- I wasn't even THAT excited about it, but once I started watching it I got kind of obsessed. And yesss about Steve, he drove me crazy too. Loving Michael's haircut, and that he decided to just cut it off on a whim. Love that dress and I've heard of halo top and wondered if it was good! Happy Friday!

  2. That maxi is sooo gorgeous!! Where do you get that ice cream?? I see people posting similar things all. the. time. and I've never come across it at any store. Admittedly though, I don't frequent the ice cream aisle (that's a slippery slope for this girl) so maybe that's where I should start, lol. I need all of those Kate Spade bags, please! Such beautiful spring colors! Have a great weekend, girl!

  3. Why Mattie? Just why do you have to post pics of adorable bags that I now feel compelled to buy. Also, I love that dress on you. And Michael looks like a C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y different persons. Congrats to him on getting the more perm position, especially since it will help you guys with your next big goal.

  4. Wow, you hubby looks super different! And I am totally Team Matt, too! I was all for Steve at the beginning of the series but I am all about Matt now. Such a hottie!
    Congrats to Michael on the job!!

  5. That dress is GORGEOUS!!!
    I get so torn between Team Steve & Team Matt... they both are adorable. I so love the show & cant wait for Season 2
    Look at Michael!!!! He doesnt even look like the same person. Man makeover!!!
    I need to see if I can find that Halo Top!!!!!

  6. OMG he looks so different!! So are you like falling in love with him all over again lol? Whenever John shaves his face I'm like "omg you're so cute like a little 19 year old John!" And your face is probably nothing compared to mine right now girl. I have like a line of zits going down the right side of my face. It's horrible. But such is the life of a girl. Um and yeah that ice cream (it's ice cream right?) is extremely fascinating. Where did you get it from?? Is it super expensive? I'm actually having a hard time fitting in all my protiens everyday so maybe I outta try and how did someone eat that everyday lol.

  7. So much to comment on!!! First of all, where do you get the halo top stuff from? I have seen someone share it on instagram and wondered where it was from. I love love love those Kate Spade purses. Nordstrom Rack in my favorite store ever!!!! Michael looks so different without his hair! And what are you doing to have amazing skin???? I am so not team Steve he was super whiny and sort of stalker/rapey. It was creepy. Plus yes, Matt is way hotter! And hes a vet! DUH!!! I love that dress and that home store looks super cute. Congrats to Michael!!!! That is awesome on his new job!

  8. I may have to try this out! I've been stuck on Talenti because of the containers, Sophie loves using them after they're empty, but this sounds delicious, birthday cake??????????

    I love those KS bags, Evelina just got one, and its soooo beautiful.

    ooooooo wow Michael looks soooo different!!!!!! I don't think you posted an after picture on your FB. I think I'd feel the same way if Kyle shaved off his beard, it's a part of him. I can't imagine him without one.

    Glad I don't live near that home decor store, I wouldn't have any self control...and buy the whole store. That's why I can't go to Hobby Lobby anymore.

    Congratulations to Michael!!! Pre-approval for buying a house???? I love that dress too, perfect for a wedding :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  9. Congrats to Michael! And I love that dress! Omg I need that ice cream, where did you buy it?

  10. that dress is gorgeous on you! and i meant to comment on your other post about the whole preapproval thing but i have a very short attention span so by the time i got down to the comment section, i'd forgotten. i'm so rude. congrats to michael for the permanent position and getting preapproved soon! also, where the heck do i get that halo top stuff because omg i need it in my life!! this is amazing. also, i am scared to look up the calories in the blizzard i like haha. KC and I love getting those, but we get thme maybe like once every 2 months or so, so it's not a huge deal. and they are so good. but i will try that halo stuff. yummm.

  11. That dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you!! I hope you got it! What is this protein-packed ice creamy wizardry you speak of?! I definitely need to be on the lookout for that! And that purple scalloped Kate Spade crossbody is seriously beautiful and I want it in my life. I still haven't progressed past the pilot of Fuller House (which my dad made me watch with him, haha! I was/am too scared of ruining the original Full House experience), but I am cheering for Jodie Sweetin on DWTS, so I still feel supportive, haha. Congrats to Michael and have a great weekend!!

  12. Kate Spade seriously has some amazing bags right now, and I think that you'd be happy with whatever you decide to pick up! That dress is gorgeous, and would be perfect for wedding attending! Congrats to Michael for getting the job! That's great news!

  13. I never would have guessed you weren't wearing makeup in that photo. You're gorgeous girl!

    Congratulations on the permanent position/pending mortgage preapproval. Also, please tell me you bought that dress. The print is perfect for summer :D

  14. Congrats to Michael on a permanent position! That dress looks amazing on you! I need to pick up some Halo Top-it sounds so so good!

  15. That dress...oh, that dress is all kinds of wonderful!

    Hooray for Michael's new position! I hope you crazy kids celebrate his accomplishment!

  16. They dress is gorgeous!! I have a wedding this summer and wanted to treat myself to a new dress too, thanks for the floral inspiration :) also congrats on pre-approval for a house! I am also a contract worker and am so terrified that it will be an issue when my bf and I look for houses. Best odd luck to you guys!

    Also I totally need to find that ice cream. Never heard of it but always looking for healthier sweet treats :)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Stupid phone--that should say best of luck :)

  18. I'm going to buy some Halo Top. I love ice cream but not so much the calories. Especially since I have no portion control, haha. The dress is beautiful. I love dresses and am going to wear more this year. Yay for Michael getting a permanent position!!

  19. Halo Top is delicious. We NEVER have Birthday Cake in any of our stores, so I'm super jealous! Those Kate Spade bags are CALLING me. I love the colors!!

  20. Yum Halo Top. Such a fun and great list! Cutest Kate Spade Spring Bags ever!! You look absolutely gorgeous in that floral dress!!! You could do a whole ousts round this dress, so so pretty!! Thank you for your sweet words this week! Enjoy a blissful weekend!

  21. Someone on Facebook posted about Halo Top earlier this week & I found out that a grocery store close to my apartment sold it. I kept putting off on buying so I decided to go today AND every single flavor was sold out! I know Whole Foods sells it so I might make a stop there tomorrow because I really want to try it! I looove that cross body purse but it's sold out now! Hopefully you're able to find one! Michael looks so different with short hair! I think it also makes him look a little older too! Congrats on the pre-approval too! How long is it valid for? I think ours was six months so we will have to go through all of that paperwork again if we decide to start looking at houses again. And I love that dress so you should totally get it! Perfect for a wedding!

  22. WHAT?!?!?!? I need to find that ice cream somewhere!!!!!!

  23. That Halo Top sounds so good! I love ice cream, but it's definitely not the healthiest treat! I hadn't been to DQ in YEARS, but decided a blizzard sounded good. I went on their website to see if they had the flavor I liked as a kid and was horrified at the amount of calories in them!

    Those Kate Spade bags are so cute! I've always wanted one, but haven't come across a good enough deal to justify it yet. I went to the Kate Spade outlet north of Seattle last month, but let's just say there were too many tourists to be able to actually look at anything!

    I come up with fantasy outfits all the time! So you're not the only one ;)

    My sister and I really liked Fuller House too! Definitely cheesy, but so good! DJ's middle son (Max? I can't remember his name) is SO funny!

    And that dress is so cute! I like how colorful it is!

    Sorry for the rambley comment! Hope you had a great weekend!

  24. I love all of this! Michaels hair looks GREAT and I want to go to that store! Shopping has been a problem of mine lately though. Also, buy all of the kate spade. Just do it. Life's too short to not have a kate spade bag. Truth.

  25. Thank you for the reminder of Halo Top! I've heard of that brand before but couldn't remember the name. I ended up buying a different brand with the same concept and it was NO GOOD. I need to find this brand!

  26. Aww, Fuller House was so cute! I'm glad you are watching it! I'm with you on being Team Matt. Nostalgia makes me want to go with Steve, but like you said - his character is kind of whiny. Bummer.

    Michael looks SO different with the shorter hair, but it looks great on him too!

  27. I keep hearing about that Halo Top stuff and that it tastes pretty good. I'm normally very averse to lower-calorie versions of dairy products (which are awful), though I'm intrigued.

    Congratulations to Michael on his new job (and to both of you for the pending mortgage preapproval)!

  28. Why haven't I ever heard of Halo Top before? I need it! Everyone knows a pint is a reasonable size. ;) Fuller House is so cheesy, but fun. I feel the same way about Steve. I also felt like DJ was kind of a know-it-all. Team Stephanie over here! Congrats to Michael, good luck with the house stuff, and LOVE that dress!