Northwest Native: March & April Budget [2016]

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

March & April Budget [2016]

If you're a regular reader around here, you know that life as my family knew it got turned upside down in March. I didn't post my budget, and I didn't keep a draft running through the month (and I didn't this month either) so prices won't be 100% accurate.

$972.92 - Annual budget remaining
$98.98 - Nordstrom gift cards
$100 - JCPenney gift card
$22.18 - Old Navy gift card
$65 - Old Navy credit card rewards
$5.90 - ThredUp
$11.40 - Splender
$9.02 - eBates
$1,285.04 - Maximum budget amount available

Bought & Returned

Relaxed V-Neck Tee - $12.94, on sale for $7 (x2) = $14
I've been trying to replicate my favorite t-shirt that I got for Christmas (it's from Abercrombie & Fitch, but I tried what I think is their current version and it's a thumbs down). Not sure how a tee that claims to be 'relaxed' fits like a regular t-shirt. Anyway, this was a no.

Cuffed Linen Shorts - $24.94, on sale for $12.50 (x2 - black & white) = $25
Never ever take sizing advice from Old Navy reviews!!! They are the reason I bought a maxi dress in tall and it's many inches too long as well as the reason I sized down in these shorts (one size) and they were too small. (Multiple reviews said to size down two sizes.) And then stores were all sold out of lots of sizes and was a mess. Also the white is absolutely not white.

In March, I bought a dress from Old Navy that I really wanted to love, but it just didn't look great on me and a bomber jacket that I posted a dressing room selfie of a few weeks before, but when I ordered it, the size that had fit me then didn't fit well. By the time I went to exchange it, it was out of stores.

Bought & Kept

march/april budget
Rib-Knit Swing Dress - $26.94
I don't know what I actually ended up paying for this...I think it was covered by promo codes and rewards, though. This dress, the two returns that aren't linked, and the below top were all on one order, and it was 40% off plus an additional 10 or 15%, and I put $65 in rewards toward it. It ended up costing about $5 after all that, and with returns I got the money I paid back + rewards money back.

Go-Dry Cool Drawstring Tee - $16.94
Same situation as the dress above, not sure what I paid for it. I think it was on sale for about $10. I bought a coral/peach color that is not online now. The fabric is really soft, and I like the shape and the drawstring. I think it's sort of unique for a workout top.

Peplum Cami - $24.94, on sale for $12.50 - paid with gift card = $0
I got the multi print and I love it. I like that the colors and print are different than what I generally gravitate to, but it still fits well with my wardrobe. I'm also obsessed with peplums lately. I need to get my hands on more of them!

Romantic Lace Longline Bralette - $26.95, promo price of 2 for $32
I bought black and white, but they're not online anymore. I actually have only worn the white one so far, but I know I'll eventually get around to wearing the black.

Joe's Skinny Jeans (similar) - $169, on sale for $79.97
Kind of impulsive, but I think this was a good purchase. After getting some Paige jeans from the Rack, I tried on some Joe's and liked them. (They aren't this exact pair; the pair I bought didn't have such dramatic fading.) I'm realizing though, that the jeans that feel like they fit like a glove in the dressing room either stretch or you can't tell unless you walk/sit/etc in them for a while. Seem like both pairs need to be taken in at the waist (which is pretty standard for me).

Eliza J Floral Halter Maxi (similar options) - $158, on sale for $49.97 (not subtracted from budget)
I posted a picture of this dress before. I needed a dress for a wedding in June, and I am in love with this one! I'm not subtracting from the budget for this dress, because I felt it was a necessity. (A dress for that wedding was, at least.)

Also impulsively snagged some no-show sock liners at checkout at Old Navy and they are the best ones I've ever tried. Definitely going to have to get more. (This isn't something I'd normally budget since they're more like necessities. I also used a gift card on them anyway--this is just a PSA.)

Total Spending

$79.97 jeans + $32 bralettes = $111.97

Eyeing for May

I need to reign in my shopping, but I have my eye on a few things.
I still haven't tried the off the shoulder trend, but I'm loving this dress. At first I thought it looked kind of like scrubs and/or a bed sheet. I wouldn't be surprised if I tried it on and hated it, but as of now, I love it.
I was thinking of getting some standard Converse in white, but I stumbled across this style in a store recently. I love the gray (and blue and maroon--but I think gray would be the most practical for me).
These wouldn't be included in the budget because they're a necessity, but I'm planning on snagging these Asics. I wish I had bought my last pair on Amazon...they were so much more expensive at the running store!
Still dreaming of this purse... Go on sale, please!
I mentioned this tank before, but I still haven't pulled the trigger.
And alllll the peplums!

$860.95 - Annual budget remaining
$98.98 - Nordstrom gift cards
$100 - JCPenney gift card
$45 - Old Navy credit card rewards
$5.90 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$9.02 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$1,155.88 - Maximum budget amount available

As usual, I'm linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers and Stephanie for Final Friday Finance!

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  1. Hi. I love reading these because it reminds that other people shop lol. Is that weird? John thinks I shouldn't ever need to buy anything new, and I'm like, "HELLO I AM A GIRL." I ordered a new bathing suit last week and he was like, "you got a new one last year." And I'm like,"YEAH LAST YEAR!!" That the hell. Anyways, I have a question. So thredup? You can send them clothes right??? I usually go to playtos closet (don't know if you have that where you live) once or twice a year and they are SUCH a ripoff. I always leave feeling like they stole from me lol.

  2. I really love that dress! And that multi-colored cami is really cute & summery! I love those gray chucks, too!

  3. My husband is putting me on a spending challenge for May - no online shopping. It's gonna be tough.

  4. I love the print on that dress. Would love to see the full look head to toe sometime soon! I'll have to try those sock liners. I never have much luck with those except the super thin Nike ones and at that point they aren't as much sock liners as they are ankle socks and totally show. Loved your shopping update!

  5. That stretching out you mentioned with the Joes Jeans definitely isn't your imagination. The material that brand uses bags out like nobody's business! Every few years I'll buy a pair and think "these fit amazing, why on earth did I ever stop buying them??", and then I'm reminded why shortly thereafter. You have to size right down in them (like, 2 sizes) if you want them to fit after they sag, but then you also have to watch and make sure you don't stretch them out either. *shrug*

  6. You need to teach me how to shop/ budget to shop!! You always find such cute things and get the BEST DEALS!!! I LOVE that floral dress on you!! And you still have so much left budgeted for the year. Teach me your ways!! haha If that Kate Spade purse goes on sale, tell me asap!! it's so dang cute!

  7. I still love that peplum cami!!! So cute!! And those jeans look fabulous as well. I have been good lately but it is so hard!

  8. You got some great things this month! I especially love the peplum cami and that gorge maxi dress! I have low-top grey Chucks, so obviously, I support your thoughts of getting a pair, haha. And I need to investigate some no-show sock liners, so thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Do you have an Old Navy credit card or Gap? How do you find it?

    I love Old Navy and Gap and for the most part have had a lot of success with them in the past few months. But like you I need to reign in the shopping! I've definitely returned quite a few items, I've spent more than I need to at this point in the year. I don't count bras or underwear towards that budget because those are a necessity.

    I love that dress on you, it looks gorgeous!

    I love reading your budget posts, I may start one of my own, now that I'm thinking about it...

    liz @ j for joiner

  10. that dress is seriously gorgeous.
    boo about the sizing reviews. sometimes i read and listen to reviews and sometimes i go with my gut. i have never been wrong with my gut in terms of old navy lol regardless of what reviews said, and they are always saying to size down! methinks those people don't shop at old navy regularly lol

  11. I love the swing dress you got! Swing dresses are just so fun and comfy! Also, the dress for the wedding is so gorgeous!

  12. I bought a pretty expensive off the shoulder dress during the last Shopbop sale and I'm reeeeally hoping I like the look because I obviously can't try it on right now...I probably should have started with something more simple (aka cheaper) like this Old Navy dress. Whoops! Love all your picks, as usual! You have great taste :)

  13. You got some really good deals, especially on that maxi dress! Old Navy shorts run SO big that I almost always have to try them on first so I'm not surprised about the ones that you posted. I'm thinking about doing a spending freeze for May just because I've gone crazy this month, haha. I love that Kate Spade purse too & yes, it needs to go on sale!

  14. This is so organized and thorough that it puts me to complete shame!!! I'm truly impressed. And I LOVE that maxi dress. You can wear that long past the wedding you need it for so it's a good investment piece.

  15. I love these budget posts as always. I want that peplum top so bad. Must get it.

  16. I live in my Asics! I definitely recommend them. They are awesome shoes!

  17. It sounds like you're still doing a great job of sticking to your shopping budget! I'm still super in love with that maxi dress that you got for the wedding!

  18. Those little socks are the best things ever. I love the ones at Target. They have a little plastic/rubber (something?) on the inside of the back to prevent slipping.

    The dress you snagged for the wedding is gorgeous! I hope you wear it more than once this season!

  19. I'm very impressed with your year long budget! I've attempted it before and it's not easy. Also, I just bought that Old Navy cami also and I love it!


  20. I also returned the cuffed shorts. Something was definitely up with those because the fit was so off and I tried on my normal size, a size up, and a size down. Not worth it!

  21. I'm in love with the dress for the wedding, especially since the colors are perfect for summer! And the print on the peplum top! Such great neutral-ish colors that you can mix and match easily. Old Navy is the WORST with sizing and online orders, I almost always have to send things back. You did great with your spending!