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Friday, April 8, 2016

Life Update

I had planned on having a post up yesterday, but Wednesday was an insane day. Seriously. I wasn't going to get into the details, but we found a house online that morning, were able to go with our realtor to see it that night, and then spent the evening trying to get everything ready for preapproval. But Michael's position is a contract position, and you have to work in the same contract position in the same city for two years to get pre-approved, so it was a no go. Anyway, there was not an extra minute to blog.

My plan was to link up with Rebecca for Thankful Thursday, but I'll just start this post off by telling you all what I'm thankful for on a Friday instead.

I wanted to thank all of you who commented, emailed, Facebook messaged, or texted your support regarding my dad's passing. Jennifer even sent me these earrings! I've always loved anchors, but I love them even more now because whenever I see them I think of my dad.

I cry pretty much every time I hear 7 Years by Lukas Graham. I mentioned that song in a blog post before and how much I loved it, and I still love it, but it just makes me really emotional now. Youth by Troye Sivan will get me sometimes too.

I'll have random moments where I'll just start crying. They're getting to be less frequent (for a while I would cry driving to work, home for lunch, back to work, and home from work...and once home from the gym) but they're there. One day I was driving back to work from lunch, and the light was green and I was turning right. This other woman was turning left from the other way. (AKA I clearly had the right of way.) She just kept on going, and she honked at me and flipped me off. I seriously started sobbing and screaming in the car. I just don't know how people can be so rude. For one, she was the one in the wrong, and two, what is there to be mad about? That I'm in front of her? Because that makes her commute so much longer... Think before you're rude to a perfect stranger, because you don't know what they're going through.

In regards to blogging, I've just been enjoying just going to the gym or doing whatever other errands/chores I need to do after work, and then relaxing. I bring my laptop home every day but 99% of the time I don't even open it, which feels good. I am back to reading blogs, and some commenting, but honestly sometimes it's just hard to come up with a coherent thought to even comment. So you may see comments on your blog some days but not others, and comments on other blogs on some days but not others. It just depends on my mindset that day, I guess.

Okay, onto lighter things...

How amazing is this shirt?! It's from Target and it's for 18 months and older. If it had been for babies [oh my gosh they DO have it for babies here!!!], I would've just bought it and kept it until we had a baby and just hoped we had a boy. But then Michael said that tacos are unisex, so we could put a girl in a taco shirt too. Also Dragons Love Tacos is a great brand name. I hope someone just asked their kid what their brand should be called and that was their answer.

I had an annual exam on Wednesday, so I worked from home for a bit, went to the appointment, and stopped at Loft and Starbucks on the way back before working from home the rest of the day. Can I just say how much I hate pap smears? Ugh. (Sorry for the TMI.) I also hate getting my blood pressure taken...but, I'm happy that the nurse told me I had excellent blood pressure, and I also know that the pap smear is for my own health. (I'm trying to complain less about small things, because they really are so insignificant in the scheme of things and recent life events taught me that things could be so much worse.)

I have wanted sage green skinny jeans for a while now. I was eyeing an Articles of Society pair from Nordstrom, but they had sold out in my size and now apparently they've sold out completely. My mission at Loft on Wednesday was to try this peplum sweater I've been obsessing over, only to find that the white (the one I wanted) is extremely sheer. But...I did try on their green cropped skinnies and I'm kind of loving them. I have a $22 gift card to Loft and a $20 credit from KIA from buying our car...I'm tempted to put those toward these (apparently in a bigger size...the waist was gapping even in this size [#pearshapedprobz], but the more I look at this picture the more I notice that big 'wrinkle').

My mom has a Fitbit Charge HR. I stopped wearing my Fitbit for a while, and then my mom gave me her old HR. (She contacted Fitbit because it stopped working, they sent her a new one, and it started working again.) I always thought I didn't care about tracking my heart rate, so I wouldn't ever buy the HR...but now I'm obsessed. I love knowing what my resting heart rate is and seeing what zones my heart rate was in during a workout.

Michael put on this $1 section hat at Target. Another Target purchase I would be making if I had a little one to put it on (or a friend with a little one that I could gift it to)!

And this next picture is kind of creepy so no one tell Michael about it, okay? I was getting ready for work and these two were sleeping in the same position (and Flora had taken over my side of the bed). I just thought it was funny and adorable. My phone flashed so Flora opened her eyes and made it all creepy though. (Isn't Michael's super cluttered dresser/nightstand just the greatest? *sigh*)

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  1. Girl. Don't you worry about inconsistent posting or commenting, you don't own blogland anything. I'm happy you're taking time for yourself and not even opening your computer. That sounds amazing. Ps. I was happy to see your comment on my blog yesterday, it made me smile :) We'll take ya with open arms when you're ready to officially come back to blogging!

  2. That last picture is precious. I love when my husband and pup nap together (Oreo doesn't sleep in our bed at night time because he likes to sleep ON your face - so he has his own bed beside ours, but he is allowed on the couches so we snuggle with him if we have time for a nap on a lazy day). :)

    Grief is weird in the way it hits us all differently at different times. It sounds like you are giving yourself space to grieve and process so that's so great. *hugs*

  3. I'm so happy to see an update from you! I'm sorry about the house, though! My husband's credit was pretty poor when we bought our home so the loan we got was strictly based on my income; is that something you could do?
    I LOVE Target baby clothes! I am definitely guilty of buying stuff now and storing it for a kid later :) I say you go back for that hat! Haha! That last picture is adorable! Our dogs ALWAYS take the vacant bed spot in the morning once one of us (my husband...) gets up for work.

  4. That is incredibly sweet of Jennifer!! I love those earrings so thoughtful and meaningful.

    My child rocks whatever she wants to wear, so will yours :)

    I love those skinnies on you. Get themmmmm.

    I really wants a fitbit HR but I can't think of wearing more things on my arm, I like how my jewelry is now, so I've stayed with the fitbit one because of where it can be worn.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. I love the Lukas Graham song too ... and those earrings were so sweet! You also definitely need to buy that taco shirt for your future child!!!!!!

  6. Girl - I'm so thankful for Friday too!
    I'm sure you'll have many months of random crying ... & that's totally OK. It takes awhile to grieve & go through the healing process. Still sending you hugs.
    That Taco shirt - so funny!! I keep hearing of that kids book lately "Dragons Love Tacos" - i need to get it for my g-boys

  7. Oh, Mattie I am behind with your blog----I am SO sorry about your dad! Random crying is a-okay and the way to go. My husband lost his mother eight years ago and he said sometimes he will have a memory or thought and it will make him sentimental in a happy way, and sometimes he will have the same memory or thought and it will make him cry in a sad way. So much of him lives through you so be that legacy!! ;)

    Now, on a different note, thanks for posting those green pants because I have been looking for a pair :)


  8. How sweet that your friend sent you those earrings!! And that taco shirt is hilarious, I need to get it for my nephew!

  9. I'm so glad the crying has lessened, because it means you're processing through the grief....but I know it must still be so painful. Hope it all continues to get brighter. :)

    And that really is the sweetest picture of your pup and husband!

  10. Love those sage skinnies, so cute!!! And those earrings too. I feel like with grief, you always go through random ups and downs. Sending you lots of hugs!

  11. There are days that I don't read any blogs, and others where I want to read allthethings (you'll notice because I start commenting on posts from like, a week ago up to the present lol). I agree that sometimes I just need to be disconnected. That's such a sweet gift! The taco shirt and hat are so cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Hi hi hi hi!! Glad you're back! We missed you! That past picture is so, so cute. I have about a million similar ones lol. You should get those green pants. I have a pair thats like...4 years old and I still wear them. I feel like that color will be in style forever. Anyways. I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. I'm sure it will take time, so don't worry about crying if you feel like it.

  13. Those anchor earrings are such a sweet gift! I love those skinnies on you-they look so good! Sending lots of hugs your way. <3

  14. Oh man thats crazy that you have to work at the same company for two years if you're contract in order to be prequalified for a house. That's crazy! Sometimes what you really need is to just relax and recenter yourself and it sounds like you're doing just that! Those earrings were such a sweet gift, and I love how much they mean to you!

  15. The picture of Michael and Flora is the best!! I take pictures of Rodney and Cocoa and show him and he's like, she is sitting exactly like me!! So funny. And the jeans look really good. I am loving Loft this year.

  16. Those anchor studs are so so perfect!! I hate having my blood pressure taken too--the squeezing is just weirdest/creepiest feeling. When I was in the hospital a few years ago and had to have my blood pressure taken a million times a day, it was DELIGHTFUL. :-/ haha I love that you and Michael had a conversation about tacos being unisex, it cracked me up. And made me go like, "Huh, I guess they are! How have I never considered this before?!" :) Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Glad to see you blogging again, although, yeah, when real life is super real (like, house hunting probs in the middle of the week, oof), blogging is like the last thing you want to do!

  17. It's okay to take a break from reading/commenting on blogs! :) Sometimes you just need to take a break/time off. That was so sweet of Jennifer to send you those earrings-- the blogging community is really awesome sometimes. I actually love those pants & they look great! Hope you've had a great weekend (I'm so late to commenting, haha)!

  18. You do what you gotta do hun! Totally hear you on the car crying though, I do that too when I'm upset about something. Glad to hear it's getting to be a little less frequent though *hugs*

  19. I'm glad you are feeling the love, you deserve to. I continue to send my love and hugs to you. That target shirt is really adorable and while my arms surely wouldn't bode well with it, I bet it would look adorable on you. Dog/Man sleeping pic adorable. I always love those.

  20. i don't understand how people can be that rude and cranky while driving.. like you said, what difference did it make? you were in the right, she was in the wrong. it's not like you hit each other, that would be cause for someone to be cranky, but get over it woman. i hate people like that. those earrings are pretty fabulous and i am so happy someone sent them to you.

  21. I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better. I don't know what it's like to lose a parent, but I am sorry you're going through this.

    And I completely agree with you about rude commuters. I don't get what goes through someone's brain when they're being a jerk like that.

  22. I am so, so sorry for your loss, Mattie. And screw that rude driver! I always go back to that saying "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle." There's just no reason to be so horrible to people.

    I totally bought that hat and the whale one for my kids. :) I LOVE that Target has had these lines of clothes based on kid book. We bought stuff from Where The Wild Things Are and Bumblebee Boy. Might have to get that taco shirt too!

  23. I'm totally too lazy to read through the comments to see if anyone mentioned it, but Dragons Love Tacos is a children's book. Target frequently has children's book themed clothing and it's kind of the shit. Penelope has a pair of kitten leggings with a shirt that says "Just a Little Shy" from the Shy Little Kitten. Jackson had a shirt from Where the Wild Things Are. It switches out every few months and I always try to go. I know Gymboree had Eric Carle pajamas, so Penelope obviously has a pair.

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