Northwest Native: April 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Open Letters [4.28.16]

It's the first monthly Open Letters link-up hosted by Julie! I am so excited about this. I'm always looking for fun new formats for posts, so when she announced this I was all over it!

Dear wedding hairdresser company,

Thank you ever so kindly for replying to my email regarding your availability for wedding hair on October 10th. Unfortunately, I was not sending an email about wedding hair on August 1st, 2015 regarding October 10th, 2016, so your response on March 31st, 2016 letting me know you had availability was just a tiiiiny bit late.

Dear guy who complimented my shirt,

I'm sorry I'm so awkward. I cringe every time I think of that moment.

Dear stomach,

Can you please just make up your mind?

Dear all adult women,

Is it just me, or are playground swings basically torture devices now?!

Dear Michael,

You're lucky I got what you meant when you said this.

Dear everyone reading this,

Sorry most of my letters include screenshots of my tweets. But not sorry enough to not add this little bit of shameless self-promotion: if you want to follow me on Twitter, here you go. :)

Dear Blazers (Portland's NBA team, for those unaware),

You almost gave me a heart attack on Saturday night (Monday night too, but actually being in the arena was much more stressful/exciting) but it was worth it!!! Keep it up!

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you/curse you for bringing back the s'mores frap. Thank you because hashtag yum. Curse you because calories and also Starbucks baristas are super judgy about what you order, and I know they pretty much hate you/think you're a child if you order a frap (I'm FB friends with multiple Starbucks baristas and they always post on each other's walls about it and stuff, seriously).

Dear taco truck,

You are heaven-sent. Gorditas are my favorite.

Dear Zumba,

I thought Tuesday's class was way too easy. We were doing all the slow paced songs and none of the crazy, jumping around, super sweat-inducing songs. Then the next day I realized we apparently did ALL the ab songs because my middle was sooo sore, especially my back and obliques. You win this round...

Dear Julie,

Thanks for coming up with this awesome link-up! I will definitely be participating next month too!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

March & April Budget [2016]

If you're a regular reader around here, you know that life as my family knew it got turned upside down in March. I didn't post my budget, and I didn't keep a draft running through the month (and I didn't this month either) so prices won't be 100% accurate.

$972.92 - Annual budget remaining
$98.98 - Nordstrom gift cards
$100 - JCPenney gift card
$22.18 - Old Navy gift card
$65 - Old Navy credit card rewards
$5.90 - ThredUp
$11.40 - Splender
$9.02 - eBates
$1,285.04 - Maximum budget amount available

Bought & Returned

Relaxed V-Neck Tee - $12.94, on sale for $7 (x2) = $14
I've been trying to replicate my favorite t-shirt that I got for Christmas (it's from Abercrombie & Fitch, but I tried what I think is their current version and it's a thumbs down). Not sure how a tee that claims to be 'relaxed' fits like a regular t-shirt. Anyway, this was a no.

Cuffed Linen Shorts - $24.94, on sale for $12.50 (x2 - black & white) = $25
Never ever take sizing advice from Old Navy reviews!!! They are the reason I bought a maxi dress in tall and it's many inches too long as well as the reason I sized down in these shorts (one size) and they were too small. (Multiple reviews said to size down two sizes.) And then stores were all sold out of lots of sizes and was a mess. Also the white is absolutely not white.

In March, I bought a dress from Old Navy that I really wanted to love, but it just didn't look great on me and a bomber jacket that I posted a dressing room selfie of a few weeks before, but when I ordered it, the size that had fit me then didn't fit well. By the time I went to exchange it, it was out of stores.

Bought & Kept

march/april budget
Rib-Knit Swing Dress - $26.94
I don't know what I actually ended up paying for this...I think it was covered by promo codes and rewards, though. This dress, the two returns that aren't linked, and the below top were all on one order, and it was 40% off plus an additional 10 or 15%, and I put $65 in rewards toward it. It ended up costing about $5 after all that, and with returns I got the money I paid back + rewards money back.

Go-Dry Cool Drawstring Tee - $16.94
Same situation as the dress above, not sure what I paid for it. I think it was on sale for about $10. I bought a coral/peach color that is not online now. The fabric is really soft, and I like the shape and the drawstring. I think it's sort of unique for a workout top.

Peplum Cami - $24.94, on sale for $12.50 - paid with gift card = $0
I got the multi print and I love it. I like that the colors and print are different than what I generally gravitate to, but it still fits well with my wardrobe. I'm also obsessed with peplums lately. I need to get my hands on more of them!

Romantic Lace Longline Bralette - $26.95, promo price of 2 for $32
I bought black and white, but they're not online anymore. I actually have only worn the white one so far, but I know I'll eventually get around to wearing the black.

Joe's Skinny Jeans (similar) - $169, on sale for $79.97
Kind of impulsive, but I think this was a good purchase. After getting some Paige jeans from the Rack, I tried on some Joe's and liked them. (They aren't this exact pair; the pair I bought didn't have such dramatic fading.) I'm realizing though, that the jeans that feel like they fit like a glove in the dressing room either stretch or you can't tell unless you walk/sit/etc in them for a while. Seem like both pairs need to be taken in at the waist (which is pretty standard for me).

Eliza J Floral Halter Maxi (similar options) - $158, on sale for $49.97 (not subtracted from budget)
I posted a picture of this dress before. I needed a dress for a wedding in June, and I am in love with this one! I'm not subtracting from the budget for this dress, because I felt it was a necessity. (A dress for that wedding was, at least.)

Also impulsively snagged some no-show sock liners at checkout at Old Navy and they are the best ones I've ever tried. Definitely going to have to get more. (This isn't something I'd normally budget since they're more like necessities. I also used a gift card on them anyway--this is just a PSA.)

Total Spending

$79.97 jeans + $32 bralettes = $111.97

Eyeing for May

I need to reign in my shopping, but I have my eye on a few things.
I still haven't tried the off the shoulder trend, but I'm loving this dress. At first I thought it looked kind of like scrubs and/or a bed sheet. I wouldn't be surprised if I tried it on and hated it, but as of now, I love it.
I was thinking of getting some standard Converse in white, but I stumbled across this style in a store recently. I love the gray (and blue and maroon--but I think gray would be the most practical for me).
These wouldn't be included in the budget because they're a necessity, but I'm planning on snagging these Asics. I wish I had bought my last pair on Amazon...they were so much more expensive at the running store!
Still dreaming of this purse... Go on sale, please!
I mentioned this tank before, but I still haven't pulled the trigger.
And alllll the peplums!

$860.95 - Annual budget remaining
$98.98 - Nordstrom gift cards
$100 - JCPenney gift card
$45 - Old Navy credit card rewards
$5.90 - ThredUp
$24.63 - Splender
$9.02 - eBates
$14.40 - Poshmark
$1,155.88 - Maximum budget amount available

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Friday, April 22, 2016

My Happy List [4.22.16]

Number One: My Weekend Recap

You guys, I thought my weekend recap was hilarious. I'm not very good at being funny (at least being funny and not ruining it by babbling for way too long) so I was super proud of that post. Yes, I am absolutely tooting my own horn and I am totally okay if not a single other person thought it was funny. (Michael caught a glimpse of my, "I'd like to thank the Academy" joke about losing a Bloglovin' follower and said it was funny...that's big, because he always tells me how dumb my jokes are [and then I get really cranky with him because as I said, I think I'm super funny...ha!].)

Number Two: Cold Brew

Sometimes, when you have a three and a half hour meeting (more like a presentation...that was absolutely pointless) to start off your day, you have to get a venti cold brew from Starbucks. (Also I was obsessed with this outfit because this is one of my new favorite shirts...and I got to wear my bralette--they are currently buy one get one free, FYI; I did the 2 for $32 promo but I would've saved $5 more if I had waited until now!) If you want to know how we make cold brew at home without fancy supplies (we haven't in a while, but I'm itching to) you can read my super unprofessional how-to post here!

Number Three: Thank You Notes

As of April 10th, we've been married for six months. I didn't write a single thank you note until Tuesday. I wrote five on Tuesday, and a) it felt awesome to finally not stress about the fact that I hadn't started, b) I'm pretty sure all five of the thank you's I wrote were to people (including the company I work for) who have been extremely supportive to myself, my mom, and my family since the loss of my dad. So I just have such an even bigger appreciation for these people than just for a wedding gift.
Yes, I did sit in bed watching House Hunters and eating Rolos that night, thank you very much.

Number Four: Dog Nose Prints

I was driving to work on Tuesday morning and looked in my rearview mirror to see a smattering of dog nose prints alllll over the back window. Normally messes kind of stress me out, especially in our new car, but this just made me think fondly of my sweet pups. It was a good moment. (Also, can you really be stressed about nose prints on the window after your dog takes a poop in the car?)

Number Five: Fitbit Champ

I always love when I do super well on my Fitbit goals. And yes, I left my weight there. I usually always crop it out because we're supposed to be embarrassed by our weight, amIright? Also I'm more like 140 pounds now, so it's not even accurate. (My 58:25 workout was Zumba, but I killed time before Zumba by doing 30 minutes on the elliptical. *insert flexing emoji here*)

Number Six: Zumba At Any Age

Sooo numbers two through six now allll refer to things that happened on Tuesday...apparently I had a really awesome Tuesday. Anyway, I do always love Tuesday nights because it's my Zumba night! This week, there was an old lady (probably in her 80s) there and everyone seemed to know her (including the TRX instructor who taught the class before Zumba...if she does TRX she's more badass than me). The moves are pretty dang fast, but she stayed the whole class and just did everything at her own pace. I loved her. I think it's awesome that she's getting some exercise (especially one that includes shimmying and hip thrusting--I hope I'm doing that when I'm old!).

Number Seven: Celeste Barber

Ever heard of Celeste Barber? I hadn't either until this week. I stumbled upon this article in my news feed and it cracked me up. Her Instagram is gold.
A photo posted by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

Number Eight: Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

I just started reading this this week and I'm loving it. First of all, I love mystery diagnoses, but I also love her writing style. I can't really explain it...I think it's the language she uses? I don't know, but it makes it read less like a biography and more like a novel, which I'm into.

Number Nine: Baby ducks!!!

THE DUCKS AROUND OUR APARTMENT COMPLEX HAD BABIES! Ugh, so cute. You guys don't know this, but I had pet baby ducks when I was younger. We raised them until they were old enough to be released. So I have all the heart eyes emojis for these little ones!

Number Ten: These three.

Yeah, yeah they're always my favorites, etc. Basically I couldn't think of a number ten so I was scrolling through my phone and decided to go with this picture.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

M&M: A Love Story - Part Two

See Part One here if you missed it!

Michael is one of those people who meets someone for three minutes and then adds them on Facebook immediately. Conversely, I'm one of those people who could know someone for years and not add them on Facebook ever, but I would accept if they added me. (My sister just got engaged to her boyfriend of five years, and we are not Facebook friends. Nor am I Facebook friends with anyone I work with.)

So, of course, after our meeting in Seattle, Michael added me on Facebook. He started Facebook chatting me one day when I was in my dorm room with Allison. He actually said to me, "Will you marry me?" I tried to go back and screen shot it, but Facebook will only let me go back to 2011. He was joking (kind of) and still had a girlfriend. I asked Allison why her friend was such a weirdo, and then probably said something sassy back to him.

Then there's a period of time that I don't really remember much regarding Michael (and/or my own love life). I think I started dating someone the summer after freshman year (so, 2010) and that only lasted a few months.

Michael and his girlfriend broke up in February 2011 (which I know from looking at my old Facebook messages for this series--I promise I don't just know this off the top of my head). It's really weird, because like I said in Part One, I didn't even really look at Michael through the lens I normally looked at boys ("Is he cute? Would I date him?") but I know exactly where I was when I found out they broke up. Allison and I were standing in line to buy tickets to an on-campus movie, he texted her, and she told me. Super weird, right?

That summer, we Facebook chatted a little bit, just friendly, but he was being kind of flirty. Since I was boy crazy, I flirted back (aka: was sassy back--it's both how I flirt and how I brush off flirting, apparently) and wondered if there was any possibility. Then, out of nowhere, in July (I think) he ranted to me about how his ex is a bitch. I asked why, and he said they were seeing each other that day, but she was only going to do it for 'closure' and that he was still in love with her. So that killed any possibility for me. I also thought it was really strange how deep he was getting--we were only 'surface friends'; we had only met that one time in 2009 and had Facebook chatted a little here and there.

And yet, in August, after telling me he's in love with his ex, he says this. (And I was sassy back--probably partially to be flirtatious but also because he had told me a month before that he was still in love with his ex.)
This is the earliest that I screenshotted him saying he loves me, but man, dude said that a lot before we started dating. Kind of a weird thing to joke about when you might actually want to date someone in the future, now that I think about it. This was just over 11 months before we started dating, and probably like 9 or 10 months before I seriously considered the possibility of us dating.

We kept talking via Facebook chat, and I think some texting too. I had one semester left in the US, and after that I was leaving on February 11th to study abroad in Australia. We started making plans to hang out some time after he came back to school.
Again with the L word. So according to this message, we were planning to hang out in September. We'll wait until Part Three to see what happens next.

To be continued...

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap [4.17.16]

I haven't really done a weekend recap in a while and I kind of enjoy not doing them because I tend to ramble way too long about things people don't care about. So this is my weekend recap: list style. (My internal monologue re: not rambling as I write this is, "I think I can, I think I can.") CAUTION: This post may contain [dog] nudity.

- Watched the entire first season of The Walking Dead on Friday night. It was only six episodes, buuut...that's still six hours. Yep, I started at about 6:30 and stopped at about 12:30 when Michael got home. P.S. It's probably my new favorite show (if that wasn't apparent by the six straight hours of watching). P.S.S. Rick is a hunk.

- Took some pictures of the dogs sleeping while I watched because I am an attentive dog mom. Clearly not their new favorite show.

- Saturday morning we headed to my mom's to stay the night and could you believe one of those sleeping angels pooped in the car...on the highway on our way there? I'll spare you the details but it entailed throwing away their leashes and a wash cloth I took out of our dirty clothes hamper (yes I brought laundry to my mom's and I am 25 years old). Did I mention it's the car we bought brand new in December?

- Went to Home Depot with my mom and brother so they could buy plant things and Michael saw riding lawn mowers in front of the store and desperately wanted to sit on one, but there was an employee over there and he was too embarrassed. He was thrilled they had some in the garden section so he could fulfill his lifelong dream.

- Took a picture of myself without makeup next to a window in the daylight so you guys could see that it really was the 11 p.m. bathroom lighting that made my makeup-free skin look good in Friday's post. (Dark circles and redness, yay! And also a few zits. *insert thumbs up emoji*)

- Took a picture of Tully being ladylike as per usual (yet shockingly, she is not the car-pooping bandit).

- Bought me some bralettes so I can continue going bra-free as often as humanly possible! I bought a black one and a white one and I'm super stoked to desperately try to make them work with every single shirt and/or dress I own.

- Went to Abercrombie & Fitch for the first time in years and years (I know) and almost passed out from the smell. I got an amazing, slouchy t-shirt from there for Christmas (meant to be pajamas but I love it too much for just sleeping) and it's actually what prompted me to buy pretty lace bralettes, because it's too easy to lean forward a fraction of an inch and have your entire bra exposed. Anyway, I thought it was this shirt (I know $18 for a t-shirt is kind of steep but if it was the same as the one I have I would've gladly bought at least two) but when I tried them on they were nowhere near as soft or as slouchy.

- Smelled like Abercrombie & Fitch for at least the next hour just from trying on two t-shirts.

- Closed out the weekend to this gem in my inbox. I'd like to thank my dogs, my husband, my mom, and the Academy. Seriously though, negative one followers?! Must've been the seventeen times I said 'nipple' in my confessions post.

How was your weekend? Bet you didn't lose as many Bloglovin' followers as me! *brushes shoulders off*

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Friday, April 15, 2016

My Happy List [4.14.16]

I'm sharing my happy list/favorite things today! Let's get right to it.

Number One: Halo Top

Guys, go get yourself some of this. It's a life-changer. Yeah, that's 280 calories per pint, not per serving. And it has tons of protein and stuff. It was created by some body builder or something on accident when he was trying to make some sort of smoothie. Anyway, on Wednesday night Michael and I really wanted dessert and considered blizzards from DQ, but then we looked up the calories (one of my favorites is 800 calories for a small!!!) soooo I ran out and bought these. I've had birthday cake, chocolate, mint chip, and Michael has had lemon cake. My favorite is birthday cake, followed by mint chip. I wasn't a huge fan of the lemon one. The texture of this stuff is pretty strange, but if you let it get a little melty (slash let it melt in your mouth) it's awesome. One guy did an experiment where he ate nothing but Halo Top for a week (because it has so much protein) and he actually lost weight (but didn't lose any muscle mass). His doctor said he would've been totally fine if he had been taking vitamins to make up for the nutrients he was missing. (Sorry for the long description, this stuff just fascinates me. And no I wasn't paid to blog about this/given free Halo Top, but I wish.)

Number Two: Pretty Kate Spade Spring Bags

I had to go to Seattle on Monday for my review, and on Monday night I went to Nordstrom Rack and saw these beauties. There was a crossbody (in the back), the smaller bag (in the front), and the larger size (behind the front mint bag). I was kicking myself for not snagging one, but yesterday I found this Kate Spade bag online and think it might be my next one (if it goes on sale...never full price!). I don't have a nice black bag yet, but I also love the blue color. Decisions, decisions. I ended up going to the Rack last night and they did have some of these, but I just couldn't stop thinking about that other one!

Number Three: This Tank

I always love Lush tops. I have been eyeing this tank for a couple months now. So many pretty colors, but I especially love the white because I have an ideal outfit in my mind: the tank + these skinnies (if I ever get to it and buy them!) + these shoes or cognac wedges + a fun/pretty necklace (like this one or this one). Am I the only one who comes up with fantasy outfits in my head?

Number Four: Haircuts

You may have noticed from pictures on the blog that Michael has a luscious head of hair. He was growing it out because he wanted a man bun (his last haircut was in November 2014!). Last Friday, he decided at 11 p.m. that he had to shave it all of right that second. So...we did. I was sad at first (hence this picture), but he looks good without all the hair too. It's weird though because it takes me back to before we were together/early in our relationship (which might have something to do with me working on our story now too!).
You guys, I'm not wearing makeup in this picture and it's the best my skin has ever looked without makeup (which is mostly due to the bathroom lighting but shhhh). So naturally  after this the universe provided me with giant zits all over my chin that I've had for days to make up for it.
Annnnd here is the finished product:

Number Five: Fuller House

I finally started watching this last week. I was excited about it coming out because #nostalgia, but once it did I was like, "This is going to be soooo cheesy" (and everyone said it was) so I held off. But I'm seriously obsessed. The nostalgia is real, and I like that it's geared toward adults (with some actually funny jokes--I personally like the little digs at the Olsen twins & Trump and whenever they joke about Full House/Fuller House themselves). Yes, super cheesy...but super worth it. Also I never ever thought I would not be Team Steve...but, never say never, right? (He is so dang whiney/not as attractive as Matt!)

Number Six: Amazing Home Decor

There's this home decor store near my hometown with hands down the cutest home stuff. I just snapped a random picture of one corner of the store when we were there last weekend. I always go in there and want like five things. They have furniture, wall hangings, and little knick knacks.

Number Seven: Sunny Weather

We had a week of amazing weather--two days with highs in the low 80s, which is crazy for April here! Annnd now it's cold and rainy. But apparently it's going to be nice again next week. I was loving swapping my booties for sandals and actually being warm enough to take my jacket off in the office. As I type this I'm wearing jeans, three-quarter sleeves, booties, and my blanket wrapped around me and drinking hot tea (because all I was wearing was not warm enough). Anyway, I'm ready to be back to sandals and dresses!

Number Eight: Congratulations, Michael!

Remember how I mentioned that we didn't get preapproved because Michael is a contract worker? Well, before we even tried to get preapproved, Michael interviewed for a permanent position (doing the same thing he already was) and he just found out yesterday that he got it! So soon we will be able to get preapproved!

Number Nine: Wedding Dress

And by wedding dress I mean a dress I will be wearing to a wedding, not the dress I wore in my wedding. When I went to check out the Kate Spade purses at The Rack last night, I found this dress and I am totally in love! Also, I normally avoid halter styles because I feel like they accentuate my arms too much, but I'm feeling a lot better about them lately, which is a win. I found similar dresses from the same designer here and here!

I was going to do ten things so I could be a part of that link-up, but I have writers block/this has gone on long enough (I only had seven things when I first wrote that and the last two were added late last night, so nope, still no ten)! (If only I was one of those people who could just list the thing without a paragraph of description!)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Confessions: All About Boobs, Apparently

Last week, I accidentally wore two different earrings and didn't realize until the next day. Yep, I put them in that morning, took them out before the gym and put them in a pouch in my purse, and the next morning I decided to clear the jewelry out of that pouch for the first time in weeks and noticed. It was these (but the large size, naturally, so more noticeable); I wore one gold and one multi. #trendsetter

This guy at work (a few of them I think, actually) constantly refer to women as 'chicks' (not to their face, but talking about them). I didn't think people really used that word anymore. Am I crazy or are they still living in 2005? #wut #lastIcheckedI'mnotabird


You guys, I went braless last week. I know. As chairwoman and CEO a member of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee, if you're confused), it used to always frustrate me when magazines told you what to wear for your body type (see my thoughts on that here) and say that us gals with small chests could just rock anything braless. I don't really need much support, but my issue is everyone seeing my nips through my shirt. That is something I avoid like the plague. I put on one of my dresses before my bra was on to see if my underwear would show through, and I was like, "Wait...maybe I could rock this." It is looser on top with a busy pattern and coloring, so my nips wouldn't show [it's making me really uncomfortable blogging the word 'nips,' but I think the word 'nipple' would make me even more uncomfortable, so I apologize]. I bent over in front of a mirror to test whether you could see down it, and you couldn't... So I just went for it. And while I was a little uneasy mentally throughout the day, I was so. dang. comfortable physically. #freetheboobies #morelikefreethemosquitobites


Speaking of nips, I have to mention one of the tattoo artists we went to. He used the word 'nipple' at least eight times. It was like he was in a bet with someone to see how many times he could slip it into conversation. He told us about how painful his tattoo across his abdomen was, and how every spot hurt so bad that he thought, "Oh that has to be my nipple," then, "No wait, that is definitely my nipple," and then finally, the tattoo artist actually got to his nipple and it was soooo painful. And then he was telling us about how his dog 'corn cobs' him (like nibbles on him--Tully does that, especially on our comforter) and how one time she got his nipple and then bit down HARD. And then he just said "nipple nipple nipple" to get it out there a few more times. #thelastsentenceisalie #buthemightaswellhave #hewashilariousthough

I just realized from writing this post that I'm fine with saying 'nipples' unless I'm referring to my own. Is that weird? Blogging teaches you so much about yourself. #themoreyouknow

We stayed with my mom last weekend and I forgot to pack a bra. Yep, apparently not wearing a bra for one day just turned me off of them for life. Actually, I took a long walk after work on Friday to get a workout in and didn't change, so I was wearing a sports bra, and I forgot to pack a regular one. Good thing I just packed t-shirts to wear. #sportyspice

I finally got my rings soldered together over the weekend. After we dropped them off I had a thought and panicked. "How do they know which one I wear on top?! They didn't ask me!!!" Then I realized my rings are symmetrical and I can just flip it over and wear it either way... #airhead


Lastly, here is an actual text I sent. Michael is still the one who constantly says, "Let's have a baby!" but I have my moments of weakness too. And watching the cutest little one and a half year old wave and say 'hi' to a potato bug (some of you may call them 'rolly pollies') is one of those moments. #babyfever
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Friday, April 8, 2016

Life Update

I had planned on having a post up yesterday, but Wednesday was an insane day. Seriously. I wasn't going to get into the details, but we found a house online that morning, were able to go with our realtor to see it that night, and then spent the evening trying to get everything ready for preapproval. But Michael's position is a contract position, and you have to work in the same contract position in the same city for two years to get pre-approved, so it was a no go. Anyway, there was not an extra minute to blog.

My plan was to link up with Rebecca for Thankful Thursday, but I'll just start this post off by telling you all what I'm thankful for on a Friday instead.

I wanted to thank all of you who commented, emailed, Facebook messaged, or texted your support regarding my dad's passing. Jennifer even sent me these earrings! I've always loved anchors, but I love them even more now because whenever I see them I think of my dad.

I cry pretty much every time I hear 7 Years by Lukas Graham. I mentioned that song in a blog post before and how much I loved it, and I still love it, but it just makes me really emotional now. Youth by Troye Sivan will get me sometimes too.

I'll have random moments where I'll just start crying. They're getting to be less frequent (for a while I would cry driving to work, home for lunch, back to work, and home from work...and once home from the gym) but they're there. One day I was driving back to work from lunch, and the light was green and I was turning right. This other woman was turning left from the other way. (AKA I clearly had the right of way.) She just kept on going, and she honked at me and flipped me off. I seriously started sobbing and screaming in the car. I just don't know how people can be so rude. For one, she was the one in the wrong, and two, what is there to be mad about? That I'm in front of her? Because that makes her commute so much longer... Think before you're rude to a perfect stranger, because you don't know what they're going through.

In regards to blogging, I've just been enjoying just going to the gym or doing whatever other errands/chores I need to do after work, and then relaxing. I bring my laptop home every day but 99% of the time I don't even open it, which feels good. I am back to reading blogs, and some commenting, but honestly sometimes it's just hard to come up with a coherent thought to even comment. So you may see comments on your blog some days but not others, and comments on other blogs on some days but not others. It just depends on my mindset that day, I guess.

Okay, onto lighter things...

How amazing is this shirt?! It's from Target and it's for 18 months and older. If it had been for babies [oh my gosh they DO have it for babies here!!!], I would've just bought it and kept it until we had a baby and just hoped we had a boy. But then Michael said that tacos are unisex, so we could put a girl in a taco shirt too. Also Dragons Love Tacos is a great brand name. I hope someone just asked their kid what their brand should be called and that was their answer.

I had an annual exam on Wednesday, so I worked from home for a bit, went to the appointment, and stopped at Loft and Starbucks on the way back before working from home the rest of the day. Can I just say how much I hate pap smears? Ugh. (Sorry for the TMI.) I also hate getting my blood pressure taken...but, I'm happy that the nurse told me I had excellent blood pressure, and I also know that the pap smear is for my own health. (I'm trying to complain less about small things, because they really are so insignificant in the scheme of things and recent life events taught me that things could be so much worse.)

I have wanted sage green skinny jeans for a while now. I was eyeing an Articles of Society pair from Nordstrom, but they had sold out in my size and now apparently they've sold out completely. My mission at Loft on Wednesday was to try this peplum sweater I've been obsessing over, only to find that the white (the one I wanted) is extremely sheer. But...I did try on their green cropped skinnies and I'm kind of loving them. I have a $22 gift card to Loft and a $20 credit from KIA from buying our car...I'm tempted to put those toward these (apparently in a bigger size...the waist was gapping even in this size [#pearshapedprobz], but the more I look at this picture the more I notice that big 'wrinkle').

My mom has a Fitbit Charge HR. I stopped wearing my Fitbit for a while, and then my mom gave me her old HR. (She contacted Fitbit because it stopped working, they sent her a new one, and it started working again.) I always thought I didn't care about tracking my heart rate, so I wouldn't ever buy the HR...but now I'm obsessed. I love knowing what my resting heart rate is and seeing what zones my heart rate was in during a workout.

Michael put on this $1 section hat at Target. Another Target purchase I would be making if I had a little one to put it on (or a friend with a little one that I could gift it to)!

And this next picture is kind of creepy so no one tell Michael about it, okay? I was getting ready for work and these two were sleeping in the same position (and Flora had taken over my side of the bed). I just thought it was funny and adorable. My phone flashed so Flora opened her eyes and made it all creepy though. (Isn't Michael's super cluttered dresser/nightstand just the greatest? *sigh*)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

M&M: A Love Story - Part One

I've wanted to share the story of Michael & I for a while, but I kept putting off writing it. I can't really imagine writing anything that upbeat or funny or centered around shopping right now, so I figured this would be good topic to get myself back into blogging again.

Before I started college, everyone told me the horror stories of their freshman roommate. I remember when I got the letter telling me my assignment, I immediately stalked her on Facebook (as you do). One of us added the other on Facebook, and then we wrote on each other's walls or messaged or something. Allison actually sent me a screenshot of our first interaction via Facebook a couple years ago and it is cringe-worthy. It's super upbeat and positive and totally reads like what you'd send to someone you don't know (because, duh, that's what it was). I remember telling her that I had a microwave and a mini fridge we could use in our room.

Anyway, she seemed normal enough via Facebook. (I promise this isn't Allison & Mattie: A Love Story...just bear with me [Note: I have to Google 'bear with me' every time I use it to make sure I'm using the right 'bear.']). The day I moved in, Allison and her mom were there first. My parents and I started moving our stuff in and Allison and her mom were just silent. I remember thinking she was either crazy shy or they both hated us. My parents went home, and I went to bed and Allison didn't come back. It was kind of weird (and a little freaky staying alone in the dorm my first night) but the next day Allison told me she had stayed with her mom in her hotel room.

So, once Allison's mom left and we spent time together one-on-one, she didn't hate me. We talked and actually really bonded. She became one of my best friends. We started school in August (private schools, I tell ya--lame) and one Sunday in September she was going to take the bus from Tacoma to Seattle to see her friend from high school who had started school at Seattle University. She invited me so she wouldn't have to take the bus alone, and I didn't have plans and thought hanging out in Seattle would be fun, so I tagged along.

As you've probably already guessed, this friend was Michael. I'm going to admit something. I was super boy crazy in high school and the beginning of college. Not boy crazy like I had sixty-five boyfriends, just boy crazy like no matter where I was going (the grocery store with my mom, the library, whatever) I always had this thought in the back of my mind like 'maybe I'll meet a boy omg.' Not like I thought I'd meet my husband or anything, I just wanted a boyfriend. Hahaha. But I didn't ever think that when we were going to Seattle to hang out with Michael. He had a girlfriend at the time, but I don't know if it was all that or just the fact that I had just started college and there were plenty of boys there. I just distinctly remember not thinking anything about him at all (like if he was cute, etc.) before I met him or when I met him.

We just walked around Seattle and Michael told a bunch of embarrassing stories about Allison. It was a lot of fun. There was this guy hanging out at Pike Place Market with his pet snake and Allison and I actually held it and made Michael take pictures. He was way too terrified to hold it himself.

And now I'm just going to photo dump a bunch of other pictures from that day, because I kind of love that I have pictures from the very first day I met Michael, even though there was absolutely nothing between us at that point and he's not in any of them.

On the bus on the way there. Thanks to Allison's camera having a time stamp, I know this was apparently on September 27th, 2009. Also, aren't my baby hairs flying everywhere just the best?

If you've heard of Pike Place Market (a Seattle icon), you may know that one of their fish stands is famous for throwing fish. We got a picture with one of the fish throwers. Shoutout to Michael for being our personal photographer all day.

This was in Pacific Place, Seattle's 'fancy' shopping center downtown. Penguins are my favorite animal, so I obviously needed a picture with this bionic one.

Our college mascot was the Loggers, and there was this chant, "Hack, hack! Chop, chop!" which doesn't really have a ring to it, but whatever. And Allison wanted to act it out when she found this giant tree. In the first one I couldn't deal; I doubled over laughing because I think this was in the middle of the Seattle Center aka kiiiind of embarrassing.

I wasn't going to include this picture, but I had to because Palm Centro! Did anyone else have that phone? I was obsessed. It was my first phone with a full keyboard. The buttons were tiny, and I had it mastered, but if anyone else tried using my phone they would get super frustrated and curse those small keys.

And that's the day Michael and I met. Nope, no hints at how we went from meeting to dating!

To be continued...

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