Northwest Native: Monday Favorites [2.15.16]

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Favorites [2.15.16]

I really did plan on doing Friday Favorites last week, but Michael and I decided last minute to go out to dinner at Ox on Thursday night (so good!). We were deciding between Thursday and Friday, and I thought it'd be nice to get home from the gym on Friday and not have to reapply makeup, try to make myself not smell, or wear real clothes. Anyway, I was all ready to write a blog post when we got home...but we didn't get home until around ten and that is waaay too late for me.

So you get my Friday Favorites and weekend recap in one. If anyone reads every word of this post I would be shocked.

The weekend before this past one, my mom and I last minute decided to go shopping. I live eight minutes from the mall we used to always drive an hour to when I was in high school or home on breaks from college. My favorites from that shopping trip are Paige jeans and new bras.

Seriously, I was wearing the same bra for months, and it was waaay too loose so it would slide around and rub. It was so uncomfortable. A bra fitting and $142/two new bras later and I am feeling so much better. When we went to Nordstrom Rack I knew I wanted to try some designer jeans. I ended up with a pair of Paige jeans that fit pretty much perfectly with no alterations. That is the best feeling, and one I've only ever had with designer jeans. They're also so soft I almost feel like I'm wearing leggings. They were $80 (regularly $150+) and I used what I had left in gift cards ($16.10) and my mom paid the difference, so that was a nice surprise! Thanks, Mom!

I ordered this layered sweater recently. It was slashed from $64 to $16, and I've wanted a layered top like this forever. I've tried on like five, all of which I didn't love. This one is perfect and so soft! The back is so cute, but I am not a magician so I couldn't get a mirror picture of it. I'm glad they had a black option that I liked, since I don't have very much black in my closet and I tend to gravitate towards olive, gray, and navy. Basically this outfit was like wearing pajamas (minus the heels which are not all that comfortable). The sweater arrived Thursday night, so when I got back from the gym, I changed into it for our dinner out. I then wore this exact same outfit to work the next day. Don't tell anyone. I should've taken a picture of it the day I wore it to work because natural light, but Flora's butt is in this one which is fun, so there you go.

I saw this bag when my mom and I were at the Rack and I couldn't stop thinking about it so...after work on Monday, I returned a Nordstrom purchase and used some of the credit to buy the bag. I know I said I'm going for designer bags only, but this was regularly $90 which hopefully means good quality, plus it'll be perfect for summer.

Gym membership!
I finally ran out of free passes to the gym (they gave me two five-day passes; one was supposed to be for Michael because he happened to be with me, but I broke the rules and used both) so I started my membership on Thursday. It's $129 for an entire year and that includes classes. (Or $9.95/month but then you have to pay an annual fee so it ends up being slightly more than $129.) I'm going to keep track of the days I work out, including which days I do classes so I can calculate my cost-per-workout/cost-per-fitness class, because I've become a budgeting monster. I might even blog about it because, again, obsessed with discussing budgeting in any way, shape, or form. (Stephanie gets it.)

Missing my calling as a tooth model
This lady messaged my on my blog Facebook page the other day. I was super weirded out, and I texted Michael about it. I decided I'd do it if it was legit and he'd come with me, because getting paid for being a tooth model? Uh, sure. She made me send her pictures of my teeth...then at the end (from seeing super grainy horribly lit bathroom pictures) she concluded that I had a cavity and should go to Bright Now because they have the best dental services (and I couldn't be a tooth model because my teeth aren't healthy). Mhmm... I Google'd it and they're a chain and they tell you you need work done that you don't so they can make money. All of the locations around here have 1 star ratings, except for one that has 3. I tried Googling 'dental photographer' and 'dental photography' and all sorts of crap to see if anyone else had this happen to them, but I couldn't find anything. So there you go, if it happens to you, now you know. [Also super embarrassed I ever even thought this was remotely real. Judge me as hard as you want to, I know I am.]

Summer clothes!
I am 100% ready for summer, or at least spring. Sunday-Wednesday last week the weather was amazing. So then on Thursday, I wore a bright pink sleeveless floral top...and it rained. Clearly I need to check the weather report before I dress myself. Anyway, I randomly found the black romper below online last weekend and loved it. I got an alert via Polyvore that it was on sale, so now I'm tempted. Then I found the navy blue one because it was a 'suggested item.' Why do you do this to me, Nordstrom?! Which do you like better? They're both apparently in stock at my nearby Nordstrom, so I kind of want to go try them on (with my favorite summer shoes of all time that I can't wait to wear again).

I also found this dress a couple weeks ago and am eyeballing it, hoping for it to go on sale. The Nordstrom shoe department had so many great summer shoes. Some of my faves are these and these.

I'm obsessed with this swimsuit and this one! I love one pieces with interesting details. I have one currently, but I would totally add another. I think the part I'm most self-conscious about in a swimsuit is my stomach (which is actually not what I'm most self-conscious about when I wear literally anything else).

Getting back on the Fitbit Bandwagon
Remember how I lost my Fitbit Flex, bought a Fitbit Charge, I found my Flex, then my Charge got ran over? I finally started wearing my Flex again and I am loving it. But it just gives me further proof that my dogs are the spawn of Satan in the morning when they wake up and won't stop whining or barking or licking my face thirty minutes to an hour and a half before my alarm. Yeah. And Michael sleeps through all of it.
I didn't feel like putting my weight and body fat percentage (I haven't actually weighed myself in a long time, so it's outdated anyway) out there for the Internet to see. I also only logged my exercise on Friday because I used the stairclimber so I didn't get credit for steps. I'm kind of meh on logging exercise in Fitbit if the steps are already being calculated anyway.

Saturday Things
Saturday morning, a package arrived at my door. It was full of these Valentine goodies from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! My sister-in-law works at Farmgirl Flowers and they are my favorite ever. They're located in San Francisco, but they ship nationwide. They offer one bouquet per week, and they only use flowers that are in season. So no, you can't choose a specific bouquet, but you get gorgeous, fresh flowers and the arrangements always look amazing.

Portland is extremely into brunch, so I insisted that we finally go. If you go to Yelp and search 'brunch' near 'Portland, OR' it is sooo overwhelming. There are pages and pages of high-rated brunch restaurants. We ended up going to Batter. I got chicken and waffles because I've been wanting to try them forever. 
So, they definitely overcooked my chicken. The people next to us had chicken and waffles and theirs was golden brown. But, it was still good. The balsamic maple syrup was amazing, and the buttermilk syrup almost tasted like caramel. Yum. Next time we go, I'll get a sweet one instead of savory. But I got a habanero/bacon/pineapple infused vodka Bloody Mary which was pretty delicious and meant I had a slight buzz when we decided to make a spur of the moment visit to IKEA.

We found a kitchen table! It was only $179 for the whole set and it actually looks much nicer than I'd expected we'd find. I also love how our apartment looks with the dining nook now filled. Plus being able to sit at a table finally is amazing.

We also saw Deadpool! I thought it was really funny and entertaining. It's pretty vulgar so I don't recommend it if you're easily offended.

Sunday Things
On Sunday we went for a hike! It was 3.5 miles and it only took us about an hour and fifteen minutes. It was a flat and easy one, so it's not that impressive. But I'm excited to know that we can hike even longer distances.

For dinner, Michael made a delicious ramen with rice noodles. It was perfect since I had been craving ramen or pho.

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  1. I read every single word and found this totally entertaining :) My fitbit battery died two weeks ago and I haven't recharged it (#fail), but I know I should... Those swimsuits are SO cute! I love my one-pieces! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! My husband was gone all weekend on a business trip so I watched whatever I wanted, ate what ever I wanted, and treated myself to a shopping trip :)

  2. Shocking: I read the whole post ;) I LOVE that layered top. I am dying that they are $16. Which one should I get?!?!?! But I think I love that blue romper for you. It's very spring and summer-y :) I seriously almost ordered chicken and waffles yesterday at brunch because I've never had it but I stuck to a good ol omelette! I love Bloody Mary's came before IKEA. IKEA is fun enough without liquid courage, I'm surprised you didn't walk out with more awesome stuff hahaha

  3. Paige jeans are my absolute favorite. I worked at a designer denim store for like 7 years and I have pairs that are that old and they still fit amazing. There's a Nordstrom rack near me that I need to hit soon as I find a new job lol. I loved that pic you put on Instagram. SO GOOD. And all your food talk....I'm jealous you guys have a fun life haha. I need to get out on more dates, we are so lame it's embarrassing.

  4. You got so many great things when you went shopping with your mom! It's always great when you find designer jeans for such a great deal! That sucks that they overcooked your chicken at brunch, but it sounds like everything else at the restaurant was amazing! Hooray for tables that you can actually eat at too!

  5. I really want to see Deadpool! I'll make sure not to bring my parents like I did for Sisters (big mistake haha!). That new table and chairs set is so nice, and for the price - amazing!

  6. OH my goodness..hilarious. I wonder how many people fall for that and actually go in to get work done?!

  7. You always post the cutest stuff! I LOVE that purse & those Steve Madden heels (I wish they would go on sale because I really want those black ones!). I've heard rumors about Omaha possibly getting a Nordstrom Rack which would be amazing! Your gym membership sounds like a really good deal- I feel like we pay too much for what we get sometimes. And that is crazy about the tooth model/picture thing. I imagine that there are people out there who fall for the scam & spend tons of money on things they don't need. I am kind of fascinated about brunch being so popular because it really isn't a "thing" around here. Looks like you had a good weekend! And yay for a new kitchen table too! You've been wanting one for awhile!

  8. We went to go to Deadpool on friday and it was sold out for ever show of the night! i'm glad you liked it cause we're going to try to go during the week some time. Also, immmm teeth models? lol. never have I ever heard of that.

  9. That whole "Dental photographer" thing had me a little amazed. People are always out to con people, aren't they? ... I need to add that to my list of photography skills :) haha

    A new bra - nothing like it - but what a pain to get them. & expensive - ugh!

  10. You always seem to find such great deals on stuff, I need to shop with you! Love the purse and the table! I hate hate hate bra shopping, but having ill-fitting bras is the worst!

  11. I read it all! I got excited about the rompers -- I love, love, LOVE a good black romper.

    That FB dental scam is so weird! Ugh, I can't keep up with all of the various ways people are trying to scam me. Verizon Wireless called me a few weeks ago to offer to lower my monthly payment (I guess they have new plans and I was eligible for a discount) and I asked the guy for 37 different types of proof that he was legit because I think everything is a scam lately.

    And those flowers are GORGEOUS! I just saw Farmgirl Flowers on The Profit a few weeks ago and it seems like such a good company. I love the chic bouquets (and the fact that they source local flowers and have very little waste!).

  12. Isn't OX so good??? The Nostrana salad is my JAM. Yummmmmm! They also have just Nostrana (name of place) on the east side which is its sister location. Both good!

    I like the layered sweater!

    $179 for a whole table set is a great deal, looks good!!

    Looks like a fabulous weekend indeed.

  13. OMG that tooth model thing is so creepy!! I can't believe that even happened to you!

    I love your layered top! i've been looking for one too, but I'm not very tall, so it's hard to get the proportions right... And we can be Paige Denim twins now (since that was part of my crazy second-hand designer jeans binge!!) :)

    Your dining room table is great! My old roommate and I were on the fence about having a table and chairs in our apt and then couldn't live without them. We also had to bring the table in through a second floor window... hopefully you guys didn't have that problem! haha!

  14. I've only been to Portland a few times but am amazed at how well they do brunch there! So good. It looks like you had an awesome (and productive!) weekend :-) -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  15. Seriously Paige jeans are the best and SO comfy!!! I also love H&M jeans, not designer but they are amazing quality, fit, and like $20! I've had the same pair for like 3 years and they have barely faded in color/ still seem new! I like the first romper best, too. The florals kill me!! I am so excited for summer! It's already heating up and I can't wait for watermelon to be in season :) If I ever go to Portland, I am for sure going to brunch and getting suggestions from you haha I loveeee chicken and waffles :) Glad you had an amazing weekend!

  16. I love the layered sweater! So pretty. The teeth model story is so hilarious. I love your new dining room table set, and it's a great price too! Those Farmgirl flowers look gorgeous! That ramen Michael made sounds/looks delicious!

  17. That tooth modelling thing is so sketchy :( My friend ran into a similarly sketchy scheme last month. A cleaning service sent her a message saying a friend had purchased a cleaning session for her and wondered when she would like to schedule it. Unfortunately they wouldn't say who the friend was, and no one was owning up to it on Facebook (where she does most of her socializing). Best case scenario, a legit company was trying to give away a free cleaning to stir up business. Worst case scenario, it was scam artists looking to case/rob the house.

  18. so many things i want to write about on this post! i'll pick a couple--love the layered sweater. some of the best items money can buy for your closet. love what you got for valentines! and the hike!! i am looking forward to doing more of that in the warmer weather!

  19. I've never tried designer jeans before - I've heard once you do, you can't go back so maybe that's why I'm holding off. ;) I like that layered sweater, though!

    The tooth modeling thing sounds super sketch. I would've totally inquired more about it too just out of curiosity, though. So no judgement!

    My sister and I are constantly competing on Fitbit! It's such a fun way to keep each other accountable! :)

    Hooray for a new kitchen table! It's so good to get pieces that work for your house for a good deal. :) And I love hiking so hooray for that as well!

  20. I thought Deadpool was hilarious, too! Loved all the sarcasm and jokes! Ikea is the best, I have had my table and chairs from there since college and I still love them.

  21. I'm a bit jealous of how cheap your gym membership is. Mine cost more than that per month. It's great that you are doing so much to get healthy.

  22. Ok have to say this teeth model what the hell, I don't know why this comes as such a shock, I mean that there are teeth models but for some reason it does, I know about hand models and hair models but teeth models never once thought of them

  23. Those rompers are cute! I think I like the navy one best. :) The bouquet of flowers is beautiful! Very cool that they change it up with whatever is in season.

  24. Good bras are the best! I love getting a new bra. Seriously such a good feeling.

    You’re looking gorgeous (from the bottom half that I can see haha). I love your bag too! Is this your new regular or just a weekend kind of bag? I need a weekend kind of bag when I’m toting Sophie around so I’m not lugging around such a heavy bag!

    Your gym membership is cheap!!! ours is $35 a month. I’m looking at getting another fitbit but I want something with a heart monitor. Love the flowers too and the food. I’m soo hungry right now that I could just eat that right through the website.

  25. That layered sweater is beautiful. I am so sorry about the dental model. Sucks when that happens. And no I won't make fun of you. You were cautious about it and went about it the right way. I love seeing the Fitbit results. I just got my Garmin Vivoactive, so I have been on the tracking train as well. Sounds like a great weekend.