Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: Alliteration Edition

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites: Alliteration Edition

I started this post and had 'finances' and 'Fitbit' in my mind as categories, and of course 'Friday Favorites' is a nice alliteration, so I just ran with it. Enjoy my alliteration!

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going up to Seattle for one night to go to a work meeting/dinner, and we'd find out if we hit the sales goal to receive bonuses. The good news is, we did! And we had a meeting two weeks ago to get our checks! We ended up getting the maximum bonus amount possible, and I swear I had calculated what it would be and it ended up being much more than I thought. I put a good chunk into our shared savings account (where we're saving for a down payment!) and some of it had to cover our taxes (I have to pay every year--I finally fixed it so my allowances are in line and now I'm also listed as married, so hopefully next year we actually get a return!) and the rest is going to help me pay off my credit card--finally! (I pay a good amount every month, but lately I just haven't been able to fully pay it; I always make much higher than the minimum payment, but I keep having a small balance roll over. So happy to get on top of this finally!)

UPDATE: I filed our taxes on Wednesday and ended up having to pay WAY less than we had estimated. I think we underestimated my student loan interest (because we were making similar payments not realizing I was set to pay mine off years after Michael) and we've also never had to file state taxes before since Washington didn't have income tax. Soo, we ended up getting a return for state taxes and owing about half of what I thought we'd owe for federal. The amount owed was greater than the return, but it was about a fifth of what we had estimated! Woo!

My credit limit was $500, because it's the first credit card I've ever had. It's through my credit union, not a big credit card company, so no credit history = low limit. The other day I called to increase my limit! (No, not so I can spend a ton of money, just so I can improve my credit score, which is already pretty dang good!) I never would've thought things like increasing my credit limit/score would make me so happy...but they do! #adulting

Since I know you're dying to know, so far the score on my gym membership cost-per-gym day and cost-per-class are $32.25 and $64.50. [I totally forgot to actually add this in, and realized at six a.m. when I was walking my dogs that I published this saying 'BLANK AND BLANK' and it had been up for six hours.]

I know, I know. I've been talking about Fitbit like a crazy person lately. But really, I'm just going to say if you want to be friends on Fitbit you can find me by searching! (I'm kind of hesitant in doing this because I've been on top of my friends this week, even this girl who runs marathons and usually has like 100K steps/week. I do have to admit that she must currently either not be training or have some sort of injury, because she's doing way fewer steps than I'm really not that impressive.)

I have been craving donuts for so long. I blame bloggers constantly posting pretty pictures of them. I worked from home Thursday, and I decided to treat myself to a donut and the new smoked butterscotch latte from Starbucks. And I of course had to take a blogger picture of my own.

Alison linked to this article written by a woman who lived on the Gilmore Girls diet for a week and it is great. At first I was like, "Pizza, burgers, and Pop Tarts?! Yeah!" and then I realized you would feel so so so horrible after a week of only that. The funniest part though? She lost two pounds doing this!

I think I started following Albion Fit on Instagram as part of a blog giveaway. They seriously have the cutest workout gear and swimwear, but I can't bring myself to buy online without being able to try on, and I doubt I could ship back for free if it didn't work out. (They're located in Utah.) I saw this swimsuit on Instagram and swooned!

And here is where I was going to post pictures of cute stuff I tried on at Target last night. Well, their leggings in a small are too tight on the the fabric is stretched to capacity and would probably be see-through during certain workout moves. But the medium is just too big in the waist. I just wish Old Navy had more fun, bright, patterned leggings. I feel like they always repeat the same ones. Target has super fun ones. I also tried on a couple swimsuits and realized that I prefer my shoulders and back to my chest/tummy, but I prefer the front of my legs to the back (when wearing a swimsuit anyway). So no matter which way someone sees me from, it's not great.

I tried on this bikini (top, bottom) and I love the colors and print, I love that the top is triangle (probably one of the easiest to wear for a flat chest, in my opinion), but I'm still not sure if I like how the high-waisted bottoms look on me. Like are these cute, or are they the swimwear equivalent of 'mom jeans' on me? I took a picture so I can look at it to try and figure it out and also ask Michael's opinion and never ever ever share on the blog. Ha! ;)

We have friends coming to town this weekend, and we're so excited! Michael's two best friends/roommates from college and one of their girlfriends are coming from Seattle. One of them has a hookup to stay in a hotel in the area for free. We live right on the border of three cities, and the hotel was in one of them and could've been miles and miles away, but it ended up being super close, so that's really convenient!

On Sunday, Michael and I are going to another Blazers game! I'm pretty excited to wear my Brandon Roy jersey that I got at this flea market type store for $12. And to eat stadium food. And a little bit to watch basketball. ;)

So there you have it, now I'm a finance/fitness/food/fashion blogger all rolled into one. Something for everyone, right?! Ha!

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  1. Yay for paying your credit card. Such a good feeling. And I need a swimsuit this year but have yet to go look. I am scared, haha. I want to not care but I care a little about feeling good in it. Have fun this weekend!!

  2. You are one talented lady for sure! You're so funny, I love this post! Yay for friends coming to town and yay fir having to pay less to our government! I hope you have a most amazing weekend beautiful lady!

  3. Yay for friends coming into town! That's the best! Nothing better than realizing you owe less than you thought! I am craving a doughnut now too! Haha. What did you think of the smoked butterscotch latte?

  4. I'm glad you said, "watch basketball" because I had no idea what sport you were talking about! Hahaha! I'm so nervous to file taxes... my husband owns a business and he had 300% growth in 2015 (that's a real number) so I feel like income tax is going to KILL us. Haha!

  5. That'ss great on the bonus!!! I wish I would get something like that, but we don't work that way, it's just a set salary regardless of work effort :( And great on the taxes as well!!! We haven't been able to finish ours because of some documents I'm still waiting on from my bank... :| Really annoying and yay on the credit card front! #adultingrocks

    Having friends that are higher than you is great for keeping up! I have a few friends that are dominating in my friend's list and I spend a good portion trying to keep up with them during the day.

    I love the swimsuit! But it shows far more than I'd like, I usually just wear a one piece and shorts. I feel like Old Navy has some really vibrant colors of leggings when they're not sold out haha

    liz @ j for joiner

  6. congrats on the bonus and on being able to pay off your credit cards.

  7. I need to try & find you on Fitbit :)

    What is the deal with the internet? I'm not a donut fan but I've been craving them lately myself. Valentine's Day, they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!

    Have fun with your friends!

  8. Yesssss to all the stadium food! So underrated lol. I agree that triangle times ar ethe best option for us ladies with smaller chests. I hope you find a bottom that you like! I've been digging the full bottom or boy short varieties that offer more coverage and stay put. Congrats on the bonus and paying off that credit card!

  9. Hi Mattie. I am Ada. Glad I found your blog.

    Great to see your take on Fitbit after your experience. I have been meaning to buy and Tyra Fitbit bracelet myself. Paying off credit card debt feels so good.

    By the way your wedding photo on your profile is very nice. You were a pretty bride.

    I welcome you over my blog too. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend! Ada. :-)

  10. Heck yes on paying less taxes. I fear what mine will be this year. Last year we got back less than $100 so I call that a win since we didn't pay. This year, I worry. Ugh. That donut looks amazing. I wish I had one right now. Very interesting on the Gilmore Girls diet. It sounds awesome but I feel like I would feel sluggish after it. Have fun with your friends this weekend!

  11. You make me want to get a Fitbit! I've been thinking about it for forever, but haven't made the plunge just yet. Donuts are totally the new blogger photo food. Goodbye, avocado toast!

  12. So brace to put your Fitbit account online! Once I stopped wearing mine religiously and I was always at the bottom I stopped wearing it altogether. but then I got an apple watch

  13. That bathing suit is SO cute! I am super jealous of your donut, and of your financial success! :) But seriously, that's awesome news about your taxes and paying off your credit card debt!! Woo hoo!!

  14. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead, enjoy it!!

    p.s. The idea of eating like the Gilmore girls is awesome! The reality of it, though is gross! #ifonly

  15. All the doughnut pics make me crave them on the daily, too. And of course I work directly across the street from the best doughnut place in town! The struggle is real. Hooray for bonuses and paying less in taxes! That is an awesome surprise!!!

  16. I never eat donuts but someone left a chocolate iced brownie batter filled heart shaped donut on my desk today (yes, such a thing exists) and I just had to eat it. Except I only ate the icing. That's the best part! Hahaha and I also hate bathing suit shopping, but that striped suit from Albion is so so cute!

  17. Congrats on the bonus! That's exciting that you can pay off the credit card and still save some of it.. And I have to add this.. #adulting. That swimsuit is so cute but I don't know how I feel about the high waist trend these days. I have one pair of high waisted jeans & they kind of drive me crazy, haha. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Have a good one!

  18. Congrats on the bonus! And omg I have to read that Gilmore Girls diet link, I have always wondered about that! Lol

  19. Now I'm craving a donut ;) I haven't had one in ages! Congratulations on getting the bonus :)

    Edye //

  20. It's always so exciting when you get a bigger bonus than you were expecting, and even more exciting that you paid less taxes than you were expecting! Those are always the best surprises! That Gilmore Girls diet sounds so good but so bad! I can't believe that that blogger lost weight on that diet!

  21. Yay, it's the best feeling when you end up not having to pay or owe as much in your taxes as you were expecting! I may have had a donut or two this weekend... they're just SO good! And I love butterscotch, so I'm really intrigued by that drink, but I don't love super sweet coffee anymore... how was it? That bikini is sooo cute! I don't know if I could pull off the high waisted bottoms, but I definitely want to try it now!

  22. I just added you on Fitbit! :)

    Hooray for paying way less on your taxes! That's a good feeling for sure!

    That swimsuit is so pretty! And the one you tried on is pretty too!

  23. Cute bathing suit.
    yay on the taxes! my husband gets excited about thing like credit score too..