Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: I don't even know where to start.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: I don't even know where to start.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. You may have heard about a little exchange going on. I included it in last week's Friday Favorites and since I'm lazy I am pasting the exact same thing here. The last day to sign up is TOMORROW! So make sure to sign up if you want to participate!

I am so excited about this. After Olya and I hosted the Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange, sooo many participants said they wanted to do another one. Well, good news! The Galentine's Blogger Exchange is a go! Important dates and details are below.

Sign-ups close: January 30th
Partners assigned: February 1st
Ship by: February 12th
Link-up opens: February 26th

Last time a lot of people didn't realize there was a link-up and were apologetic. It was totally fine that not everyone linked up, but I loved reading about what people got, so make sure if you post about it to add it to the link-up!

The minimum (before shipping) is $20 and the maximum (before shipping) is $30.

The exchange is only open to the US and Canada, and if we only get two Canadians like we did last time (or if we only get one), we will ask if people are okay with shipping to Canada/the Canadians are okay shipping to the US so they don't have to have each other! (You don't get a gift from the same person you're sending a gift to!)

I also wanted to note that you should enter the exchange at your own risk. Last time we had at least one participant who didn't receive a gift, which was very disappointing. Please please please make sure if you sign up, you send a gift to your person. I can't guarantee that everyone will, but I'm really hoping for 100% participation. I don't want anyone to get snubbed.

Click here to sign up!

ANOTHER FIRST THING FIRST. Remember how Julie and I had this link-up called Tell Us About It and we definitely ended up skipping January? WELL, it's back and better than ever! First of all, Katie is joining in on the fun! Second of all, we actually have posts and dates planned all the way through the end of the year! The first one is on Monday, so I know this is late notice but it will be really fun! The topic is girls nights, chick flicks, and cocktail recipes! (Because Valentine's Day isn't all about couples!) The list of topics for the rest of the year is below.
Here's our graphic you can include in your post! Link back to one or two or all three of us in your post and add it to the linkup on one of our blogs!

I've been toying with the idea of dyeing my hair red for a while now. I know I mentioned it on the blog in the past. Recently, when I've gone to the grocery store, I've lingered in the hair dye aisle, looking at the pictures on the back to see what color my hair would come out as. But then I walk away. Well, every time I bring it up to Michael he always tells me to just do it. So when we went grocery shopping on Monday, I bought a box. Michael's actually the one who found the color. My natural hair color has a definite red tint already, but I was still scared about being fully red. Michael grabbed this very light red, and I went with it because I didn't want it to be overwhelming. Honestly, you can't even tell in pictures. You can barely tell in person, but since it's my hair, I can. Michael did say it makes my eyes look even greener and I would agree. Also it looks more red when I wear olive green too. (The bottom layer of my hair is darker because of less sun exposure and that didn't even change color at all I'm pretty sure.) I think I'm going to stick with it though! And maybe eventually I'll get brave enough to do a more intense red. We'll see.
*Side note: I've dyed my hair twice before, dark reddish brown (waaay too dark for my skin tone; hindsight is 20/20) and this was definitely harder. I missed some spots close to my roots, or the dye just didn't take there or something. I think this will take a few tries to perfect.

I loved reading your comments on this post! It was reassuring knowing that some of you feel the same way about certain things. And just know--I wasn't talking about anybody who commented on the post! I had a few people throw out in their comment that they hoped I wasn't talking about them and I've replied to most, but there were some no-reply bloggers. So anyway: I wasn't talking about you!

Good mail days are always my favorite. Remember how I mentioned I ordered this nightstand, this lamp, and this lamp? They were scheduled to be delivered either Friday or Saturday, and the blue lamp and my nightstand arrived on WEDNESDAY! I got home and I had those two packages on my doorstep, plus my Blazers hoodie (that I was expecting) and then my two dresses from Nordstrom that were scheduled for Friday or Saturday were waiting for me in our apartment's office building (I'm returning them though--see yesterday's budget post). How often does that happen?! Early deliveries are the best. (Except that the gold lamp arrived last night and it's broken. The first lamp was packed with sooo much padding and this one was just in a box, basically.)

You know that gym membership I said I was going to get? Still hasn't happened. But I have two five-day passes and I finally went for the first time on Tuesday night. I used the treadmill and the stair stepper (stepper or climber? is there a difference?) and learned that I have absolutely no idea how to use whatever stair device it was that I used. But I'm writing this on Wednesday and my legs have an awesome soreness and I feel so good! I'm going to use up my nine other free gym visits and then finally get myself a membership!

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. I know, I know...this isn't new. Way back on Christmas Eve, Michael, his sisters, his dad (kind of) and I sang butchered this song at the top of our lungs. I blame the wine. The other day, Michael was playing it and I said, "That line about his mom is such a huge burn." [The line is: "My momma don't like you and she likes everyone."] Like really, I can't think of a worse burn. And Michael said, "It's weird in the song though" and I was like WHAT?! That is totally relevant to the song. He's talking about how horrible this girl was and he couldn't see it until later. Sheesh. Anyway, hands down favorite line of one of my favorite songs (that has been going strong for over a month).

This may not look super appetizing, but it was sooo delicious. Roasted sweet potatoes topped with ground chicken and black beans (cooked with Mexican seasonings) with green salsa on top! Michael said it was one of the best things I've ever made. To that I say anything with sweet potatoes is the best ever.

You know what isn't my favorite? Student loans. You know what really isn't my favorite? Michael and I were discussing expenses (because I keep stressing about money in my account and he doesn't--because I was paying like double the expenses he was paying per month, which we're finally going to work out) and I thought his student loan payment was like $50 less per month than mine. Nope, it's more like $10. So I was is that possible? My loans were $10,000 more than his. I looked at my account and while Michael is on pace to pay off his student loans in eight years...I'm on pace for...wait for it...2033. Are you serious?! And it's impossible to figure out how to change your payment plan online, so I've decided it's time for me to start just making extra payments on my loans each month. Yay debt!

You know what else isn't my favorite? When my groceries just up and vanish. No, really. I've been eating a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter every day for breakfast basically since we moved. I have no idea why I started, but seriously, I can't get sick of it. I love it. Anyway, at the grocery store on Monday I bought two packages because they were on sale and I put them both in the fridge because the sell by date was too soon to leave one out. Wednesday morning there was only one package in there!!! They're packages of six, so I had only eaten two at that point. I asked Michael and he had no idea. I checked the crisper drawers, I checked every single cupboard. Strangely, the opened one is the one that went missing. So maybe I accidentally threw them in the garbage Tuesday morning when I wasn't thinking because it was before six a.m.? No idea. (Or maybe I'm sleepwalking again. When I was little I sleepwalked three times, one of which I put one of my shirts in my parents' room and the matching shorts in the garbage.)

Sorry I wrote a novel again. Apparently I just have a lot of feelings (hashtag Mean Girls reference).

I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites.

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  1. oooh such a good Friday favs!! Yes that Biebs song is so great and biggest burn line of all!! Yay for packages on the porch and very cool monthly link up go got going on!! Hope your weekend rocks pretty girl!!

  2. i get way too excited for packages, even though i usually know what's in them! it's crazy!! have a great weekend, girlie!

  3. Who doesn't get excited when they get packages!! Totally signed up for the galentines day exchange! So fun. Have a great weekend.

  4. That sweet potato dish sounds AMAZING! All of the best foods/flavors!! P.S. I am so concerned about your missing English muffins. Maybe your dogs got to them while you were at work! Hahaha!

  5. Someone broke in your house and stole the English muffins!!!! Ugh and now all I want for breakfast is an English muffin with peanut butter. Deeeeelicious.

    Anything with sweet potatoes is also delicious. Winning.

    I say GO BIG RED or go home!!!! For the hair, obviously ;)

  6. Yay for our new link up!!

    I love getting packages in the mail, it's so fun even though I know what it is!

    Glad to hear your converting to Oregon sports. I refuse to give into Seahawks nation, I wear my bears jersey to all the games :)

  7. fun link up girl! i don't know if i will be linking up on monday but i will definitely link up some time during the year lol. that meal actually does look delish! oh my gosh, the stair steppery climber thingy.... kills me. i hate it. hahaha. i sweat so much i can hardly see. have a good weekend!

  8. Your weird, vanishing groceries is freaking me out... That's crazy! (When food vanishes in our house it's because Kyle smuggled it to work for him and his employees... turd.)
    I hate when I get a package and the contents are broken. That's only happened once but I was so upset. I dyed my hair blonde-ish and I swear my husband is the only one that noticed... Oh well. It makes my eyes bluer, which I love. I'm hoping to make it progressively more dramatically blonde...
    I can't wait to link-up with you later this year!

  9. The dish doesn't look that appetizing, but it sounds amazing. I love the combo. Can we see a picture of your hair? Do you think you will go a bit darker next time? It takes time to get dying of your own hair down. I used to do it in college (broke girl) and got really good at it. Now I would be a complete mess I am sure.

  10. Maybe you're doing that night time eating thing that people dont remember :) haha
    But now you have me wanting to get some english muffins & do that for breakfast myself. PUt some banana on it - YUM! HONEY! YES!

    YOU GIRL - red heads have more fun - I dont care what anyone says ;)

  11. I seriously love when you've ordered a few items online, and then they all show up on your doorstep on the same day! It seriously feels like Christmas in the middle of everyday life! That sucks that the one lamp was broken though! Hopefully you get a replacement soon! That Mexican sweet potato chicken recipe sounds absolutely delicious! Mexican food is always a good idea in my book! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Yaaayy thanks so much for hosting another giveaway! I found out about the last one on the reveal day, I'm so so excited to participate this time.

  13. No that definitely does look appetizing. Yum, yum, yum! I love stuff like that. And ugh about your loans. What a world it would be without all those overhanging expenses that we all hate, hahah. That’s crazy about your groceries! You should def set-up a camera and see if you’re sleep-walking. Hahaha.

  14. Wooo hoo, lots of goodness going on in here today! Excited for your link up series! And I had to go check your pic again when you said something about dying your hair red because I thought you already had reddish hair - lol! I guess that means it'd look great on you! :)

  15. Yay for link-ups! I love the topics you chose! That sweet potato dish sounds so good! All of my favorite foods combined! And so strange about your missing English muffins, that would definitely freak me out if it happened to me!

  16. Early arrivals are the best! Sorry one was broken though. I would call up whoever the loan is with to change the payment plan. I've done that several times in the past (to consolidate, forbearance when I wasn't working, etc) and they were always super nice and helpful, especially if you usually make your payments on time. Don't forget to fill out that form for your taxes too! Happy Friday!

  17. Ummm I kinda like Love Yourself. Enough that it is on my chill Spotify list. Hahaha. The lin kup has some fun topics, I need to get my life together and put them in my planner so I can link up! That meal you made does sound super yummy! How do you roast your sweet potatoes? Have a great weekend!

  18. I love when packages show up early!! And ahh, student loans are my nemesis. Law school was stupid expensive :-( grrrr

  19. That link up looks so fun! That Mexican dish looks delicious! I love good package days! Also, I think going red would be super fun. :)

  20. Your link up sounds fun. I love that Justin Beiber song. So funny because I am not a fan and not really in his demographic but some of the songs he has are pretty good!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  21. We had something very similar to that Mexican dish for dinner tonight, except that we made it with beef instead of chicken. I'm usually not a Bieber fan, but I've really been liking that song, too! Your link-up series sounds fun!

  22. I was actually just thinking about your link up the other day so I'm glad you're bringing it back! I'm sorry your hair didn't turn out :( I think red can be tricky sometimes. I might have to borrow that recipe! We seem to eat the same things all the time & that sounds/looks delicious. Student loans are awful, seriously. I've always just paid the set amount & I know there is no way I will get them paid off in the next 5 years so I feel ya! But, I have noticed my principal starting to go down FINALLY so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That is so weird about your food! I was going to say that maybe Michael ate them & he's just messing with you but then I remembered he wouldn't eat muffins, haha. Have a great weekend!

  23. I just signed up for Galentines and I AM SO EXCITED!! Such a great idea and I'm so glad you guys put it together!! Like it's stupid how stoked I am haha so yay for that!! Packages arriving early really are the best thing EVER and make me so happy! So freaking weird one lamp wasn't like padded in the box, come on packaging dept! haha and student loans.... UGH. We just paid Jason's tuition last week and it makes me want to cry. We hope not to go into debt so we've been preparing a lot for tuition but it's so sad seeing our bank account missing a huge chunk of money. I keep telling myself it will be worth it!! But tuition sucks! K and funny story, I got this super yummy gum in a 3 pack and I had 1 pack left in the 3 pack plastic wrapper thing so I threw the wrapper away. When I came back inside from taking the trash out, the wrapper was still on the counter and the last pack of gum was gone.... I accidentally threw the gum away and kept the stupid wrapper!! But it took me a sec to figure out what the heck happened. I wonder if that did happen with those muffins cause that is so weird!

  24. I have a love/hate relationship with Target online. I recently ordered two (accidentally, it should have only been one) bubble baths because the title clearly said UNSCENTED but they didn't list the ingredients. I get the package, they both have frangrance listed in the ingredients. Really Target? Luckily, I have the red card so I don't pay for shipping. Then back in December, they were having a sale on nail polish so I bought a few. They were just thrown in the box with two bags of air, glass bottles mind you. The first box was somehow unharmed. The second package had a cracked bottle. What are they thinking when packing these things?!

    hahahahahahahahahahaha I can just picture you throwing random things away in your sleep. First it's the English Muffins. Next thing you know, your phone charger will be missing, then a bra. So silly :)

  25. Student loans are the worst for sure! I've been paying for five and a half years and I feel like the balance is hardly going down at all! And what a fun mail day!

  26. Aw man, I'm so sad I missed the chance to join the exchange! I've been so behind on blogging and blogging related things this past month, oy! But a Galentine's Exchange is SUCH a great idea!!!! Welcome to the red hair club!! My grad school friends call me "gingerlicious" so get ready for that ;D And omg student loans. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you (paying them off in like 20 years) and really need to get on a different track with that, haha. #theworst

  27. Debt is no fun at all! I am lucky to have my student loans paid off, but it was definitely at an expense of lots of other things. I found that even if you can pay just a bit more than the actual payment, it will go a long way!