Northwest Native: Friday Favorites: Everything but the kitchen sink.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Everything but the kitchen sink.

My Friday Favorites lately have been kind of lackluster. Apparently I was just saving alllll my favorites for this post, because I have a lot of them for you today! As usual, I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci, and I'm also joining Astleigh for The Pick!

Car Coats/Stadium Coats
I absolutely love my most recent coat purchase (that I've posted about before)--it has large buttons, a skirted hem, a tie belt, and a (comically large) hood. But I've also been seeing a lot of car coats (or stadium coats?)--basically single-breasted coats with no hood that come to mid-thigh (thanks, Google!). I really like the look of ones where the buttons don't show or there aren't any. I have a lot of money in Nordstrom gift cards, but I wanted to save that for a purse... Why couldn't I have put one of these on my Christmas list?! If I do end up buying a coat, I have two in my closet that aren't getting wear that I would get rid of.
car coats/stadium coats
One - Two - Three - Four - Five
I like the idea of a coat like this in a tomato red or burgundy color. Ivory or blush would be pretty, but knowing me they'd be dirty after thirty seconds. Plus I kind of think they may wash me out. My favorites are four and five.

Home Makeover
On Sunday night I came home, took down Christmas, and put our decor and some other stuff in our storage coffee table. We set up our new chair where the Christmas tree was and I just feel like it looks so clean (which makes me so happy)! I am wondering if I subconsciously started seeing the Christmas decor as clutter, or if I just put away more stuff than I realized. Either way, I'm loving it! We already had the table we put next to the chair from a home store local to my parents.
My next order of business is a nightstand for myself (finally!), a lamp for my nightstand, and a lamp for the table next to the chair. I finally measured, and the nightstands I found on Amazon are too wide, so I'll have to use my gift card from Christmas on something else! I did find a nightstand that is the right size and I absolutely love at Target though! We have a $50 gift card from the wedding, plus I could cash in my Swagbucks for a $25 gift card, and right now it's 15% off if you spend over $ 5% off what's left with my REDcard (not to mention cash back at eBates if I order online...). I'm thinking the turquoise lamp for my nightstand (I think it'd be at least a decent match for our bedding) and the gold lamp for the table in our living room. (Update: I did it. Can't wait until a week from today when my order is set to arrive!)
home stuff

New Library Card
I still haven't gotten a library card since moving. I'm planning to join a gym, but I can't run on a treadmill or use an elliptical without having a Kindle book to read, and if I'm paying for the gym membership, shouldn't I be getting the books for free from the library?! #logic

We live in a weird area; most of Portland is in Multnomah County, but we have a Portland address in Washington County because technically we live in Beaverton, but the street we live on is a Portland street. I finally checked and found out that we are eligible for library cards in Beaverton since we live in Washington County and I am determined to go get one this weekend!

This sweatshirt is one of the best things I've ever seen. It's a little steep price-wise in my opinion...I might just have to watch to see if it goes on sale! I looked for the brand elsewhere and they have some really fun graphic tees and sweatshirts. I really love this 'gimme pizza' one because it totally reminds me of an Olsen twins sleepover movie. I hope that was on purpose. And I hope you guys know what I'm talking about.

I also love this sweater with the Seattle skyline on it! I know I don't live in Seattle anymore, but I'll always love it. Some people take the Portland/Seattle rivalry very seriously but honestly, they are very different in some ways but in others they are exactly the why hate one of them? I love them both! However, I meant what I said--I need to cut back on sweaters. If it went on sale for like half of the current sale price, I would probably do it.

Kylo Ren cat!!! This cat in New Jersey went viral when someone realized it looks exactly like Adam Driver. Let me tell you, if this cat was in Portland I would've adopted it immediately and told Michael he could deal with his allergies. #wifeofthecentury

Blogger Love
I loved this post about budgeting by Sherry. For the six hundredth time, reading budget posts fascinates me, and I love to write my budget posts as well. I love all the questions about budgeting that go more in-depth than a regular monthly budget posts that just lays out what someone bought. Maybe I'll be guest posting for this series one day... ;)

Galentine's Blogger Exchange!
I am so excited about this. After Olya and I hosted the Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange, sooo many participants said they wanted to do another one. Well, good news! The Galentine's Blogger Exchange is a go! Important dates and details are below.

Sign-ups close: January 30th
Partners assigned: February 1st
Ship by: February 12th
Link-up opens: February 26th

Last time a lot of people didn't realize there was a link-up and were apologetic. It was totally fine that not everyone linked up, but I loved reading about what people got, so make sure if you post about it to add it to the link-up!

The minimum (before shipping) is $20 and the maximum (before shipping) is $30.

The exchange is only open to the US and Canada, and if we only get two Canadians like we did last time (or if we only get one), we will ask if people are okay with shipping to Canada/the Canadians are okay shipping to the US so they don't have to have each other! (You don't get a gift from the same person you're sending a gift to!)

I also wanted to note that you should enter the exchange at your own risk. Last time we had at least one participant who didn't receive a gift, which was very disappointing. Please please please make sure if you sign up, you send a gift to your person. I can't guarantee that everyone will, but I'm really hoping for 100% participation. I don't want anyone to get snubbed.

Click here to sign up!

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  1. So many fun things! I had to scroll up and down on my phone to keep track of the things I wanted to comment on.

    First, love that burgundy jacket on the right. Soooo cute. I love that color lately. I want to get a purse in that color but I can't decide which brand. And those lamps are cute too!! You're making me want to buy lamps!!

    And the Galentines exchange looks so cute!! I'll have to look into it! :)

  2. Sign me up for the exchange! I love that stuff!! I think those coats are adorable but winter is Ohio is a really jerk. I usually need a hood and high collar and 2 or 3 layers... haha!

  3. I always feel like my house is so much cleaner after I take my Christmas stuff down. I've been feeling the same way this week because we just took ours down last weekend. I love my library because I always am getting free books on my Kindle from there with overdrive app, I haven't bought a book in months! And I'm so sad I can't do the Galentine's exchange this month because of my stupid cast (I can't go out to the stores) but I'm sure you guys will have an awesome time and I can't wait to see what you give/get!!!

  4. Yaaaaaaay, so excited you're doing a Valentine's swap! Signing up for that sh*t right now! Bam.

    So coats four and five are my favorites as well, and I know how important my opinion is to these matters ;)

  5. Guess what?! My gift from the swap finally arrived last week - from AUSTRALIA!! No wonder it didnt get here on time for the linkup!! My faith in humanity is restored hahahaha. I'm glad I didn't get an Australian because I imagine the postage for that was insane!

    I JUST took down my Christmas stuff yesterday (except my tree, that stays up haha) and everything seems so clean and open now!

  6. I loved the Christmas exchange, and headed to sign up for the Galentine's now! I love your living room chair, it makes your living room look cozy!

    1. For some reason, the elfster is saying access denied when I click the link! Is anyone else having trouble?

    2. I fixed it! I'm a genius and didn't put the right link. If anyone else has trouble now, let me know!

  7. I think it's so weird about the Seattle Portland rivalry too. Why can't people just love both? I feel like you that they are similar but also different.

    I love Seattle but I'll always love Chicago too!

  8. Those coats are beautiful!!!! I got a new North Face coat when I was in Gatlinburg at the outlet after Christmas but I would love to get a new dressier coat too. I just dont wear them enough down here to justify more than the two pea coats I have sitting at home lol. Love your choices though!!! And the flowers in ice cream cone? Yes!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  9. I love all those coats and winter coats are like my favorite thing in the world. Love, love, love them. Also, so nice to declutter your home! I feel like we need to do that, it's driving me nuts. I was googling a lot of tips to tackle that soon. And so good about the library!! I'm literally going tomorrow to get a library card from the place across the street from us and I'm so excited about it as it's been on my to-do list for a long time. Curious about where you live- not in a weird way just because of the Multnomah/Washington county boundaries thing. I think I know and you're right, it is odd border wise!! Happy weekend!

  10. I love that turquoise lamp and the gold lamp, so I'm glad that ended up getting them! Plus, it sounds like you had a lot of good gift cards and swagbucks to help out with the purchase! I'm so excited for the Galentine's Blogger Exchange! The Christmas one was so much fun, and I'm sure that this one will be a blast too!

  11. I am so in need of a new coat. I have a Calvin Klein one that is a peacoat from about 5 years ago. It's getting old, worn looking and what not. I love this idea of the stadium coat. Thanks for sharing them because I am now on the lookout for one.

    And I love love love wildfox sweaters. They are expensive but seriously so soft. If you get the chance, buy one. Use your Nordy cards!!!

  12. Haha that was one of the best Olsen Twins movies!! Also, you make me feel more fashionable. Who knew that was called a stadium coat? I would've called it a trench coat. Lol

  13. I still have presents sitting in the corner & a blank empty tree... I'm ready for my living room to look bland & empty!

  14. Oh my goodness, that cat cracks me up, a little tidbit for you Adam Driver is from 30 minutes away and my favorite teacher from high school was one of his teachers Who had transferred over to his high school many years later when he was there, LOL! The living room looks so nice and tidy! I love coats so much so I'm especially love all your pics! I hope your weekend is as full as you are!

  15. Those coats are so cute! I especially love the red! I love both of the lamps you got! The light blue one is especially adorable. So excited to do another exchange with you. :)

  16. That Kylo Ren cat is so funny!! YEs, definitely join the library!! That reminds me... I should join the one here too... maybe I'll sign up now! Happy Weekend!

  17. That cat!! So funny. It wil be good to get a library card. I love to read and am reading Lunch in Paris. Hope you have a good weekend!!

  18. I felt the same way about our apartment when I took down the decorations. I mean, I liked having the tree & everything up but it was getting to be too much, haha. Now our place just looks really bare because I don't have any other winter decorations. All of those coats you picked out are so cute! The maroon one is my favorite! I need a nice winter coat... I just have a poofy black one that isn't fancy at all. And those lamps! I've been wanting to get some for our bedroom & I am loving that turquoise one. You have awesome style! Have a great weekend!

  19. Awww what a cute idea for a blogger exchange! Also your home makeover looks amazing!! I hope that y'all are starting to get even more settled in and enjoying it :) Have a blast of a weekend!

  20. I want to participate in this blogger exchange! :) looks so fun! Also love how determined you are and strict with your budget… I really wish I could be this way… I have little will power when it comes to shopping :(

  21. Even though I am completely obsessed with Christmas decor, the clean-up afterward is always refreshing! :) Those lamps are adorable!! Cute idea for a blogger exchange! I may have to sign up. :)

  22. The coats look nice, but it doesn't really get that cold here for me to have such a coat, it does get cold here and some days it feels bloody cold but when one goes out the car

    1. one feels the cold but when we get inside a building you can get over hot because inside the building is pretty warm. Sorry about have a two part comment it posted before I was ready and I am not sure how that happened

  23. Get a library card! Your life changes after that!

    7% Solution

  24. I think my favorite is the fourth, but I'd have to get a deeper color so that dirt never shows.

    I love your Mr and Mrs. Dulka pillow!! It looks perfect on your new chair! We scored a new couch this past weekend but we don't have any pillows for it yet.

    I love your nightstand pick, nice, simple but also chic, if you could use that to describe a nightstand. I like how it has a drawer. Perfect for putting simple things in there like a book or charger. I actually don't keep my phone charger plugged into the wall since I usually don't charge it at night.

    How do you like swagbucks? I feel like it takes forever for me to get a giftcard! I've had more luck ebates on the cashback than earning cash at swagbucks. But I may give it a go again. I think I'm just impatient and can't wait that long for the money to add up.

    It's great of you and Olya to host another exchange! I actually do love Valentine's Day, not just for the gifts but it kind of helps Kyle and I to remember that we're married too we're not just parents, although we did just have a date night.

    liz @ j for joiner

  25. I adore those lamps AND the bedside table you picked!!! I've been looking for a similar bedside table with a drawer and bottom shelf for a few books I keep by the bed. So pretty and elegant looking!