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Friday, December 4, 2015

My Definitive Christmas List

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I know I already posted a Christmas gift guide that included a lot of things I would totally love to receive for Christmas (and some of them are repeated in this list!). But my true Christmas list is something that I have to take special care in crafting and really think about. (And of course I don't want nine ugly Christmas sweaters, six pairs of pajamas, and a ton of mugs for Christmas.) Below is my final list (some things have multiple options in each category but I don't want all of them). Normally, my mom and Michael's mom both ask for ideas, so I just send them links to things. So these things will probably be divided up among them and we'll see what I get. Michael always comes up with something on his own, and he makes me do the same for him. He does not like to know what he's going to get or for me to know what he's getting me. I, on the other hand, love knowing that something I really want is waiting for me under the tree! Of course, a few surprises thrown in is always appreciated.


christmas list - clothes
Sweater-Fleece Tunic Hoodie - In store I liked the gray and teal colors, but I don't think I saw olive in store. Surprise, surprise, I love the olive! Annnd of course olive sold out on Black Friday, so I asked for teal. (I like that olive or teal can be worn with gray or black leggings while the gray could only be worn with black ones.)
Buffalo Check Open Front Cardigan - I am in love with this. I seriously can't stop thinking about it. I checked my remaining gift card balances to see if they would cover this and sadly, they don't and I'm not in a position to spend any unnecessary money right now (although this feels necessary!). In store they only had the olive, but since my duster cardigan is olive and black I definitely want the red/burgundy color. It is like the perfect hybrid between a poncho and a cardigan, and it's really soft! (I would've taken a picture of me trying it on, but I was wearing a pullover sweater that I had to take off to try it on...and I don't think the world wants to see pictures of me in my bra.)
Turtleneck Sweater - I don't know why I love this so much, but I do! I tried it on and it runs reeeally big, like...I need an extra small and I never need an extra small. It was so hard to choose a color. I ended up asking for black, because the rust color would probably look weird if I dye my hair red and I already have a lot of burgundy stuff. I was leaning toward oatmeal, but that color quickly ran out of sizes on Black Friday.
Sole Society 'Andie' Over the Knee Boot (dark brown) - I currently have three pairs of cognac boots, one pair of black boots, one pair of gray, and one pair of dark brown. I haven't worn the dark brown or two of the cognac pairs in forever. I think I want to ThredUp those three pairs and get these. Then I'd have one cognac, one dark brown, one black, and one gray. Perfect, right?! Plus I've been wanting over the knee boots for sooo long!


christmas list - pjs
Print Flannel Pajamas - You can't really tell in this picture, but these are llama print. I mentioned in my Christmas gift guide post that I love llamas. I think pajamas with a llama print would be so cute and funny! They have so many other cute prints, but I think this one is the winner for me!
'Arctic Chill' Knit Pajamas - After much deliberation, I have decided on the squirrel pair of these. It was between these and the polar bear (because I love the colors on that pair!) but squirrels just have my heart.


I have been a Blazers fan for years, and I think I've gotten a t-shirt for Christmas every year the past few years. Now that we live in Portland I want to step it up and get a hoodie! (I actually have a red zip-up hoodie already, but I like these neutral pullovers--I just need to pick which one!)
christmas list - blazers
Cowl Neck Hoodie - I like the simplicity of this and the style, but it is kind of similar in style to the olive tunic hoodie I listed above, so I'm wondering if I should go with the next one for that reason...
Climawarm Team Issue Hoodie - I think the 'climawarm' hoodies look so much nicer than regular cotton ones! Maybe it's the slight sheen or the lack of pilling. I also feel like they look sleeker...less bulky.

Joint Present

Storage Box Coffee Table - My mom usually buys a joint gift (or a few) for Michael and I. Generally they are things for our apartment. Michael and I currently have the cheap Ikea coffee table that costs like $20. My mom gave me some Christmas decorations the other day and I mentioned how our new place has nowhere to store our seasonal decor. She suggested a coffee table with storage as our joint present, and I found this one on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffers
Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong(s) - This picture is of a five pack, but just a pair or two of the single pairs would be nice!
North Face 'E-Tip' Gloves - These are kind of expensive for gloves, so this is probably a last-in-line Christmas present. (As in, if everything else I wanted has been purchased already but someone still needs to buy me something, enter these gloves!) My hands are always freezing, and I have gloves on two ends of the spectrum: the cheap knit ones you can get for $3 at Target or Old Navy (and yes, I do have a pair of touch screen ones like that) and one pair of snow gloves. I think these would be a happy medium!
BP. Stone Stud Earrings - I love these earrings! I have coral and mint green from when they went 50% off at the end of summer, I picked up ivory and red on Black Friday because they were more than 50%, and I won a white pair in a giveaway that Blake hosted (I may return the ivory ones if I think they're too similar to the white)! I used to think dangly earring were the cool, pretty earrings (and I would never wear them because they usually ended up hurting my ears by the end of the day) but I am in love with large studs like this now! And for $8 regular price they don't break the bank. I definitely like this clear pair and how versatile they would be.
Leopard Print Mug - I know this looks kind of ridiculous in the collage because of the black background, but oh well! I love this mug! I love gold and I love leopard print. It's kind of huge...I'll probably never fill it all the way, but it's too cute!

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What do you want for Christmas? Do you usually make a list or get surprise gifts?

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  1. I like to get what I love too!! I want a Sabres sweatshirt because we watch all the games and my current pajama pants have seen their better days, lol. I need a new pair of boots for my new gig walking dogs!! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your Wish List, perfect combo of practical & wimpy. Btw we have a storage coffee table and its awesome. And why do some random companies choose dark backgrounds for their photos? It's annoying bc they don't fit pretty into collages. I always remove them/make them white but it's time consuming and annoying. Anyway here's to hoping that you get everything on your wish list.

  3. Love your list!! I want that sweater fleece tunic too.

  4. Great list. That storage coffee table is brilliant. I totally need one in my house.

  5. That coffee table is great!! I also love those squirrel pyjamas, you have a knack for finding the cutest pjs! :)

  6. I would take every Starbucks mug - they are so beautiful.
    I am so in love with all the tunic hoodies this year. A little bit of class to a sweatshirt.

  7. The coffee table looks awesome. The pajamas look so cute & cozy as well. :)

    Amy @

  8. Those fox pajamas are my JAM! I wonder if I could convince the husband to splurge on those for me ;) Starbucks has a super cute corgi-laying-on-a-tennis-ball mug, too. I fell in love the moment my eyes rested on it! (My mom was with me so hopefully she got the hint!! Ha!)

  9. Love that coffee table!! You have such a fun list!! If I was wearing those fox pajamas, I would totally be singing the song "what does the fox say?", LOL!! I hope you have a great weekend girly!!

  10. I always have that issue too with shirts that I will pair with leggings: "I like the black version of this shirt but then I'll be in all black" etc. Who knew leggings were so hard to coordinate?! haha

  11. You have a super fun list!!! I love that coffee table that has multi purpose. And I just totally adore that Starbucks mug! Every time I see it I think GIVE ME! Hahahaha. Those north face gloves have been on my mental want list for quite some time. I need to give in and get them. Hope you get everything you asked for!

  12. Love your list! That check cardigan is adorable! :)

  13. I love all of these! And that coffee table is genius! I just saved that for when we get a house or decide that we can fit a coffee table in our living room. I should make a list for people but I usually just ask for gift cards! Have a great weekend!

  14. Kyle’s the same way! I love just having a list of the things that I want and what needs to be personalized (like bracelets) and Kyle likes them to be more generalized so that it’s more of a surprise for me. But I love knowing what I get beforehand, so we’re alike in that way :)

    The cardigan looks the warmest the buffalo one, especially for this cold winter.

    I am loving the starbucks mug though and I could easily fill that up I love drinking coffee. And I just need a mug for myself I use all of Kyle's mugs.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  15. I always have great intentions of making a list specific to me, then I always end up procrastinating. I love this idea! :)

  16. i love all of the ideas--esp the joint present--something you don't normally think about. great idea!

  17. These are some great items! I have that leopard print mug on my wishlist too!

  18. ooooh that hoodie looks fabulous! bummer the olive is sold out, that would be so fun.