Northwest Native: Life Lately [12.14.15]

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Lately [12.14.15]

I felt it was time for another life lately post, since I've been slacking on blogging so much recently. I'm happy to report that I watched my first Christmas movie of the season on Thursday, finally (This Christmas). Then Michael and I watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (which is technically a Thanksgiving movie) and Holiday Engagement (which I included in my favorite Christmas movies post, but is kind of Thanksgiving movie, with a random Christmas song mixed in) on Friday night and Elf on Saturday night.

I also remembered a couple more favorite Christmas songs! I heard Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) on the radio the other day and I remembered that I love it. I'm also a pretty big fan of Sleigh Ride (by anyone) and Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney (reminder of those two songs also courtesy of the radio).

If you were assigned me in the Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange, the package has arrived, but I can't open it until Tuesday. :( Our old apartment would email us when we had a package, but this one just puts a slip in your mail box. I checked on Friday and didn't have anything, and then by the time I remembered to check on Saturday, there was a slip, but the office was closed...and it's not open again until tomorrow. So I promise I'll send you a thank you note Tuesday night when I can finally get the package! Also, remember, the Christmas Cheer Exchange link-up is on Friday!

In bad news, the PNW has been hit with some flooding. One day this week the only road to get out of my office had flooded over a bit. I drove through it in my Civic and I'm pretty sure it went up to at least the bumper. That was when I went home for lunch, and I drove my parents' truck back and it still seemed pretty high driving that through. Here's an article with plenty of pictures. I hadn't heard this until I found this article, but the governor has declared a state of emergency in thirteen counties...and ours is listed, as well as my parents'.
Michael and I stumbled upon a park on the Willamette River (that runs through Portland) and though you can't tell in this picture, it was flowing reeeeally fast. The water line is also pretty high. (But even in a state of emergency it's still pretty--I love the trees with the fog in the background.)

Last week I received the coat that I ordered (even though it said it would be backordered until like the 23rd). The first time I tried it on I was unsure. The second time I loved it. (I guess that's what you get when you try on your coat with pajamas doesn't quite look as polished as you'd expect.) I love the color, the texture of the fabric, the thickness/weight of it, the skirted silhouette, the buttons, and the tie waist.
Please excuse the mess behind me.
The one thing about it that is a bit crazy is the hood. That thing is massive. It's really hard to get all of it out from under my purse strap when I need to put it on. Also, if I pulled it all the way forward, it would probably cover my entire face. And there's tons of space on the sides too. Michael and I say I look like I should be in Star Wars. I said I'm worried someone will take a picture of me on the street and make a meme making fun of me that will go viral. So Michael took a picture of me and posted it this weekend, which inspired me to make fun of myself here.
Who wore it better?!
You may notice that in that picture of me, I'm standing inside with a car parked behind me. That's because...we bought a car on Saturday! Now that we moved, Michael's workplace isn't a ten minute walk away, so two cars was a necessity. We currently have my parents' truck that we borrowed for the move, so when Michael started his job on Thursday, I drove the truck and he drove my car (or more accurately, our car now that we're married). Since we're saving so much on rent down here, I'm at the same job, and Michael's new job pays more than his last one, adding a car payment was a pretty easy decision.

We feel super adult because neither of us have ever purchased a car. (The car I drive was my dad's at one point, and my parents just gave it to me to drive. They just transferred the title over to me as a sort of wedding present.) We went with a Kia Soul, which is a really low price for a new car, and we love it! I know it's kind of a weird shape/style so it's probably a love it or hate it car, but we are definitely on the love end of the spectrum! We also went with the latte brown color, which a lot of people hate based on their Twitter reactions.

-insert cry-laughing emoji here-
Reading those tweets cracked me up. I totally get it, because there are plenty of colors of cars that I look at and think, "Why?!" Also I never would've thought I would willingly buy a brown car. But for some reason it was my favorite of all the base model colors.
Something that I thought was really cool is that they had license plates for us at the dealership and put them on. We didn't have to wait to get them in the mail and put them on ourselves. And we can also connect our phones via Bluetooth and answer/make calls hands-free, which I was surprised was a standard feature in the base model. We went driving around and I called my mom so we could use it. [The downside to that is if I have my phone connected via Bluetooth and am using Google Maps on my phone to tell me where to go, my phone won't say the directions out loud. I have a horrible sense of direction, so that made a routine trip to Old Navy on Sunday a nightmare complete with at least eight wrong turns.]

And one other random thing I was excited about... I took a quiz to see what fictional couple Michael and I are and got...

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  1. Congrats on the new car! And I love the coat. It's better to have an oversized hood than one that's way too small and just stops short of actually covering your face when it's raining.

  2. Yay for a new car, and buying it without parents's a great feeling!

  3. First of all I love your wedding picture on your sidebar!! And that coat is super adorable but I see what you mean about the big hood :/ Congratulations on a new car Mattie!!

  4. Ha, I love that the fictional character quiz made your day :) Now I want to take it! I think that coat is too cute!! And I don't usually like brown cars, but I agree that the soul looks pretty great in that color! Your picture of the river is really great- I think you can feel the water moving in it!

  5. I love the brown car! It's a different color - I love cars you dont see often.

    That hood... I so laughed at the "Who wore it better" haha!!!

  6. I watched Holiday Engagement this weekend, it was cute!! And oooo I love the Kia Soul, congrats!! I just got a new car in May but we needed something with a little bigger trunk so we went with the Chevy Trax and I love it!!

  7. Yeah the flooding and rain has been bad! Ugh! Seriously laughing over the "who wore it better" though - lol!! Definitely you! And LOVE that you got Coach Taylor - swoon! I need to rewatch that show. So good.

  8. I love that coat!! And Coach and Tammi Taylor forever.

  9. That park looks like an awesome place to spend some time! I have been saving my favourite Christmas movies and shows to watch this week and next. I'm not sure why but I really like to save my favourite Christmas traditions for closer to Christmas!

  10. Congrats on the new car! Your car looks more tan/gold than brown - at least in that picture! Sad to hear about the flooding...that can be so scary!

  11. I love that coat--the green is such a nice statement color! Happy to find your blog!

  12. The your life complete???? I LOVE THEM! Also that coat is gorgeous!

  13. Yay for a new car-I think the brown color is pretty! Love the green coat on you-so pretty! Can't wait for our linkup on Friday! :)

  14. I love your new profile picture!!! When are we getting the pictures from that ;)

    I can't wait to recap about the christmas exchange, I got the best secret santa.

    So sorry about the rain! Hope you've been safe, flooding can be pretty bad.

    Love the coat, but that hood is insane. If you had a small dog, they could hang out on your shoulders and be covered too haha.

    And congratulations on the car!!! Adulting all the way fa la la la!!! (instead of dashing through the snow). We plan on getting a new car when my car is paid off so that we can have a more family friendly car, especially if we get a dog down the road.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  15. Yay for your new car. That car looks perfect for taking your pups on adventures!! I love your coat. Great color and it is so pretty. So much rain. Wow. It has been really warm and it's crazy but I love it!!

  16. This. Is. Hilarious. How did we manage to do this on the same day? #twins

    And congrats on the new car, lady! That's awesome!

    Katie @ Style On Target

  17. That coat is amazing!! And a new car is so exciting! I love it!

  18. Congrats on the new car! I agree with Emily & that it looks more tan than brown? Maybe it's just the picture. That's so scary about the flooding! I hope it's not close to your place. I would be freaking out about having to drive through water so good thing you have a truck now! I am also loving your new blog picture! Your dress is beautiful!