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Friday, December 11, 2015

Favorite Christmas Songs!

I took yet another unintentional day off from blogging yesterday. Training someone all day really takes it out of me. I am definitely an introvert, so having to be 'on' all day with someone I don't know that well is draining. I get home and I just want to relax with Michael and the dogs. Hopefully next week I can post a little bit more. Or at least read/comment more! I'm going to share my favorite Christmas songs today. My Christmas spirit has been kind of low this year and I think Christmas movies and music will help me get fully into it.

My top two favorite Christmas songs of all time are definitely not traditional. I love classic Christmas songs too, but I can't get enough of these two.
Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses - The title is a pun...who doesn't love a good pun?! It's just a really fun song. And I think it was on Gilmore Girls once and I feel like it would totally be Lorelai's favorite Christmas song. You should definitely give it a listen.
Last Christmas - Wham! - So I know Wham! is a big joke or something...but it's kind of before my time so this is really their only song that I know...or at least that I know is by them. I love their version and pretty much every cover version, including but not limited to Glee's rendition and Ashley Tisdale's. I don't know why, but I've just loved this song since I first remember hearing it in middle school.

So go listen to those two! And maybe the rest of my favorites while you're at it.
Baby It's Cold Outside by pretty much anyone...but I am kind of partial to Zooey Deschanel singing it, especially because of Elf. (Updated in 2016: The more I listen to this song, the more uncomfortable it makes's just kind of rape culture-y when you think about it.)
Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder or The Jackson 5 - The message of this song is perfect. There's too much hate and violence in the world, and this keeps hope alive that someday at Christmas there will be only peace and love, not destruction and hate.
What Christmas Means To Me by Hanson - This is my childhood. End of story.
All I Want for Christmas is You by basically anyone. I mean, Mariah Carey is obviously the original, and I think it's probably my favorite version. But I love pretty much any and all covers.
Santa Baby by anyone. I don't even know what version is the original. But I love them all, especially the older ones though.
Merry Christmas Happy Holidays by N*Sync - Also my childhood. N*Sync was my jam. And maybe probably still is.
This Christmas by Chris Brown - I know Chris Brown's reputation is not the greatest in recent years...but he sings this song in the movie This Christmas (circa 2007 when he hadn't gone crazy) and it's great. Also his character in the movie is super sweet and adorable.

It's getting kind of late so I'm just going to list my last few. And I'm sure I'm going to forget a bunch that I love but this post is being thrown together Thursday night when it's practically my bed time.
Anything by Michael Buble, anything by the Glee cast, Winter Wonderland, I'll be Home for Christmas, and You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch always make me super happy. :)

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  1. I love Zoe singing Baby Its Cold outside too - her voice is the cutest
    I've got to go check out Christmas Wrapping now :)

  2. How have I never head Christmas Wrapping before?! Or I guess the better question is how have I never really listened when it was playing before? It's awesome! Status: currently jamming.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with Baby It's Cold Outside. I really do like the song, but sometimes I'm in a bad mood when I hear it and I'm like, "Dude, just let the poor girl go home. No means no." LOL. I love when The Grinch comes on the Christmas radio!! And anything Pentatonix!

  4. Baby It's Cold Outside is a good one but I agree with Audrey, lol. I like hymns like O Come Emmanuel and I Heard The Bells as long as they are sung by the right people, lol. A song can be ruined if they mix it up too much!!

  5. I think you're right, because that song always reminds me of Gilmore Girls!

  6. Yes, another Gilmore fan! I'm pretty sure that song Christmas Wrapping is in the GG episode when Luke makes Lorelai the Santa burger and then takes her to the hospital when Richard has heart problems.

  7. Mattie! I feel like we haven't been on each other's blogs in forever. Ahhhh! I love Christmas song and this time of year my Christmas pandora station is alllllways on! I love it.

  8. love this! and i agree with all of your pics. confession: i'll blast Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by Nsync in like the middle of july. it's just such an uplifting tune!!

  9. Christmas Wrapping ("You mean you forgot cranberries too?!") and "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"--YESSSSS. I love pretty much your entire list, although I would add "Do They Know It's Christmastime" (which my roommates and I sang at a Christmas concert in college, haha!) and The Drifters' version of "White Christmas" (from Home Alone!).

  10. What? I've only heard one of these songs! Well. Baby It's cold outside and the grinch songs and the I'll be Home for Christmas I haven't heard of any of the others. I'm going to have to go home and listen to them. I actually don't listen to much besides Feliz Navidad haha, it's my favorite along with a few others, more bouncy songs for Sophie so she can dance along with them. I actually really love Frosty the Snowman, but it's by Frosty and the Street Gang.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. Love N'Sync song!!! I also love My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears, This Gift by 98 degrees and Where are You Christmas by Faith Hill. And anything Trans Siberian Orchestra!!

  12. Last Christmas by Wham was my favorite Christmas song for the LONGEST time!! Now this one is :

    It gives me chills and makes me want to cry every time I hear it haha it is just soooo good!!

  13. Jana and I have a Christmas playlist post coming...
    Your words about Wham! sting a little, but at least you got Last Christmas of the most wonderful songs of all time (in my humble opinion).
    I love Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses!

  14. I didn't think I knew that Christmas Wrapping song but I DO, I love it, and you're right -- it does have Lorelai written all over it! Being 'on' is how I feel as a teacher. Come Friday night I want to be cool and social but I'm so tired I just want to go home lol. I did make it to the zoo to see Christmas lights last night with friends so I guess that's a win :) Hope your job calms down soon!

  15. I don't have a favourite but I do like Christmas songs although never hear the Christmas Wrapping one before