Northwest Native: Tell Us About It: Favorite Things About Your State!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tell Us About It: Favorite Things About Your State!

Julie and I are back with our second installment of our Tell Us About It linkup! This month we're dishing on the favorite things about our state! As a native of the Northwest (obviously) who lived in a small town in Oregon for the majority of my life and had to cross the Columbia River into Washington to even get to a grocery store, then going to college in Washington and living in Washington now, I feel like I have dual citizenship. So this will be my favorite things about Oregon and Washington. Or I guess you could call it my favorite things about the Pacific Northwest.

Let me start off with...great skin! Check out this post by Elle. In a list of most wrinkle-prone to least, Washington is ranked 49 and Oregon is ranked 50. They're only beat by Alaska! Of course, we don't deal with temperatures in the 100's into September, so that's probably a lot of it. And that's also another thing I love about the PNW. I can't deal with the heat.

A ton of my favorite movies (and a few TV shows) are filmed or set in the Northwest. Is it weird that I get really excited when a movie or show is set in Oregon or Washington? For someone who lives in New York, LA, or Chicago it's probably not as big of a deal. But when you live in a smaller city or a less publicized state, it's exciting! Here are my favorite movies and TV shows filmed/set in the PNW.
Sleepless in Seattle - Kind of self-explanatory, with the name. They filmed at the Space Needle, the houseboat that Tom Hanks lives on in the movie is still out on Lake Union, and I've driven by the place where Meg Ryan gets out of her car to watch Tom Hanks and almost gets hit walking across the street. It looks a whole lot different now.
Halloweentown - I mentioned this before. This was filmed about twenty minutes from my hometown in Oregon. My neighbor was even in the movie. Every year, St. Helens puts on a replica of Halloweentown. This year, Marnie herself will be there at the pumpkin lighting! And it's on October 10th so naturally we have postponed the wedding. (Kidding of course, but I was seriously so sad when I saw it was on the 10th!)
John Tucker Must Die - They never actually say where this is set, but the license plates are definitely Washington plates. Also I just looked it up, and it was filmed in Vancouver, BC. (Pretty much every movie set in Seattle or Washington seems to be filmed in Vancouver.)
The Killing - Speaking of things set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver... Did you watch this show? I loved it! It's on Netflix. And let me tell you, Discovery Park (where they found Rosie's body) is a real place, but it looks absolutely nothing like their version.
10 Things I Hate About You - One of my all time favorite movies. Ever. Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger (RIP), Julia Stiles...just too good. This was filmed in Tacoma and Seattle. I've been to pretty much all of the filming locations. When they show the Seattle skyline, the view is from Kerry Park. Their paint balloon fight is at Gasworks Park (unfortunately, the paint fighting isn't a real thing there; and you can't run through the structure like they do because it's totally fenced off). They rent paddleboats on Lake Union and go to the Fremont Troll. The high school is Stadium High School in Tacoma, and yes it really does look like a castle and has a breathtaking view from their stadium. My mom's cousin and tons of people who went to my college went there and I'm so jealous of them. The house that they live in is in north Tacoma, the same neighborhood my school was in. It was walking distance from me when I was in school.
Dexter - This is obviously set in Miami, but in the finale, Dexter ends up in the PNW. They never say where, but it was filmed in Astoria, OR.
Grey's Anatomy - I have to say, I haven't watched this show in a while. I kind of want to start where I left off, but I don't know. I thought it was ending a couple years ago. I think Shonda kind of beats shows to death. But anyway. I haven't watched this in a long time, but the shots of the hospital they show are actually shots of Fisher Plaza, which is where the KOMO news network offices are. I also tried on wedding dresses in a shop at the bottom level there. They show the Space Needle a lot. When Meredith was living in her mom's house, it was in the upper Queen Anne neighborhood.
Portlandia - Obviously filmed in Portland, and kind of scary accurate with the quirks of the city. Stephanie posted a picture on Instagram of a place that was set for filming. I was so jealous! I want to go crash them filming.
Others you may have heard of include the Twilight series (books and movies). The Ring 2 was partially filmed in Astoria, Oregon. Men of Honor was filmed partially IN my hometown, and the rest of it was filmed in surrounding towns...and yet, somehow I've never seen it. I feel like I have to just because of where it was filmed!

My major celebrity crush was born in Washington. Who? Chris Pratt! Also, Cam Gigandet, who was on The OC and in a few other movies is from Tacoma. Ty Burrell is one of my favorite people ever because he is hilarious on Modern Family and he's from Oregon. Lisa Rinna, Sally Struthers (yay Gilmore Girls!), Tonya Harding, Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Terri Irwin (Steve Irwin's wife--I had no idea she wasn't Australian), Mat Kearney, Kaitlin Olsen, and River Phoenix are also from Oregon. (See this list for more.) Washington also has Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Sherman Alexie, Kurt Cobain, Erika Christensen (Parenthood!), Anna Faris (which I had no idea of until now, and she's married to Chris Pratt!), Jimi Hendrix, Joel McHale, Craig T. Nelson (yay more Parenthood stars!), Dan Savage, Sir-Mix-a-Lot, Ryan Stiles, Rainn Wilson, Macklemore and a ton of others I didn't mention (see list here for more).

Of course I can't leave out the weather. I think our seasons and weather are great. I am very picky when it comes to temperature. I'm pretty much always too cold or too hot. And I have overactive sweat glands. Thanks for the DNA, Dad. That's why I don't think I'd survive somewhere with 100 degree days every day in the summer. Or 90 degree days six months of the year. Or snow six months of the year. Side note, since we don't get much snow, we still have snow days! And no, not crazy emergency blizzard snow days. I'm talking one inch on the ground RED ALERT snow day. It's the best. And for everyone who thinks that's pathetic, it is a waste of money to be all prepared for blizzards when it doesn't even snow every year. And again, SNOW DAYS! Although in the winter of 2011-2012, I did get snowed in at my friend's apartment in Seattle for days. We had a crazy amount of snow, and I drive a Honda Civic/have never had to drive in snow. There was also a winter in high school when we missed an entire week due to snow, and a Christmas Eve when the snow drift on our deck was so high we were putting champagne bottles out in it to chill. I also don't mind rain. I actually love the rain when I'm inside with nothing to do and nowhere to be.

The scenery is pretty gorgeous here too.
Walking through a park in downtown Seattle
Pike Place Market
On a ferry in Elliott Bay
Seattle Waterfront
 Kerry Park
 Snow in Seattle! February 8, 2014. I know because this was our one year engagement anniversary.
 Seattle waterfront again. (Sorry, we live really close to it!)
 The beach side of Discovery Park
 Taken from the roof of our apartment building.
 Eastern Washington
 Columbia River Gorge
 Taken from Gasworks Park
 Overlooking the U-District in Seattle
 The lighthouse at Discovery Park
 Taken from inside part of Pike Place Market
Tacoma, North End
I realize these are pretty much all of Seattle and mostly include water. All I have to say is, I've lived in Seattle for two and a half years, and I went back to 2012 in my phone library and just got tired of it. Sorry! And as for the water, I'm just obsessed with it. I grew up on the Columbia River, and since then I've lived on Puget Sound/Elliott Bay. I can't imagine living too far from some sort of water.

And some other things I just think are cool: Seattle has the flagship Nordstrom store and flagship REI store and is also the birthplace of Amazon and Starbucks. Most people also know that Microsoft was started here. Portland is the home of Nike and Columbia Sportswear is headquartered in Oregon too. I also love that people in the Northwest tend to be friendly and open-minded. I'm definitely proud to call this place my home!

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  1. I'm already so excited to move up to Seattle, but your post made me even more so! There is so much awesome stuff to see and do in the city and the views are gorgeous!

    Awesome post Mattie loved all the pics!! Yay for our second link up!

  2. Kurt Cobain is from Seattle as well. You left that out!! YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE THAT OUT! lol

    1. Scratch that... you did LOL! My bad my bad

  3. Beautiful!! I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest. I do like the change of seasons too although if I had to pick it would be summer. I live in Upstate NY and the winters are long and snowy!! The snow really is beautiful though :)

  4. Yay! I'm slightly partial but I love your home state too!! It was fun to think of all the things I liked about it. Fun link up!! :)

  5. I'm with you on living by the water, I gravitate towards it! Your post made me want to visit the Pacific Northwest even more!


  6. PNW looks beautiful! I need to make a visit someday... Someday!! That's so awesome about all the movies & tv shows filmed there too. We don't get that kind of excitement around here, haha. It's really surprising that you don't get much snow either, I could handle that! I love that you mentioned Portlandia too- that show is hilarious!

  7. Is it because you are so close to the sea that you don't get a lot of snow?

  8. Your movie picks yes! I loved so many of those movies. but ummm...what about Twilight haha kidding! But my favorite was Sleepless in Seattle, until Kyle was all like "That's really dangerous to do things like that he could have been an axe murderer...." Straight reference from the movie.

    And Chris Pratt! Did you see him in Everwood, that's where I first saw him in the movies.

    Seattle looks so gorgeous. And I hear it has ferry boats (Grey's Anatomy)

    liz jo @sundays with sophie

  9. Ohhhhh perhaps I was meant to live up there for the nice weather!!! The heat and humidity kill me here! Plus I love Twilight, 10 Things I Hate About You and Greys so clearly it is a cool place to be! Haha! Such pretty views you have there!

  10. Love Sleepless in Seattle! Seeing Tom Hanks' houseboat would be so exciting! Your pics are gorgeous, and you are totally selling me on the Northwest, haha :)

  11. I have 2 friends that just moved out there & their pictures always make me want to go visit.
    I think Seattle is becoming such a little name of its own - a quirkly little place.

  12. I want to go to Seattle so badly!! I have family there so I definitely need to make a trip ASAP! Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show! And I love love love 10 Things I Hate About You! I watched it on repeat throughout high school. I love this link up prompt!

  13. Elizabethtown is supposedly set and filmed around where I live (Louisville) but they didn't even use our airport in the movie lol. I LOVED 10 things I hate about you, gosh I was obsessed with that movie. RIP Heath. I love Greys. I don't think I can watch it anymore, I've watched it for what, 11 years? It's definitely time for it to be over I think.

  14. I for real want to come to Seattle. You, Julie, Katie....something has to be good about it ;) That would be a blast!!

  15. How cool how many movies & tv shows are filmed there! I think visiting Seattle would be so fun!

  16. As I am from Vancouver, I often feel like I'm equal parts Oregonian and Washingtonian! I have lived in California for the past 5 years but I still don't consider myself California... Today it rained and I am so so happy... I miss the PNW weather. Nothing like walking through the misty rain on a nice little hike along a Doug Fir lined path.

  17. These pictures are swoon worthy. I think we all underestimate the beauty of where we live!! Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  18. I forgot to mention (like literally was reading another blog and had this thought hahaha) that I am SO JEALOUS that Halloweentown was filmed so close to you! I am obsessed with those movies haha! The replica sounds so cool!

  19. Well, I think your post officially convinced me to visit Washington! What a pretty state!

  20. You've convinced me that I should feel ashamed for never venturing to the Pacific NW. Your pics are amazing! And, I love that you mentioned Tonya Harding in your list of famous folks.

  21. You forgot The Goonies, my dear! :)

  22. All of these photos are so amazing! Also I can't believe that Halloweentown was filmed near you. It's a Halloween classic for me!
    I've never been to the Northwest and I really should. If not for all the reasons you just mentioned, at least to see Seattle. I've heard it's like a smaller, slightly slower paced NYC. I can so dig it!

  23. okay so a few things.
    you know the feminist bookstore? it's literally on the other side of the street from my church.
    and when they film there, they give us a head's up...
    AND they come eat in our building.

    i'll let you know next time and you should call in sick. ;D

  24. Fun link up. Hope to visit your beautiful state someday.

  25. 10 things i hate about you is one of my all time favorite movies! i remember always thinking to myself that there was no way that was actually a real high school, that they must have used a college campus for shooting the movie, so i'm super impressed to know it's a real high school..and now i'm also jealous i didn't go to high school at a castle :(

  26. I live on WA too. In Bremerton and I absolutely love the area and Seattle. Can't get enough. But also some places on this side of the water. I'll have to do a post too :) Twin Peaks was also filmed in WA (North Bend and Snoqualmie) and took place in WA as well. Love that freaking show.

  27. What a gorgeous area! I need to add it to my list of places to visit asap! That picture with the snow on the sidewalks and the lights on the trees is my favourite - so pretty!

    I spent two hours working on my post for the link up and wasn't even close to being done and had to leave for work so I had to shelve it :( I guess I love my province more than I even thought! haha I've already started a draft for next months though so it doesn;t happen again!

  28. Ok, I already knew I wanted to go to your corner of the world for some time, and this makes me want to visit even more! Love all the pics! Fun fact: when my friend had a conference in Seattle, she got me a mug from the flagship Starbucks, and it's seriously one of my faves! I'll be linking up tomorrow!