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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tell Us About It: Favorite Fall Activities

**UPDATE: I think the link-up is working now. Let us know if if you have any trouble with it!**

The day is finally here! It's Julie and I's first Tell Us About It link-up! Link up below, grab our button, link back to one or both of us, and visit some other bloggers to read about their favorite fall activities and leave some comments! I personally hope to find a bunch of other awesome things to do in the glorious fall season! Just no jumping into leaf piles because #spiders.
As I've said countless times before, fall is my absolute favorite season. And in my book, fall starts on September 1st. I don't care if it continues to be sunny and hot. This past weekend, the weather was a bearable temperature and we even had some rain! I was at my parents', and Michael and I woke up at four in the morning on Saturday to loudly pouring rain and crazy thunder and lightning! We watched for probably two minutes until the rain died down and promptly went back to sleep. It was also kind of dreary with a little rain thrown in yesterday. Anyway, that weather got me even more excited for fall!

I have plenty of favorite fall activities. Since it's my favorite season, most activities that I do year-round are pretty much automatically my favorite in the fall!

Those everyday little things include...

Netflix (with optional hot beverage) Netflix is awesome and added Gilmore Girls on October 1st last year. I took the entire day off that day to go book our wedding reception venue (with city parks, the earliest you can reserve the venue is the first day of the month of your event, one year prior) so the timing was perfect. I bought this fall perfect owl mug at the pumpkin patch, of course. Currently Michael and I are binge watching Friday Night Lights, which is perfectly fall-y since it's centered on football. I'm also watching Hart of Dixie which is perfect any time of year. :)
Really, hot beverages in general I drink hot coffee year round, at least in the office. The air conditioning makes it feel like the dead of winter anyway. But if I'm out and about and it's hot...I just can't make myself order hot coffee. Also, I don't drink tea much, but when I do I'm either sick or it's fall (or winter). And of chocolate is a fall/winter must.

Seasonal deliciousness We all know I hate pumpkin spice lattes. But unlike fifty percent of the world I love everything else pumpkin spice. Last year, Oreo had pumpkin spice and caramel apple Oreos and they were sooo good. I love any sort of pumpkin bread, muffins, cake...I also love pumpkin spice Hershey's kisses. Yum. Oh and cinnamon is big in the fall, so that's perfect for me too.
Getting dressed! Yep, getting dressed is the best in the fall. Jeans, boots, jackets, vests, sweaters, scarves...but no freezing to death. Winter is too cold. Fall is just right for cute layers that you don't have to hide under a massive coat. I just wish I could wear jeans to work every day...

Eating soup I love soup in the fall. Sooo good. Michael is a wizard at making soup. He just makes up random recipes and they always turn out amazing. The soup below is pumpkin sausage soup. Michael made up the recipe on my birthday in 2013. He also made pasta carbonara that year. I requested the same meal for my birthday last year. He made the soup for a Friendsgiving we had at our apartment too and it was a huge hit. Definitely going to have him make it again this fall!
Rain Lately I've been loving rain more than usual. It rained over the weekend and I was giddy about it. I don't generally like rain if I have to go somewhere in it. I'm not a fan of driving in it, and I don't like to walk in it if I'm trying to look presentable. I do occasionally like to walk in it if it's a weekend and I have nowhere to be, no makeup on, and messy hair. :) But I love watching and hearing the rain while I'm cozy inside (with Netflix and a hot beverage, perhaps?). I also love the smell of rain.

Decorating! I love decorating for fall. I also love decorating for Christmas, but I get a twinge of sadness every time I have to pack up the fall decorations in exchange for the Christmas ones. I put up orange lights on our mantel starting in September and keep it up through Thanksgiving. Orange isn't just for Halloween, it's a fall color!  :) We got mini pumpkins and gourds at the pumpkin patch and used them to decorate the apartment last year, and to the right of the white pumpkin you can see a little Halloween-themed sign. The pumpkins on the floor were from our save the date pictures. We used gold Sharpie to draw the date on them. We kept them as decor through fall.
Fires in the fireplace The fireplace in our apartment is gas. We pay a fixed amount per month for it, so in the fall and winter we turn it on often. It really does warm the place up! We don't touch our thermostat at all, because why pay for that when we can use the fireplace? Plus I just love how cozy it feels to have a fire going.

Baking Baking is definitely not an everyday thing for me. I definitely do it more in the fall and winter, and even then I don't do it that often. But my favorite thing to bake in the fall is any sort of easy pumpkin cake. All you do is buy a box of cake mix and a can of pumpkin, mix them together and bake! No eggs, oil, butter or anything! I usually add something else, like chocolate chips. Once I added marshmallow fluff good!

Now for the not-so-everyday things that I love in the fall!

My birthday! October is my favorite month. I would say that it's due to my love of fall and Halloween and also that my birthday is in October...but I honestly think my love of fall and Halloween stems from the fact that I was born in October. I already showed you what Michael made me for dinner, but here are some other pictures from last year.
Brunch at Boat Street Cafe! We still haven't gone back. I'm desperate to. Maybe for my birthday this year? That biscuit with honey butter and that banana bread were both heavenly.
We toured the Theo Chocolate Factory! It was awesome because free chocolate. (Okay...I have to tell this story now. In my high school one year, there was a new kid whose name was Free Chocolate. I kid you not. One day, an announcement came over the intercom, "Free Chocolate, please report to the office" and this other kid went sprinting to the office because he thought they said there was free chocolate in the office! Hahaha!) We bought four of their little fancy chocolates. Honestly, the Walla Walla Sweet Onion caramel was actually pretty delicious. We got two caramels (the other was apple cider!) and two ganaches and the caramels were my definite favorites.

The leaves changing The leaves changing colors and falling from the trees are what makes fall, fall! Otherwise it's Autumn, and that's so formal. I'll always say fall. And while I think greenery is beautiful too, my favorite is when there are orange and red leaves in the trees and on the ground. (Plus we have tons of evergreens so we have green year round...I do live in the Evergreen State, after all.)
Pumpkin patch-ing! I love going to the pumpkin patch. Last year we went to get a bunch of mini pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn to decorate our apartment. We didn't actually get big pumpkins to carve. The pumpkin patch we went to was so much fun! There was a corn maze (which was dinosaur themed), catapult stations where you got to catapult mini pumpkins at a target, a cute little shop (where I bought my owl mug, along with some delicious pumpkin butter that I will be buying more of this year) and rows and rows of pumpkins as well as tons of mini pumpkins and gourds to choose from! There were also food trucks, but we had bought picnic type food and ate in the car beforehand. I think this year (when we buy TONS of mini pumpkins as decor for our wedding) we should try out the food trucks.
Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I also love Christmas, so it's hard to choose. I'm not a big partier. I loved Halloween as a kid, and then when I was older I loved staying home and passing out candy to the little kids. Senior year of college, my friends and I lived in a house and I was so excited that we got a few trick or treaters! We did go to a friend's party on Halloween last year, but I much prefer staying inside maybe watching Halloween movies, passing out candy (sadly, not in the cards when you live in an apartment like we do), maybe eating some Halloween treats or drinking hot beverages, burning fall-scented candles...
Halloween movies The number one best Halloween movie of all time is of course, Hocus Pocus. I don't own it...which seems silly. Last year we rented it on Amazon Prime even though Michael wasn't super interested. I think this year I'll just order it on DVD to have every year. Michael can suffer through. :) I have also always loved The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh and Halloweentown! Those movies were filmed twenty minutes from my hometown, and every year that town puts on a Halloweentown. Seriously, exact replica of the movie. (I've never been, but I'm determined to go! The town is St. Helens, Oregon.) My neighbor was also in one of them. But her face was covered in a mask. Pretty much any other Halloween movie or scary movie will do too.

Fall-scented candles Anything cinnamon-y, pumpkin-y, and/or caramel-y is what I want! I somehow have never bought a Bath & Body Works candle. Last year I did get a cute owl scent plug-in and a delicious pumpkin caramel scent for it, but of course that's gone now. This year I vow to buy my first Bath & Body Works candle and a refill for that scent plug-in!

Wedding everything! Michael's favorite season is also fall. Because I was born in October and he's just so grateful. Kidding. He likes mild weather and rain. So when we got engaged, we knew we wanted to have a fall wedding. Even though fall starts September 1st in my brain, October feels like the quintessential fall month. And we chose the 10th because 10-10-15 are all pretty numbers. As in, they're all divisible by five. Plus it's more likely to be warmer earlier in the month and I definitely didn't want our wedding to completely overshadow my birthday... #priorities Last fall we had my mom take our save the date pictures! As I said, we bought pumpkins and decorated them. Pumpkins will be very essential to our wedding decor as well. Our colors are orange (pretty much only in pumpkins, ties, and flowers), plum (bridesmaids dresses, ties, flowers) and gold accents.
This picture (above) is the one we ended up going with for our save the dates. (Or a very similar one in the same pose.)
This picture (above) Michael had printed on a canvas as a birthday present for me and it hangs on the wall above our bed!

Before I end the post, I have to let you guys know that I just ordered two pairs of the BP. Stone Stud Earrings I mentioned in my wish list post last week! The coral and green colors are 50% off right now, making them $3.98, so I ordered them both!

Is anyone still here? Ha! I ramble on a pretty regular basis, but get me going about things I love as much as fall (especially in my current fall-is-coming excitement) and I just can't not ramble.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Halloween but I LOVE Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town. I'm going to make a point to visit Oregon at the end of October one of these years just so I can see a Halloween Town! That's really cool!
    Going to order those BP stud earrings right now! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Hocus Pocus...such a GREAT movie. I could comment on all of these things...pumpkin patch-ing is my favorite, I love the leaves, I love the scents/decor. ready for fall!

  3. I love your photos! the idea with the pumpkins was great! Hocus Pocus is my fav halloween movie! that and Practical Magic :)

  4. Loved your save the date photo choice! Perfect!

  5. I totally love fall. I love the cool crisp weather. While I do like pumpkin anything, I'm not crazy about PSL. They taste too artificial for me. But I do love me some pumpkin donuts. SO good!!

  6. So many fun ones!!! I love your save the date!! So creative and cute!! And I love that Theo tour too ... my office used to be close to there and we'd always stop in for the samples. I'm sure they loved us :)

  7. I like your choice for the Save the Date. Adorable!!!!
    I'm the opposite - I am not a fan of hot drinks. I'll drink them in the winter but hardly EVER in the summer/spring/fall...
    Cant wait to decorate for fall!!!

  8. Isn't fall the best?! I can't get enough!!

  9. I love that you hate pumpkin spice lattes - I feel like the whole world loves them. I like a few a year but they're so overly pumpkin tasting sometimes! I didn't notice the oreos last year - I'll have to keep my eyes open this year!

  10. Confession: never seen Hocus Pocus...

    Love Netflix, Kyle and I always watch Netflix together :) That meal looks delicious!!! And October is my favorite month too, it's my birthday month as well :)

    Also is it possible to remove the backlink temporarily until the link up is working again?

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

    1. Literally can't believe you've never seen Hocus Pocus Liz. You must remedy that.

  11. Love love love all your Fall favorites!! I completely forgot about Pumpkin Patches until I read your post! Love going to pick out pumpkins and decorating them. You're pictures are so cute from your Save the Date shoot! Also, love the gold accenting for you wedding (that might be because I did gold accents too ;)) Thanks for hosting this super awesome link up!

  12. YAY for 10/10/15!!!! I love Fall. And this fall is going to be a blast for you :) Love all of your pictures!

  13. You have a lot of favorites! I like fall but don't love it, ya know? I guess I'm kind of a Debbie downer in that I get sad about colder weather & the impending doom of winter. But Halloween is definitely my favorite along with pumpkin flavored things! I completely forgot about the pumpkin Oreos-- those were soo good! Love all of your pictures too! I kind of wanted an October wedding too!

  14. AHH I didn't know you were getting married in October!! Yes! SO excited for you! That is going to be your best fall tradition ever now :)

  15. End of summer and transitioning into Fall is always bittersweet for me but your post just made me excited to the new season. I can't wait to decorate and dress for the season.

  16. Yay for our very first link up!!

    LOVE your wedding date announcement pics, so cute with the painted pumpkins and great wedding date 10/10/15 how cool! I'll be in South Carolina that day for a friend's wedding too! Can't believe it's already Sept, your wedding is literally right around the corner!!

  17. I love everything fall!!! From pumpkin flavored everything, to the beautiful leaves, to the fall colors and boots, the fall scented candles, football season, cooler weather, the smell of fall when you walk outside. Give it all to me!!! I probably should have been born in the fall with how much I love it!

  18. This post just got me so excited for fall and with the current weather situation it is definitely feeling like fall is upon us!! You've given me so many fun ideas for fall things to do around Seattle! I absolutely need to go to that chocolate factory asap. Good luck with all the final wedding prep! Know how hectic but wonderful these last weeks before the big day can be!

  19. I am not a huge fall person (mainly because it's the gateway to cold weather--waahhh!), but it's nice to see how the other half lives! :) Also, your save the dates are super cute! What a great idea using pumpkins to show the date!

  20. I can’t wait for everything seasonal fall has to offer – there’s so much to enjoy! Love what you picked for your save the dates.

  21. Oh my gosh Mattie I feel like we could be besties, I pretty much said yes to EVERY ONE of these! I am so thrilled for fall... I was a little sad about summer being done UNTIL this week with the horrible, hot weather. Now? I'm over it!

  22. Oh my gosh I love this! So many awesome things but specifically : I am so jealous you toured a CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Dream come true!!!! K and who names their kid "Free Chocolate"? haha I love when the leaves change even though they take forever to do so in AZ. Anddd I LOVE your save the date pictures oh my gosh. They are seriously perfection!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  23. LOVE everything about this post. Seriously, everything! I am so excited for fall. Congratulations on your first link-up party! :)

  24. There is really so much to love about fall, and this is really getting me excited for the season!!

  25. DAMMIT. I knew I forgot to do something today and it was my post for this. God. I swear, you need to slap me if I miss the 10/2 post. Seriously.

    But I've never gone to a pumpkin patch. Mostly because my inlaws do a patch in their massive garden so they always have pumpkins with our names etched onto them. I'll post pictures once I get ours this year!

  26. This is such a fabulous collection of fall favorites! I'm going into Spring which is MY favorite season :) Your fireplace looks perfectly warm and cozy. Caramel apple oreos?!?! O - M - G! Those sound divine! The wedding will be here SOON! Woo hoo!!

  27. UHG your owl mug is soo cute!! I want it lol & high five on October birthday's :-) Thank you for hosting this great link up.

    xo, Sheila

  28. There are so many great pictures in this post! I paid close attention to your awesome cheetah shoes and that picture of the tree with leaves all around it. :) So pretty! Both of those things!

  29. Totally agree about the netflix and baking! I'm also a big crockpot user in the winter

  30. Hi! I'm really really sorry that I missed this. I just wrote in the other ones on my calendar. I'm on it :)

  31. Your wedding pictures are going to look SOOO amazing - I love Fall weddings! Pretty much everything on your list would make my list too - I LOVE Summer more than anything but I'm actually getting antsy to make soup and chili and wear boots and scarves. And Halloween is my second favourite holiday so the countdown for it is on!