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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Updating 'The List'

[Unrelated note! I mentioned in my August goals on Tuesday that I was going to start wedding dress fittings. I called to set up an appointment yesterday and got one for TONIGHT at 6:30! Can't wait to try on allll the veils and sashes! (And put my dress on for the first time since I bought it last August!) Okay, now to our regularly scheduled programming.]

If you recall, in this post, I created a list of things I was 'allowed' to buy, as well as doing away with a set monthly budget in favor of my budget strategy before starting the blog--keeping a close watch on my finances and buying what I can afford. I'm really happy with that decision. It would've been way too hard to stay within a $120 budget for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In fact, I spent over double that, BUT I got a lot of great pieces (including three awesome pairs of jeans!) for that price. I think I got some great deals, and I don't regret any of the purchases.

It's been over a month since I created 'The List,' so I figured I should update it! First, I'll update my progress on items I included in the original list.

[I think this may become a series. So here is this poorly executed PicMonkey graphic. I don't really like the flower in the corner, but it was too empty, so I had to add something. And it matches my blog design.]

Something palm print - I bought palm print shorts from Old Navy that I've featured on the blog before (no longer available online). After the Anniversary Sale I'm not as focused on summer clothes anymore, so I probably won't purchase any more palm print.

Tops that do double duty - Still working on this. It baffles me every time I go to my closet how few nice tops I have (that aren't sweaters). I bought four great tops from Old Navy that you'll see in my budget post for August later this month, but I still think tops should be a priority. (I haven't actually received the tops yet, so I'm hoping they're great in person!)
One // Two // Three
These three tops are great examples! The middle one is my new obsession. I have this in coral and I ordered the tunic version in olive. I'm 99% sure this will be what I spend my $20 Nordstrom Note on. It'll have to wait until September though, unless I end up returning something I've purchased this month. I'm always looking for the perfect white blouse. The top on the left could be it's see-through, according to reviews. :( I want the top to be cute and be that kind of material, but it seems those tops are always sheer in white! The third top comes in tons of colors and patterns. It used to be listed as 2 for $60, and I'm sad they took away that option! I love the cobalt. I'd considering buying this if they brought back the 2 for $60 deal.

Dress pants - I bought one pair of navy blue Pixie pants from Old Navy. I love the fit! I'll probably eventually buy more Pixie pants in other colors. But I still prefer wearing dresses and skirts, especially in the summer. Maybe as it gets colder I'll be more motivated to buy pants.

Dresses that do double duty - I'm usually drawn to dresses, so this isn't hard for me. But dresses are so easy (one piece plus shoes, maybe a jacket and you have a complete outfit!) so I'm always okay with adding more.

A-line skirt - By a-line skirt I just meant any skirt that was not fitted and not a mini. I want knee length or midi length and some volume or flowiness. I purchased a knee length full skirt with a matching crop top online but haven't received it yet. I'm hoping I love it as much in person!

Jeans - Well, I said light wash jeans. I ended up buying black, dark wash, gray, and white jeans. But they fit amazingly well, and I got rid of a dark wash pair and a white pair that didn't fit that well. And I got rid of my previous black jeans months ago because they didn't fit anymore.

Colorful, non-striped maxi dresses - Still nothing. For some reason I'm always drawn to black and white or navy and white maxis! And even if I find a colorful one, it's usually striped. I may not find one of these before summer is over and maxis are less prevalent in stores.

No shoes, with one exception - I bought the 'exception' shoes and wasn't in love, so they went back.

Maybe a cute romper - I never did find one. And I think I'm kind of over it.

And here is the new list!

Tops that do double duty - As I said above, my closet could still use some work in this department.

Dress pants - Maybe just a few more pairs. Black/gray/tan (even just one of those) would be nice. But I'd like some fun patterned or colorful pants too.

Dresses that do double duty - This will probably always be on the list.

A-line skirt - If the one I ordered online doesn't work, I'll consider buying another. Unless the one I ordered doesn't work because longer, fuller skirts just don't work on me. And if it does work and I love it, I may need to add more to my closet!

Light wash jeans - Now that I have a rainbow of jeans that fit right, I could stand to add a light wash pair. This isn't a priority, but it's allowed.

Colorful, non-striped maxi dresses - Not actively looking, but if one catches my eye. (Says the girl who then looked and found a bunch of cute ones that are featured below.)
One // Two // Three
It's probably no secret by now that one of my favorite brands is Lush from the BP section of Nordstrom. Everyone raves about their maxis, and the first two are 55% off, making them $23.40! I love coral and cobalt in number one! The second one I guess is technically I think it'd be cheating. Boo. I think the tulip hem makes me look stubby in flats, so I'd probably have to wear heels or wedges with this. But I usually do with the maxis I own anyway.

No shoes - Shoes must be asked for as gifts or purchased with gift card/gift money. Unless they're from Target. I know that seems weird, but Target shoes are affordable...and I only ever buy flats/sandals/tenneshoes from Target, so they don't take up a lot of room either.

Do you have any holes in your closet you're looking to fill? Any surpluses that you can't buy any more of?

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  1. This is such a smart idea! I think I need to make a list and plan out my purchases for my back to school (work) shopping trip this weekend. Love those dresses (and the prices!) :)

  2. You're so restrained! I have to restrict myself from looking at any websites or I'll buy something and we're trying to save up right now. Like I can't even look at Etsy anymore... :(

    I did just buy something, BUT it was really important and it will be the last of any personal purchases (besides food haha).

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. I can never get enough of dresses that can be dressed up & equally comfy & cute with flip flops

  4. I love making a list! I'm starting to work on mine for fall - I need to go through what I have before because I always end up with things that look so similar, ha!

  5. The middle Lush shirt is now my fave I like your or hate you because of that now?? :) This is a really smart idea to make a list for what you can buy!!! I am gonna do this from now on! xoxo

  6. Super excited about your fitting appointment! And that first maxi is so adorable! Proud of you for sticking to your spending goals (even if you have to splurge sometimes)

  7. I have that bp maxi in cobalt and I love it so much I want to buy another color. It's the most versatile maxi dress and SUPER flattering. Try it!!!

  8. oooo I remember going to look for my wedding outfit. I chose the second one I tried on and I still love it 16 years later :) x

  9. Ahhhhhhh now you're making me want to go shopping really bad. I love looking on your list, you've always got some cute things!

  10. I agree with your "nice top" point! I put t-shirts in a drawer and "nice shirts" get hung in my closet. Well, while I was unpacking last night, I put two stacks of t-shirts in a drawer and then I got mad because I think I could honestly get rid of both of those stacks of shirts and not care at all. I need more nice shirts too!

  11. I love maxi dresses they're so comfortable! Excited for your dress fitting! That's awesome you got your dress so long ago and know what you wanted. I'm interested to hear if you like/want a veil after the fittings!

  12. This was a great list and a wonderful idea! I'm moving to a new city and will be looking for a new job so I've been working on staple pieces for my wardrobe. This was really helpful!

  13. My closet is kind of bursting because I just love clothes, but there are still holes! Cute short sleeve tops are hard to find. Ones that aren't fitted, because yes, I have a slight muffin top. It shouldn't be a mumu, but it also shouldn't cling around the stomach.

    I buy a lot of shoes at Target. They have some very cute shoes! I especially love the Sam&Libby line there.

  14. I am with you, I can always justify a dress because it is a whole outfit in itself. I also hardly ever wear pants in the summer and mainly stick to dresses. I could use a few non-sweater tops right now and some fall dresses! And game day attire.

  15. I love any clothing item that can do double duty. I love to mix and match everything in my closet. Nordstrom seems to have the best maxis!

  16. That floral top and floral maxi are both SO cute. I love this idea of having a list. I basically just do one thing at a time. I give myself 1000 reasons why I need new pants or new shoes and then find them. I like your way better :) I love double duty tops too.

  17. ok lovelovelovelove these! I didn't take advantage of the Nordstrom sale but I kind of wish I would have! and your picmonkey graphic is on point!! haha :) I can't wait to see what maxis you get! the ones you picked are freaking adorable!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  18. I'm definitely with you on needing double duty tops. I don't have very many "going out" shirts & my job is super casual so I don't have to really dress up. I love those maxi dresses! I have a hard time finding ones that I really like so I just have one dress right now :( Plus, it seems like they always shrink as soon as I wash them.

  19. Hope your fitting went well! Love this post, it should seriously be a series! I was on a serious hunt for an olive green vest for Fall, and I picked up one from Target that might be perfect. I loved the Pleione one from Nordstrom, but wasn't sure if the vest is going to be a staple or statement piece. Anyways, now I am looking for a Navy gingham blouse, and a few good basic t's tht will help pull outfits together 😊 ~Caitlin @ It's the Grad Life

    1. I LOVE my olive green vest! I wanted a navy gingham top last year and never found one! If you find one I hope you blog it because I might have to snag one too!

  20. love seeing your updated list! it's giving me some great ideas. happy weekend!

  21. I love the idea of making a list like this! Good luck with finding everything you are looking for!

  22. Great idea!!
    I decided at the start of spring (September) I am going to make a capsule wardrobe and only wear from a certain number of items in my closet. Leading up to then I think I'll make a list similar to this to help me plan my spending prior to September.

  23. I bought the black and white tribal type Lush maxi dress! I was looking at getting the coral and blue ones too but my bf convinced me to hold off since I bought several other things haha. I've been pretty unsatisfied with my dresses lately and should really just be focusing on those. But then I think, I shouldn't be buying anything and don't look. Doesn't exactly help things! haha