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Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites: Wedding Obsessed!

It's that time again--I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites and April for Five on Friday!

I mentioned that my first dress fitting was last night and it's got my mind set on all things wedding! Plus, I got a few comments from people saying they couldn't wait for more wedding details. So really, you brought this on yourselves. ;)

Number One: A first look!

I don't know about you, but I was against having a first look. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other privately before the ceremony. It's usually photographed and the pictures are always amazing. But I thought it would take away from seeing each other the first time walking down the aisle. (Because if he isn't crying, I'm turning around and walking in again until he does! Hahaha.)

I read an article that was something like seven reasons to have a first look (this isn't the same one, but I think most of the reasons are the same) and it changed my mind. Namely because the author did a first look and said it was still extremely emotional when she walked down the aisle (because that's the point you're actually about to get married!), the fact that the first time we see each other doesn't have to be in front of 100+ other people (just two photographers), and it supposedly calms the nerves. And of course I wanted the cute pictures, dang it!

Once I brought it up to Michael, he was against a first look like I was before. The other day, out of nowhere, he told me he was leaning more and more toward a first look! So that was a very favorite moment this week! While perusing Pinterest in search of to-veil or not-to-veil inspiration, I found this article with a slideshow of seventy-five first look pictures and oh my gosh, the feels.

I know a lot of people disagree, and Michael and I were both on that side at one point too! So know I'm not bashing anyone's decision. I think both ways have their merits. I'm just excited that Michael and I are (almost) on the same side again. Apparently he's not 100% sure but I hope he doesn't change his mind!

Number Two: That embarrassing newlywed couple.

During my Pinterest session, I happened to stumble upon this set of shirts. I know a lot of people think the 'wifey' tee is so dumb and overdone but I will admit in front of all of you that I'm obsessed and I am absolutely getting one for the day after the wedding. Judge me if you want, you have my permission. ;)
Okay, okay. I think Michael would be mortified to wear this with me. And I think I would be a little too. But it's $50 for two shirts instead of my other top contender which is $46 for one.
To be fair, the couple set are both unisex, which I find to not fit as well... I know there are some on Etsy for cheaper but I'm having a hard time finding a color combo and font that I love.

Number Three: That embarrassing cliche bride.

Since I admitted my wifey tee obsession I just had to mention that I'm also insistent on this one cliche morning of the wedding ritual... I absolutely need to get Starbucks and make them write 'Bride' on my cup. Yep, you heard it here first. I know, I'm lame. Doin' it for the 'Gram (and the coffee, of course). Thanks to this Buzzfeed article for the picture, and for making fun of me for claiming this a necessity.
Another thing on that list I'd really like to have is robes...but having eight people in your bridal party gets really expensive really fast. Anyone have suggestions on where I could buy robes and not go broke?

Number Four: A rockin' bridal party!

When I got my wedding dress, my mom came up and stayed the weekend with us. My appointment was on a Friday, and the maid of honor that lives in Seattle couldn't get off work. Her sister, the other maid of honor, lives in Portland and I texted her just a couple of days before and said I wished she could be there and she was like, "WAIT I HAVE THAT DAY OFF!" and drove all the way up and back in one day to shop with me! I figured I'd have to do my fitting and veil/sash choosing alone because I assumed it would be during the day on a weekday, but on Wednesday I texted my MOH who lives here and she came with me last night! (And she is always busy!) I'm so thankful for these two ladies.
Chloe, on the left, lives in Portland and came dress shopping with me. Emily, on the right, lives here in Seattle and went to my fitting with me last night!

Number Five: THE DRESS!

Oh my gosh it was so good to be back in that dress after almost a year!! I am so excited. At my fitting yesterday, they added some cups and did some pinning and...I get to try it on again next week and it should fit even better! I didn't get to try on any accessories because the seamstress didn't bring any with her to the bridal shop, but she should be bringing some on Thursday for me! There were certain details of the dress I had forgotten, and I think it helped me finally decide what to do with my hair. I need a great pair of earrings.

I could go on and on buuut I don't want to bore you. Or spill too much about the wedding day look in case Michael ends up reading this (though there is a 99.9% chance he will not).

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  1. I love that wifey shirt!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. I am so excited for you, Mattie! Loved your post!

  3. We didn't have a first look because we got married in a courthouse (and were together the night before because of Sophie) so we saw each other the night before, the morning of, and during. And I had to restrain myself from crying flat out in the courthouse, because even though it was a simple wedding, it was still really important to me and it meant I was marrying my soul mate. I can't even begin to explain how that felt.

    Could you check out Etsy and see if they're having a deal? I find that a lot of vendors will drop their price if you buy in bulk.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. Eeeeek, wedding!! Listen, you are the bride meaning you get to get all the wifey, Mrs., Starbucks, bride, etc. things you want and no one can say anything about it!

  5. Love the wedding post! I'm getting married in December so I'm in full on planning! We are doing a first look and I can't wait! I really want to share that moment with my groom!

  6. I'm so excited for you!! I have a wedding that I am in coming up very soon, I can't wait!! I also can't wait to get engaged because I will be doing all the cliche stuff too lol

  7. Well I love those wifey and hubby shirts!! And dress fittings are so exciting and makes it feel real!!! Can't wait to hear more as your date arrives soon :) Have a great weekend Mattie!

  8. I need that wifey shirt. I NEED IT NOW!!!

  9. It's your wedding and you can do what you want to!!! HAH! We didn't do a first look ... and it was really fun!!!! I can see why people do it either way. And totally agree on the bride Starbucks cup!!!!!

  10. again as a wedding photographer (are you sick of me saying this?) first looks are the BEST! They really are full of more emotion then the 'aisle walk' because you get to really experience it. When you walk down the aisle, you know all eyes are on you - the groom does too - when you have the intimacy of the two of you (plus photographer) - its just such a personal moment. & you really get to capture the moment so much better then over everyone's heads standing up...

  11. It is your wedding, you should do as you wish. All those coffee's with the bridemaid's number on it made me laugh out loud. too funny.

  12. Chris and I had a first look before our ceremony. It was super sweet and made for great pictures :)

  13. I loooove the first look idea and think that you'll both be very happy if you decide to go that route. I remember years ago when this started to become popular and at the time I was dating a wedding photographer. I will say... All the pictures I saw of bride and groom having photos taken BEFORE the walk-down-the-aisle were WAY more emotional and really breathtaking. So exciting!!

    Also I looooove the Starbucks idea! SO cute!

    Check out The Knot--they actually have a few annual sales where everything is deeply discounted and they do embroidery on their clothing. I'm not sure when these sales are, but I know a few brides who scored really great things for mere dollars!

  14. Please go on :) I love reading this! I did the Starbucks thing. I mean you just have to. We live in #coffeeland. Our first look didn't go too well. We actually didn't even keep any of the photos because it was kind of weird. A bunch of family decided they should watch and it wasn't private at all and it made us both feel really awkward because it seemed like we were supposed to force all of these emotions. Anyway, my word of advice is to do it with just the photographer and you 2 so you can be your true selves and be in that moment :)

  15. I can't wait to see the Starbucks picture from your wedding day. :) My roommate from college got married last summer and our robes were from Victoria's Secret! I just looked and they're $58, so by the time you multiply that by your bridesmaids, it is kind of expensive. But I don't know how much other ones are so maybe that's good lol! I see both sides of the "first look" would be so special if you DID get to see each other, though!

  16. I love wedding posts! Keep 'em coming Mattie!

    Pinterest is the best, so many good ideas! I love the wifey shirt, the starbucks cups, and that you were able to go to the dress fittings with your mohs (so sweet!) looks like things are lining up nicely!

    I'm still so impressed you knew what you wanted in a wedding dress that long ago!

    I totally want to do a first look when we get married. It's so intimate and truthfully I don't like all the attention and eyes on me like the walk down the aisle will be.

    Can't wait to hear more!

  17. I fully support the wifey tee- it's so cute! I didn't know the Starbucks cups were a thing lol. I love the robe idea, especially for the "getting ready" pictures with your girls- good luck finding them!

  18. Oh my goodness -- I love everything wedding!! Sounds like you are having fun planning yours.

  19. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. You will make a beautiful bride!

  20. Your bridesmaids sound like rock stars!!
    Definitely get that wifey tee and the Starbucks cup. It's your special day.
    Can't wait to see all the photos.

  21. eeeeeeee, wedding excitement! I was the first of my friends to get married and was married before Pinterest existed, so I feel I missed out on a lot of the really cool ideas!! If I could do it all over again, I would do a first look too. I was so nervous the entire wedding and didn't want to ugly cry in front of everyone, so I had an odd look on my face. My husband still makes fun of me for it! I'm loving the wedding updates!


  22. WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING. MY FAVORITE. I can't wait to see yours :) Also, when are you getting married? Maybe I missed it!

  23. It's amazing how things can change when you start planning a wedding! I was dead set against having a ceremony when we first got engaged but the more that we've been planning, we've actually decided on a small ceremony. I haven't thought much about the first look though-- I think it's nice so you're not all emotional while walking down the aisle. I'm excited to see more about your wedding!

  24. Gah I love wifey shirts. Why not be proud that you're wifed up!?

  25. <3<3<3 I LOVE this!!! Nate and I did a first look and I'm SO glad we did because my morning went pretty poorly and he was able to make things all better before the ceremony. (AND it was the first time I ever saw him cry!!!!!) <3

  26. haha you're the bride you are allowed to do whatever you want. clichéd or not. Also - I like the wifey Tee.

  27. Oh, Mattie... this is so exciting! And don't apologize for any of what you want to do. Do what you want!!! It's your special day, after all.
    Can't wait to see your dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Obsessed with the idea of a first look. I think it is such a special moment to be together and remember what the wedding is about...just really precious. I can't wait to hear more. LOVE wedding talk.

  29. Aww this was a great week indeed! A private first look sounds so sweet! I bet those will be such great pictures to have. And your dress! I can't wait to try on wedding dresses! And yes, Starbucks is a must!