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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dog Days: The Story of Tully

The story of Tully is kind of crazy. It was serendipitous, if you will. Or maybe you could call it 'fate' or 'destiny' if you believe in those things. Maybe it was just a series of coincidences!

I mentioned yesterday in the story of Flora that our flight volunteers were with a nonprofit called Greater Good (that is based in Seattle and Tucson). While they were in Thailand they visited an elephant sanctuary and then volunteered at Soi Dog Foundation (where we got Flora from, in case you didn't read yesterday's post). The owner of Soi Dog took them around Phuket. One day on their wanderings, this happened:

"After showing visitors from Greater Good our mobile clinic, and returning to the shelter a request was made to visit a temple. The plan was made to visit Wat Ban Don which was on the route back, but for some reason John felt strongly that he should take quite a large detour and go to Wat Para.

Whilst looking around one of the monks came hurrying over and pointed out two tiny puppies laid on a footpath. At first John thought they were dead as they were not moving, but on picking them up found they were still alive but extremely weak. They had been dumped there the night before without their mother.

Riddled with lice and ticks, on arrival at the shelter they were given emergency treatment and one was found to have maggots in its ear and blood tests showed it was suffering from septicemia. After initial treatment it was felt their best chance, if they survived the night, was to move them to our puppy foster mother's house as neither had been weaned and could take solid food and Dr. Su would treat them there.

Although it is still early days both puppies are currently doing well and we will publish update photos tomorrow. The puppies have been named Seattle and Tucson at the suggestion of the Greater Good team."
-Taken from the album SAVED BY SIXTH SENSE from Soi Dog Foundation's Facebook page

These are the puppies when they were found. There are more pictures from their early puppyhood in the Facebook album. We didn't even have Flora yet. Our flight volunteers were there when these puppies were found. A week or maybe two weeks later, those flight volunteers were bringing Flora to us.

Michael and I thought the puppies were adorable of course, and we were so sad that they were in such bad shape, but so happy that Soi Dog found them and was taking care of them. We got Flora and we were loving having our own pup and were so thankful to both Soi Dog and the Greater Good volunteers. And then about two months later...

Soi Dog posted an update to their Facebook page:

"Remember Seattle and Tucson? These two pups were found it seems by fate, at a very young age by John when visiting the Wat Para temple in Phuket. They appeared to be lifeless but were still just breathing.

Today more than two months later they will leave our puppy carers home and return to the shelter. The photos were taken just before they departed. The good news is Tucson the little boy has already been adopted and will soon fly to coincidentally, Seattle! and a wonderful home with Kelly Callahan who already adopted Silley from us last year. Seattle who is a little girl is still looking for a home."
-Taken from the album SEATTLE AND TUCSON MOVE TO THE SHELTER from Soi Dog Foundation's Facebook page

Seattle, taken from the album.
Tucson, taken from the album.

Pretty weird that Tucson was being adopted to Seattle and Seattle was still available and that we live in Seattle, right? And that these dogs were found by the Greater Good team that brought us Flora (and so much happiness!). We had actually already started looking at other dogs on Soi Dog's website. We didn't think we would really do it right away, but we figured maybe in a few months we'd get a second dog.

It gets weirder... You know Kelly Callahan, who adopted Tucson and had also adopted a dog named Silley from SDF last year? Yeah, we met Kelly. Silley came over on the same flight as Flora. I don't even know if I believe in fate, but this certainly felt like fate. We knew we had to do it, or at least try. (Flora didn't get the Facebook exposure...but these puppies having their story all over Facebook with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments...we didn't know if there would be tons of requests in to adopt her already.)

We think the fact that we had already adopted from them before and the fact that we were also in Seattle swayed their decision. (So many people commented saying it was too bad they couldn't be adopted together. If they were going to the same city, people would feel better and it'd be a great story. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten the siblings together. I really want to! I don't even know how to contact Kelly.)

Once we were approved, we started thinking of a new name. We just felt like it'd be weird living in Seattle and walking around calling, "Come here, Seattle!" We tried to think of Seattle-related names. Most of the good ones we came up with sounded like boy dogs. Sounder (the Seattle MLS team mascot) was one of my favorites, but it didn't fit for a girl in our opinion. Then one day Michael came up with Tully. The reason for the name is two-fold: the 'ttle' in Seattle is pronounced 'tull' and Tully's is a coffee shop chain that started in Seattle.

One of the main differences in adopting Tully and adopting Flora is that we got a lot more photo updates on Tully! Since she was just a puppy and part of this big story (and not as timid as Flora), photos of her were posted in the private Soi Dog Adopters Club Facebook page. (Nice volunteers would often post and ask if anyone had any photo requests! We requested photos of Flora and Tully, but only got photos of Tully.) These photos were all sent to us while we awaited Tully's arrival.

Her head tilt here KILLED me, so did the little tiny sliver of tongue sticking out. The other little dog she's with is Madonna, and she was awaiting her flight home to her new family as well. (The dogs are separated into runs, and there is a run for adopted dogs awaiting their flights home.) And yes, Tully is still a major head tilter. I may or may not make crazy noises at her all the time just to see her perk up her ears and tilt her head.

Tully and Tucson arrived in Seattle on March 8th, 2014 (four months to the day after Flora and Silley arrived). This was a much different experience than with Flora. Tully came right out of her crate and went up to people to sniff them and get some pets. She did, however, bark all the away across the vast international terminal at another dog that was in there. You can see from the pictures above that Tully has pointy ears and Tucson has floppy ones and that Tucson's nose has more black around it. Tully also has a stub for a tail and Tucson's is long. Tully is also extremely soft and a little fluffy, and Tucson's hair was very coarse. It was weird to see those differences between them! Here she is at the airport before we got all the tape and the zip ties off and got her out of the crate!

This is from the day we got her after we got home. Already content to sit on Michael and get right up in his face! And then to fall asleep in his arms!

Here's the first picture of both dogs together! We were kind of nervous about how Flora would adjust. At first we made sure to keep them separated. Flora didn't seem too happy about another dog in the household for the first day or so.

I was the only one awake in the apartment in the middle of the afternoon!

This was after her first trip to the dog park. She was exhausted. There is a small, semi-hidden dog park that we took them to. Tully and Flora have TONS of fun chasing each other around, and Tully has even played with other dogs in the past. But Tully is often afraid of bigger dogs (and she doesn't just run from them...she snaps at them if they approach her because she's afraid) so we've had issues and have had to leave the park. That's why I so desperately want a fenced in yard, so they can chase each other around and we don't have to worry about any altercations with other dogs.

They got along just days after Tully arrived! And there's that head tilt again. :)

She was sleeping snuggled up with me and her face was just so cute and funny to me!

I was feeling sick one day and stayed home from work (it actually turned into FOUR sick days...worst sickness I'd ever had) and Tully resting her paws on Flora (and Flora not batting an eye) was so cute!

I post a lot more pictures of Tully, but I promise I don't play favorites! Tully is just easier to photograph in any lighting. Flora is definitely the alpha...but Tully likes to act tough. She will bite Flora's legs playfully but once Flora turns around to face her, she bows down and wags her stub of a tail, ready to run away! They love to chase after each other in the limited space in our apartment. They run back and forth from the couch to the bed.

Flora is timid and skittish. She tries to be unseen. She slinks down and walks low to the ground and tries to stay in corners or against the wall when people walk by. Tully is a different kind of nervous. Instead, she barks at everyone. It gets kind of exhausting because in the potty area of our apartment people always want to try to socialize their dogs with others. I tell them our dogs are really nervous, and probably 75% of the time they don't get it and still bring their dogs over. I'm very thankful for the dog owners that understand. Of course I wish they would want to socialize, but that's not who they are. We have looked into behavioral therapy/training for them but that stuff is expensive! I'm hoping that once we're done with wedding expenses and we move to a cheaper place once our lease is up that maybe we can squeeze in some behavioral therapy for them. Tully will play with the occasional small dog, but like I said, she's afraid of big dogs.

Tully is crated during the day when we're at work. We put her in the huge crate that Flora was sent over in (it was huge even for Flora). She actually seems to like the crate. She'll sometimes just go in there and hang out when we're home. We always put in her little blanket. I didn't mention this, but because she was found as a tiny puppy and never weaned from her mother, she 'nurses' on blankets. She just puts it in her mouth, kneads with her paws, and you can see her eyes start to close from the relaxation. It's heartbreaking knowing that she was taken from her mother too early, but it is kind of cute to see her drag her blanket all over the apartment like a little kid would with their baby blanket. (Flora was never crated. We got a gate and gated her in the kitchen, but she just jumped over it and she didn't chew a single thing or have any accidents being left alone, so it worked out.)

Sorry about the wordiness! I hope you enjoyed the stories of how we built our little family! If you missed the story of Flora yesterday, you can click here to read it!

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  23. I love your stories for both pups! They are so precious!

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