Northwest Native: August Budget [2015] + an announcement!

Friday, August 28, 2015

August Budget [2015] + an announcement!

August 2015 Budget
Scallop Embellished Cotton Poplin Dress - $96.95, on sale for $48.95 // $0 c/o eShakti
I reviewed my eShakti purchases here. You might recall that this dress was a little big (which was fine because of the drawstring), but the waist was much lower than my natural waist and the dress was way too sheer. Since I was given this piece and didn't purchase it, it didn't get returned...but it won't get worn either.

After purchasing my Wit & Wisdom jeans (in gray, black, and dark wash) I realized how amazing it is to have your jeans actually fit you (shocking, right?!). I knew my white jeans from Target didn't fit me well, but it became glaringly obvious after putting on jeans that fit me so well. I knew if I wanted new white jeans, I should start looking now because they selection will dwindle the closer we get to fall. Since the true fit tool on Nordstrom's website was spot on with the size and fit of the Wit & Wisdom jeans for me, I relied on it to pick out these Treasure & Bond white jeans. The site told me these would be an 'excellent fit' and I snatched them up the day I discovered them. (Two other pairs of white jeans were listed as an excellent fit, but my size was sold out in both. Told you they're dwindling!) I listed my white cropped jeans from Target on Poshmark.

Floral Splash Print Full Skirt - $69.96, on sale for $34.95 - $35 gift coupon for registering = $0
This was also included in my eShakti review here. It was my very first midi skirt, so ordering it online was a risk, but it paid off!

Floral Splash Print Crop Tank - $49.94, on sale for $24.95
You can see this in action in my eShakti review post as well. I haven't owned many crop tops, and I don't really like to show much of my stomach, so this one was perfect (because it shows none!).

Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Top (Kelp Forest) - $22.94, on sale for $22 - 40% off code = $13.20
This top is a flattering fit and I love the color! It works with black, white, or gray on bottom, so I can pair it with any of those colors of jeans, or just my dark wash ones. I could also pair it with dress pants or skirts in those colors. It'd probably work with tan/khaki color too.

Women's Sleeveless V-Neck Top (Olive Leaf) - $22.94, on sale for $22 - 40% off code = $13.20
I love the print on this top! Again, it's versatile--black, white, and denim work with it. My navy dress pants might even work with it too! Plus I could wear it with skirts.

Women's Sleeveless Tunic (Raisin Stripe) - $24.94, on sale for $22 - 40% off code = $13.20
I love this. I love the colors, the slim, vertical stripes, the no-show buttons, the collar, and the slouchiness and undefined sleeves. I also love that I can wear it with leggings! And I love that I got this and the other two Old Navy tops at 40% off, plus 8% cash back via eBates (it's usually 2%), and I earned $30 Super Cash that I can spend in September! (I already have a list going of what to spend it on...)

Lush Roll Tab Sleeve Woven Shirt - $38 - $20 Nordstrom Note - $18 return = $0
So, I ended up returning the tote I bought during the Anniversary Sale. I left it sitting out in the living area where I would see it often so I could decide one way or the other. I would periodically try it on and just thought it was too big for me, plus I'm kind of addicted to the ease of a crossbody. My Nordstrom credit card had a $0 balance, so I got a credit of $35.90 on it from the return and figured I should use part of that plus my Nordstrom Note to snatch up this top! I first found it when I was writing this post and I became obsessed and knew I had to have it!

No collage of the next four items because I thought I was done shopping this month before them...and three of them are not online!

Gold Wedge Sandals (same style in black and white, super similar in gold) - $29.99, on clearance for $8.98 - 5% REDcard discount = $8.50

Black Jogger Sweatpants - $19.99 - 5% REDcard discount = $19

Open Back Hoodie (not online - posted here) - $19.99 - 5% REDcard discount = $19

Burgundy Lace Detail Dress (not online - posted here) - $24.99 - 5% REDcard discount = $23.75

Total: $193.70 - $13.15 (Poshmark) = $180.55

I'm just going to go ahead and admit right now that I already started spending toward my September budget yesterday... I know that would technically be August, but 1) I was too lazy to add my purchases last night and 2) I feel like I spent enough in August (that impulse in-store Target purchase really got I thought I'd be getting some money back from eBates this month and I actually don't until November...).

Things that I returned:

Women's Plaid Tunic Pullover - $29.94 - 40% off code = $17.96
I loved this online, but when I tried it on it was just okay. I might have been able to create some cute outfits with it, but I just knew it wasn't something I loved, so I probably wouldn't reach for it often.

As always I am linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers, but I am also linking up with Katie and Stephanie for their first ever Final Friday Finance!

And speaking of brand new link-ups...Julie and I have teamed up to start a monthly link-up (we haven't thought of a name for it yet, but we have topics and dates for the rest of the year)! 
Our first link-up is this coming Tuesday, September 1st! Not to beat a dead horse, but fall is my favorite season (she said for the trillionth time) so writing a post about my favorite fall activities has me giddy!
I hope to see some of your favorite fall activities linked up on Tuesday! Even if you hate fall, maybe your favorite fall activity is being depressed that summer is over? Or biding your time until Christmas? All activities are welcome. :)

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  1. Yes! A link-up! I hope I remember. I am so bad about link-ups because I don't remember until I actually see the link-up live. Ha. Love your shopping pics, too. You are tempting me, but I'm trying not to spend right now. Stop!!! :-)

  2. i loved seeing what you chose and what didn't make the cut! some great options for us stuck in a style rut.

  3. Woohoo I'm excited for your linkup! Do you like the joggers you found at Target? I got some from Nordstrom during the sale but returned them because they weren't all that comfy.

  4. Fun link up ideas!!! And wow you did pretty good!! I'm a victim of buying ill fitting jeans too ... will have to try the ones you like!! :)

  5. I got a little crazy this month this too, but not spending this upcoming month. I really have to get better at using ebates I even have the thing in my favorites bar....Spent a good ton of money at one store that's even on ebates...grr

    How cool that y'all are starting a link up! I wish I could start one up, but just don't have anyone to pair with or have a trio like many of the links up I've seen.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  6. I am absolutely going to link up with you on this. I'll work on my posts this weekend. :) And I got ridiculously excited about our mall getting a Rue 21 and they had super cute maxi skirts, that fit me, and aren't solid colors. WIN.

  7. I wish sleeveless shirts looks OK on me - they don't... why I'm ready for fall LONG SLEEVES :) haha

  8. YES!! SO excited for your guys link up!! Wooo. Bummed your dress from eShati didn't work out though :(

  9. That floral splash top/skirt looks SO cute on you! Yay for our first link up so excited :)

  10. Your linkup looks like so much fun! You white denim skinny jeans look perfect-I really need a pair!

  11. Yay for new link-ups! I just opened up like all the tabs you have linked in this post so...there's that. One last thing: REDcard is the greatest invention ever. The End.

  12. It looks like you grabbed some fun stuff this month!!!

  13. I so love Poshmark! Looks like you didn't do too bad- a lot of those pieces will transition over nicely into fall! Love the idea for the link-up, good luck!!

  14. I'm really liking all your picks this month, especially the lush roll tab sleeve top! And YAY for a new link up!

  15. You did amazing with getting deals this month! Really love that floral print skirt and am excited to see how you pair it with items in your closet that aren't the matching floral print top (I thought it was a dress at first).

    I just started using Poshmark recently too. Curious to know what your experience has been like as a seller, as I think I've had some mixed opinions on this one.


  16. I'm super excited for this linkup!! Have a great weekend Mattie :)

  17. That is awesome news, I loveeee link ups! Such a great way to connect with new bloggers :) And obviously love all your picks above, I can't stay away from a good deal!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  18. You always find some of the best bargains. I really do need to keep you around between bargains and bloglovin' haha have a great weekend :)

  19. You can't put a price on decent fitting jeans! I will spend whatever if they fit great because jeans are SO hard to shop for. Old Navy always has some good deals too so that's awesome you got 40% on everything! Congrats on the link-up too! I have to set a reminder now!

  20. Love the new linkup plans! & thank you for the kind words this week <3

  21. Thanks for all the sales. I'm looking forward to checking out the link-up!

  22. I love all of those tops you found--such great colors and patterns! I also immediately had to investigate the Nordstrom True Fit tool because jeans/pants fit me SO weird/erratically, and I'm so used to it that I don't even notice until I'm yanking my pants up or twitching uncomfortably! I'm super intrigued to try this out!