Northwest Native: Weekend Recap: It's too hot!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: It's too hot!

I'm sure most people's weekend recap titles will have something to do with Independence Day. We had absolutely no plans for the 4th! So, I'd just like to point out that it has been about twenty degrees hotter lately than the average this time of year. I know a lot of places deal with the low 90s for months, but I don't live in one of those places. And there's a reason for that. #I'mmelting

I'm not a huge sunglasses fan because they always leave marks on my face (and mess up my makeup if I'm wearing it). I do love not squinting though, so I wore sunglasses on Friday and we walked a lot in the heat. My sunglasses really did a number on my makeup that day. Why am I the only one who seems to struggle with this?!

Okay, on to the recap! On Friday, we went to the Wooden Boat Festival on Lake Union. Fun fact, apparently my grandpa did work for the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle or made a donation to them or something, and my dad told me that any of his family members get to rent a rowboat for free with the mention of his name. I feel like this is not a documented thing though, and that if I ever tried I would look like a big dumb idiot.

When you enter, you're given a wooden token to vote for your favorite boat. I chose this one.
The shape of the cabin reminded me of a tugboat--my dad is a retired tugboat captain and used to own his own personal tugboat too--so that's why I chose it.

This boat is the Arthur Foss, and my dad worked for Foss Maritime when he was a tugboat captain, so that was cool.

We had booked an hour long cruise on the lake on this boat, the Virginia V.
It used to be a ferry that went from Seattle to Tacoma and it cost...35 cents!

I broke out my palm print shorts for the first time for the occasion!
They're a little shorter than I would normally wear, but I got over it because I love them so much. I really wanted to wear a bright pop of color top, but I didn't have any lightweight sleeveless ones in a color that would work, so I just went with my black swing tank.

Michael has been growing out his hair for a few months with the ultimate goal of a man bun. He has thick, curly hair and it looks super long now when he wears a hat!

One of my favorite parts of being on Lake Union (before this, I had been on it twice for Ride the Ducks tours) are the houseboats! I look at them and dream of owning one one day.
Most of them are in the millions range. One of them rents for $8,000 per month. Oy. The houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle is still on Lake Union! I've gone by it on both Ride the Ducks tours, but on this trip, we were on the opposite side of the lake from it.

And I'll end the recap of the boat ride with a patriotic picture, because duh, 4th of July weekend.

After that, we went to Lunchbox Laboratory. I love this place. And, to keep up with the patriotic theme, guess what my burger was called? The OG 'Merican. Doesn't get more patriotic than that. It had bacon, thick American cheese, and root beer grilled good!
I would just like to say that last time we went to this place was before we started to be intentional about eating healthier and being active. This is embarrassing to admit, but last time we shared their loaded tots (so so good!) and each got a burger with mac and cheese as our side...and milkshakes. I ended up taking most of my mac and cheese home with me, but still, that's a lot to eat and I was painfully full. This time, we got the tots to share, each got a burger, drank water, and got salads as our side. I didn't finish my burger and could only eat like two bites of salad...and I was painfully full. You know you've lost a good amount of weight when your stomach has shrunk significantly!

We went home and relaxed for a bit before heading to Target in search of wedding stuff. No luck. We left the store with hair products and Banana Boat after sun lotion (some sunburns may have been acquired earlier that day). But then...we went to Hobby Lobby for the first time! We're getting married in October and pumpkins are a huge part of the decor. A bunch of bloggers have mentioned that Hobby Lobby already has their fall stuff in stores.
This was $20 and wasn't on sale. I wanted it soo badly! I'd use it as decor in our apartment but we may have utilized it for the wedding too. I'm hoping it goes on sale later and I can get it then. But we ended up getting a bunch of jars for a hot chocolate bar, little chalkboards for marking tables, and big glass jars to display mini pumpkins...and all of it was 50% off! We also got an adorable framed print with a 2-person bicycle for $2.60. It was 90% off! I'm obsessed with this store now. They have a black, white, and gold section that made me drool, along with their fall decor and nautical decor.

On the 4th we were super patriotic and...went to Michael's in search of more wedding stuff. We also got Cold Stone while we were out--I hadn't had it in years so it was a major blast from the past. I always got the Birthday Cake Remix so of course I went for that. We made ourselves some carne asada loaded sweet potato fries and Michael made a chipotle coleslaw with shrimp. They were good, but not pretty, so no pictures. We ate and watched three movies. We got While We're Young from Redbox. I like the actors in it, and it was fine. I wasn't disappointed that we had rented it. We also watched Big Hero 6 and it was hilarious. Especially when he tries to do a fist bump. You need to watch it just for that. And then we finally watched Cake on Netflix. I didn't know what to expect, and I liked it. It was really interesting to see Jeniffer Aniston a) not looking super gorgeous and b) in a really serious role. I also love Anna Kendrick and she was in it. I celebrated the holiday by drinking some prosecco.
I think I prefer prosecco over champagne. I've had good champagne, but often I find it overly sweet or overly dry. Prosecco is generally within my ideal flavor zone. Cupcake is my favorite brand.

I know--you're thinking how lame I am for how I spent my 4th. Honestly, I've always put too much pressure on the holiday and wanted it to be crazy fun, but it ended up just being eh, so it was a downer. (Same thing with New Years.) So now I just treat it like a pretty normal day and it's great!

Sunday was very low-key. We made it a no TV day. I read a lot! We also stained one of the crates that we bought at Michael's on the 4th. It's a little redder than we had anticipated (we accidentally bought cabarnet and had meant to buy cherry) but I know Michael and I won't be concerned about such small details on our wedding day. If the guests think it looks off, so be it.

I also returned the dress I had considered as a rehearsal dinner dress to Nordstrom. I just didn't love it. I looked around and tried some stuff on...I swear I have better luck online shopping! I looked around in Target too but only bought cleaning supplies, a new lip color, and new mascara.

Sorry about the rushed recap. I had a great weekend, but the only real "blog-worthy" day was Friday, so I tried to make the other days short and sweet.

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  1. Hi, Mattie!
    For not having any major plans for your July 4th weekend, it sure looks like you had a ton of fun! I have the same problem with sunglasses, but I wear them anyway. And I only buy the cheap ones from Target because my son inevitably breaks them every. single. summer. Several times a summer. So I refuse to buy an expensive pair. Also, I just ordered those palm print shorts bc I've seen them on a bunch of bloggers, but I'm worried that they may be too short for me. I love the print so much, though! We'll see. I'll have to try them after I've self-tanned... ha!
    Hope you have a great Monday!
    The Busy Brunette

  2. I love that you're planning a hot chocolate bar for your wedding! That's awesome.

    Where do you get your sunglasses from? I find my biggest problem is that most are too wide for my face and I look awkward in them :(

  3. So sorry that you decided to return the dress. I thought you really liked it!

  4. That prosecco is the best!!! I'm so excited fall things are already coming out in stores. But I do love summer!!

  5. Hobby Lobby is the best!! It feeds my love for fall!! Love your palm print shorts and your low key 4th!!

  6. Agree on the heat!!! Is it bad to admit that it's barely July and I'm ready for fall boots weather!? That boat ride looks so fun though (and a great way to cool off) - I'll have to try that!! I used to live one block up from the houseboats and always wanted one too. :) xo

  7. Loved reading about your weekend! What a neat even with the boats! That burger looks sooooo good! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I totally love Cupcake Prosecco!! One of my faves.

  9. Days spent on a boat are just the best and looks like your weather totally cooperated!! I'm going to need to try that Prosecco stat!!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  10. The heat is not my favorite, it has been too hot here for weeks and will continue to be so until about October. Sigh. I have the same issue with sunglasses messing up my make up and leaving marks on my face...but I hate to wear them year round. My eyes are a really light blue and are super sensitive to sunlight. Plus squinting can cause serious wrinkles on your forehead and between your sunglasses it is! Looks like you had a fun weekend, hope you have a great week!

  11. Hey so I am also a birthday remix lover....I like you even more now!!! Hope you survive all that crazy heat!!

  12. Totally feeling you on the heat -- it feels a bit warmer than usual in Florida these days, I frequently have to crank the A/C in my car up to level 4 to cool off. I really can't go anywhere here without sunglasses (honestly, sometimes I have to wear them inside in places like the mall because all the buildings have tons of windows and skylights), but I definitely get those un-cute marks on my nose.

    I had a low-key 4th as well -- I thought I'd have some of those grouchy FOMO pangs while scrolling through FB and Instagram, but I was actually pretty happy to just chill. I'm sure next year I'll be invited to Taylor Swift's bash... :)

  13. I was in Hobby Lobby last week & on the phone with the hubs & walked in & said, "OH DEAR LORD" - he was like, what's wrong??!!??... "Fall stuff is out" :)

    I have issues with sunglasses too. They always make me feel claustrophobic

  14. Looks like you all had a great weekend! Your boat trip looks fun & really pretty :)

  15. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Those palm tree shorts are so cute!

    A houseboat sounds pretty lovely right about now.

  16. I always see that Cupcake Prosecco & think about buying it but haven't yet. Next time I'll have to grab it to try it. The weekend looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Do you have the Hobby Lobby app? There's always a 40% off one regular priced item coupon and I always use it for the stuff I want that isn't on sale yet. Yay for Hobby Lobby!

  18. Aww, I love this post! So excited about the fall wedding and your weekend looks so fun! Also, love your new theme! Haven't been here in a while... oops... it looks so great!!

  19. I'll have to try that prosecco! I love hearing other people's recommendations:) You had a great weekend!!

  20. I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time in June. Life changer! I wanted to spend my entire savings in that store. They are building one about 10 minutes away from my house now. My husband might have to take away my debit card! EKK! :)

  21. Oh my goodness that looks SO fun! I think seeing all the boats up close would be too cool!

  22. That food looks amazing! I always have to avoid Hobby Lobby, I’ll spend way too much time and too much money in there.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  23. For not having any plans you guys sure got a lot in! The day on the water looks so beautiful and that burger so delicious!

  24. Looks like a great weekend and that burger looks amazing!

  25. That is a really beautiful part of the country that I've never visited, so I enjoyed the photos you shared. I'm a little crazy obsessed with cheap sunglasses. If I can get sunglasses for $5, I'm buying a pair.

  26. I love the low key celebration! Me and my fiance too, we prefer to have spontaneous celebrations :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  27. hold on. i'm sorry. there's a hobby lobby nearby!?!?!?!

  28. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your lunch looks AMAZING. Like mouth-watering. Wow. Check Hobby Lobby can almost always get a 40% off coupon and it seems like everything goes on sale every few weeks...I think they have some type of rotating cycle. Can't wait to see more of your wedding decor!

  29. Wow you did a lot over the weekend! I visited that lake and took the Duck Tours when I was visiting my college roommate last summer. Those houseboats are insane! Oh, and I love Michael's hat. I'm a Bay Area girl born and raised so naturally, we're Giants fans!