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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Loves & Hates

So I noticed this little thing going around the blogging world where you list ten things you love and ten things you hate, then nominate ten bloggers to do the same! I really wanted to do it. I considered just doing it without a nomination. But then Emily @ a little bit of emily nominated me! Thanks, Emily! (Side note: Literally every one of Emily's loves/hates could've been my own. I may even list some of the same things, but not on purpose! And I'm too lazy to go back and check to make sure.)

Before I get into my list, I thought I'd list my nominations. This was really hard you guys. I tried to pick bloggers that I thought might actually come see their nominations. And Emily had nominated a few that I had in my head to nominate! I read all of these ladies' if one of you has already done this and it was before I started reading or I forgot (I didn't go back to check...and I read a lot of blogs so I don't remember off the top of my head) you obviously don't have to do it again. :)

Without further ado, my ten loves and hates!


  1. The water - My dad is a retired tugboat captain, my hometown is right on the Columbia River, we owned a speedboat, tugboat, a few other boats, and a little one room house that floated on the river. We used to go tubing every summer. We also went to Chelan every summer when I was growing up and I loved swimming in the lake and going to the water park. I've always loved the water and swimming. Living in Seattle, I love that I see the water at least once every day!
  2. Gluten - This sounds really weird, but hear me out. Recently, Michael self-diagnosed himself with a gluten sensitivity, so now we can't eat gluten. (I can, but if we're making dinner together, it's not going to contain gluten!) It made me realize just how many of my favorite foods contain gluten... Pizza, pasta (gnocchi is my favorite!), baked goods, burgers, sandwiches... I know you can get a lot of these things gluten free, but some restaurants don't offer that, sometimes it's expensive, etc.
  3. Online shopping - Okay, I know this one was on Emily's list. but I love online shopping too much to not list it. I never really thought about it until I read Emily's list, but my reasoning for loving online shopping over shopping in store is probably the same as hers: I don't have my favorite shopping partner--my mom--around!
  4. Romantic comedies - I know, I'm so typical. I just love these feel-good movies. Even Trainwreck had a 'romantic' (and still totally hilarious) ending...and I was seriously tearing up. Yes, I teared up at the end of a hilarious comedy.
  5. Reading - With the summer reading challenge going on, I've rediscovered one of my true loves--reading! I love a good movie or a Netflix binge, but reading really transports you somewhere else more than watching something ever will (at least for me).
  6. Coffee - And by coffee I mean coffee with nonfat hazelnut creamer, or a vanilla latte, white chocolate mocha...none of this black coffee nonsense. (I wish I liked it, though!)
  7. Popcorn - I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but when Michael and I go to movies, we usually get popcorn. And I always eat more of it than him. It's probably the only thing that I consistently eat more of than him. I blame my family. We often would just make popcorn for dinner when my mom didn't want to cook. We love popcorn. Michael can't just eat popcorn for dinner and sometimes that's all I want, which is sad.
  8. Penguins - Penguins are my favorite animal. I actually love birds. Pelicans are up there too. I even think pigeons are cute and my family thinks I'm insane (they call them 'rats with wings').
  9. Writing - By this, I mostly mean in the blogging sense. You've probably noticed that I don't really keep things short and sweet. I just can't. I need to include every last detail. I'm the exact opposite in person. I'm super quiet if I don't know someone very well. I guess I do talk a lot with people I'm close to, though.
  10. Fall - Fall is my absolute favorite season. October is my favorite month. I think it started because my birthday is in October, but I just love all things fall. The colorful leaves falling, pumpkin spice scents and baked goods (but NOT pumpkin spice lattes), wearing jeans, leggings, and's just the best. Plus I have a horrible tolerance for both heat and cold, but it's way easier to get warm in the cold than cool down in the heat when you don't have A/C!


  1. Pumpkin spice lattes - I felt like I had to list this since I mentioned it in my love of fall. I got a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks once and hated it. It tasted like soap to me. Never again.
  2. Mushrooms - I know, I know. "But they just soak up the flavors of everything around them!" You think I've never heard that before? It's the texture, people. I'm a big texture person.
  3. Doing laundry - I think a big part of why I hate this so much is because the area where our washer and dryer are is sooo cramped. If I had a full laundry room I'd probably still hate laundry, but definitely not at the level that I do now.
  4. Talking on the phone - Unless you're my mom, I probably don't want to have a lengthy phone conversation with you. I prefer talking in person.
  5. Typos - It doesn't bother me when other people make typos one bit. Honestly, I probably don't notice other people's typos most of the time. I read through my posts multiples times before posting them. I often preview them so I can see them as the reader sees them. And then I often preview them after they've already been published. And that's always when I notice typos, of course. I also realized that when I talked about Trainwreck two posts in a one post I wrote Trainwreck and in the other I wrote Train Wreck. That was an awful realization.
  6. Loop giveaways - UGH. I hate these things so much. You better believe that if I ever start utilizing Instagram as a blogging tool, I will not be participating in any loop giveaways. (Note: If I ever do, please remind me of this and knock some sense into me!)
  7. Straight liquor - This makes me gag just thinking about it. I hate taking shots. I feel like it's going to come back up right when I take it (sorry if that's TMI). Ick. I also will never be one of those people who just sips on straight vodka or scotch or whatever.
  8. Crowds - I don't like to be in big crowds. I don't have an actual phobia or anything, it just annoys me. I think it goes along with my walking fast/hating when people stand in the middle of the sidewalk. I also feel like not everyone is considerate of other people in a crowd, which is really frustrating.
  9. Mascara problems - This just happened to me last week. Sneezing while putting on mascara or right after when it's still wet and getting it under your eye...the worst. And then I struggle to get it all off because I don't want to use eye makeup remover because then I feel like I need to take off all of my face makeup to make it even again. Ugh.
  10. Being kept awake - Oh my gosh Michael does this sometimes and it makes me want to get violent! Ha! Even if I'm not suuuper tired, it's hard for me to stay awake while watching TV. If we're watching TV or a movie before bed, sometimes Michael will yell at me to wake up every time I fall asleep. It's inhumane. Or sometimes when we've turned the TV off and have agreed to go to sleep (and I've fallen asleep or am almost there) he'll keep trying to talk to me or touch me or anything...without opening my eyes or anything I get this super whiney voice and I tell him to LET ME SLEEP! The dogs will also often keep me awake, either at night or they'll wake me up super early and not let me go back to sleep.
What's on your list?

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  1. First off, I totally have those leopard print shoes and I am OBSESSED with them. Ok, now onto the post... haha! I have a gluten intolerance too and yes, you never realize how much you love gluten until you can't have it. Oh wait, I totally do anyway... lol! And penguins are my favorite animal! And yes to straight liquor. Disgusting. I don't understand how people do shots, so gross!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. When I worked in a coffee shop I discovered my own pumpkin spice latte love - half a shot of white chocolate, half a shot of chai, and half a shot of pumpkin. That way the pumpkin isn't super overpowering. So good!

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  3. I was SO excited to read this post!!!! I think I could take this list as mine, too! Like you, I could comment on literally everything but will refrain from making an insanely long comment. I struggle with typos all the time...I always look back after reading my post mulitple times and find something I missed! I only like talking on the phone to a handful of people...otherwise I would much rather "talk" via text or email. I think the only differences are that I actually don't mind doing laundry and I love me some mushrooms!

  4. I had to laugh at your love of gluten, but it's so true! I had to cut it out 4 years ago, and I still miss the fresh baked bread and pastries of my youth and early twenties. I grew up in a bakery (literally, it was in our basement), which makes it even harder! It's much easier to eat foods that just naturally don't include it than it is to try and recreate them without that little protein.

  5. I totally hate talking on the phone. I have one friend who insists on talking on the phone. Ugh, I have always hated it. I too love coffee.Oh and I'm with you, I hate crowds, hate them. I have been know to leave places if its too crowded. Bumping into people is not what I consider fun.

  6. I'm totally in :)
    I'm not a fan of the PSL either. I know they're coming soon... hold on! :)

  7. I had mascara drama last night. I was getting ready to go meet some friends and I was trying a new brand of mascara. It was SOOO clumpy, so I took it off and put on another mascara.. but then I ended up closing my eyes too hard and it got all over the place, so I had to restart again. Ugh!

  8. Okay there's a lot here but I had to comment on the gluten thing because it's so funny! After realizing I can't have gluten it so sad how much you really can't eat. I hope he doesn't have a gluten problem! That will be no fun at all! And I can't believe PSL are on your hate list. Noooooo

  9. That's so funny you posted your list today, I did mine too! And I nominated you as well. :)

    How doesn't love penguins? Haha Rom coms and reading were on my list too!

    Being kept awake is such a good one! I get really cranky if that happens. This girl needs her sleep.

  10. So excited to do this! & I agree, pumpkin spice lattes are gross and mascara sneezes are the worst!

  11. I am with you on all your loves!! I have been trying to stay as grain free, gluten free, processed free as I can.....but that knocks out my love for all of my favorite things like pasta, rice and pizza too! I am with you on all of your hates except the PSL. Sorry, that is fall heaven in a cup!

  12. I don't understand the fuss over pumpkin spice lattes, or pumpkin spice anything. There is a pumpkin-spiced candy corn!

  13. Yay thanks so much for nominating me! I'm super excited to do this... I'm happy I made the cut haha! I agree with you on just about all of these(except I LOVE pumpkin spice lattes) ... Especially the love of gluten. I think it's so funny that you mentioned that... But so true!

  14. the texture of mushrooms....gross!!! But online shopping is alway a true love xoxo

  15. I've only ever cried in one movie and that was The Nutty Professor, so don't feel bad about tearing up in Trainwreck! I really don't think I could survive being gluten-free... I LOVE carbs! Give me all the pasta/bread/bagels/etc! And I'd rather shop online too, but more because of the better sales and being able to find my size easier!

    I guess I can forgive the PSL thing lol. It's not for everyone.

  16. I've been liking online shopping a little too much lately and I can't take shots either, I just can't do it!

  17. Romantic movies are one of my favorite things ever! I love them so much. Those are actually the only movies I can ever stay awake during...and if I fall asleep during other movies my husband will wake me up constantly too! It's soooooo irritating. Lol.

  18. I hate mushrooms too. I think it's the squishiness that just doesn't work for me. What you wrote about typos is me - exactly! I hate my own typos too, but I have them all the time.

  19. Thank you for nominating me! I haven't actually seen this post before so it's nice to do something different! I have been doing a lot more online shopping lately just because I don't have patience for the mall anymore + I feel like I can find much better stuff online. I am with you on pumpkin spice lattes... I love pumpkin everything else but not those!

  20. This is so fun! Thanks for nominating me :) I can't wait to write this post. We have a lot of similar loves and hates...I love coffee and I hate people who walk/drive/move slowly! Hahaha

  21. Thanks for the nomination ☺ A lot of people you tagged, I would too… Guess I’ll have to expand my blog niche!

    My thoughts on your loves: My family owns a boat too and tubing was one of my favorite things growing up. Romantic comedies are my favorite too… I love the cheesiness!

    Hates: I hate PSL’s too! I don’t get the hype about them! I feel the same way about alcohol too… I need it mixed with something!

  22. I love Fall too it is my all time favorite season!!! I did a loop giveaway a few months ago and gained 400 IG followers and then lost like 200 lol... not sure it was really worth it!

  23. fall is my fave too. and i'm on october baby! as for the mascara, wait until it dries and then you can use a brush (like one used to groom brows) to flick it off. it works, i promise!! loved reading about your loves!

  24. Ahhh!! I can't believe you nominated me!! I am so excited and honored and ahhh!
    Second, why do this to me? We love/hate like all the same things. ;)
    I'm curious about loop giveaways! I hated them at first, but now I want to try one out. I just don't have "enough" followers by most hosts' standards. So, I've been researching to do my own. We'll see!
    I love fall as well. It is the like perfect season because all the clothes are so stinking cute! I'd die without gluten, just being honest here. Also, you'll see my post within the coming week! EKKK. So excited!! :)

  25. Ok, are we like long-lost sisters or something? Because I agree with pretty much every single love and hate thing you listed! Like not even joking. Mushrooms--GROSS! Will never eat them. My coffee has to have Classic Vanilla creamer or have to have it sweetened at Starbucks. No black coffee or even unsweetened at least a little bit for this girl! I hate talking on the phone to anyone which is why I avoid calling anyone, even family members and I feel so bad about it! Romantic movies are the best and have the best rewatch potential. Water yes. I am a beach girl through and through. I'd like to live in a tropical climate for the rest of my life--which is why Hawaii is my favorite place of all time and we want to move back to SoCal ASAP! Gluten, I love gluten. I tried cutting it out for a month and could only make it a week. I eat bread at least once a day and love pizza, pasta, bread, crackers, and the like way too much! Reading is a big love of mine too. My birthday is in October too but I'm a summer girl. I love the heat--but not the AC! PSLs, gross! Everything else pumpkin flavored, yum! I don't mind laundry too much, until the third load when I don't feel like walking down the two flights of stairs to get them! Loop giveaways, especially with like 30 people you have to follow are the worst! And when they make you tag three friends, I feel so bad tagging a friend, especially a non-blogger friend. And then those giveaway pictures just clutter your feed, so annoying. I'm not much of a drinker either because I can't stand the taste. I can tolerate mimosas but could live without alcohol easily! Saves money right? I'm so sloppy with mascara. I tend to get it on my eyelids and it just messes up my eyeshadow! So attractive. Hahahaha girl, you and I are the same when it comes to being kept awake. My boyfriend does the same thing to me if we watch something late at night, especially with the lights off! I just get so warm and comfy cuddled up to him! How could you not fall asleep?

  26. AHHH!!! Love this and love that I'm on your list!!!! Hmmm ... will get to thinking on this one! Agree with so many of these. Completely agree with your #1 - I think it's the NW gals in us!!! Also on your hates list, being kept awake - OMG that is so me (let's say having kids was a seriously rude awakening). Pumpkin lattes YES - from Starbucks I feel like they taste BAD. But I like them from other places, so who knows.

  27. I can totally indentify with your hates!

  28. this is a super fun idea! i love it ;) although mushrooms and pumpkin spice lattes are two of my favs… i can relate to a lot your items!

  29. Dude. You didn't tag me. WTF!

    jk... lol

    Mushrooms are the bombdotcom! Don't get the sliced kind. Those ones are nasty.
    Loop giveaways are the worst. Hate them.

    I'd rather text. Don't call. Don't leave a voicemail. Just text!!

  30. We are the exact same person, I swear! Just substitute flamingos (obsessed) with penguins and your love list is my list. And the first 5 things on your hate list would make my top 5 too, especially mushrooms (yuckkkk) and talking on the phone