Northwest Native: July Goals [2015]

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals [2015]

I'm a little freaked out because I feel like I JUST posted my June goals! Granted, I did post them late, but June 9th feels like just yesterday! I'll start off with how I did on those goals.


Wedding Invitations - Check!
We sent out wedding invites to the big families, a lot of out-of-towners, and at the last minute remembered we should probably send them to our parents too--we've been keeping the design a secret until they were sent out and knew our parents would want to see them in the first round! I actually got even more sent out, and now I'm stressing and just want allll of them to go out! (We've received one RSVP...from my parents. So our plan is going really well, in case you were wondering. *sarcasm*)

Reading - Check!
I finished reading Three Wishes! I found it predictable in the beginning and some of the middle, but it started to get a little less so towards the end. I really did like it, but not as much as What Alice Forgot. I finished The Girl on the Train on the 20th, the day before I started the Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge! I love suspenseful books, and this one did not disappoint. I found that the ending of the book was my least favorite part. The suspense and the mystery throughout the book were great, but the climax and resolution were a little eh. Maybe it was just the fact that the mystery was over. It was kind of interesting that one book's best part was the other book's worst (the ending).

Exercise - Check!
I did really well early in the month. I eventually started to get busy and wasn't getting to the gym as often, but I got a lot of steps and active minutes in other ways. And then...I lost my Fitbit. I'm so upset about it! I was cleaning the apartment like a crazy lady one night, picked up my phone and it said I reached my goal so I looked down at my wrist and it was gone. It has to be somewhere in the apartment! Anyway, I didn't skip workouts for bad reasons, and I still got a lot of activity in so this is a win for me.

Meal Prep & Healthy Eating - Check-ish...
We meal prepped every week! But I did have a lot of ice cream and more than one s'mores frap from Starbucks (among other things)... But we really do eat healthy most of the time. I had a moment of panic when I realized the wedding is about three months this coming month I need to do even better.

No More Shopping! - Fail.
This did not work out for me. I was totally fine admitting that shopping bans are not for me, but when I remembered I put it on my goal list I was sad. Putting it on the list feels like it made it so official, so it actually feels like a failure. Saying I was on a shopping ban in other posts and then taking it back didn't feel like a failure to me.

On to my goals for July!

Wedding Invitations
I am going to finish sending these out! And try not to panic that no one is RSVP-ing. Deep breaths.

I'm going to add another aspect to this goal. A couple of months ago, I was talking to someone about Kindle books. They send this Kindle First email every month with books from four different genres that are only $2 (or something like that). I tend to look at the descriptions and buy them if they sound decent enough. My goal is to stop doing that. I already have a to-read list a mile and a half long, so I don't need to add in these books I've never heard of that often end up being interesting enough but not great, and I never even remember them anyway. I can spend the extra money and start working through my actual reading list. (Actually, I finally got a library card so I can start reading books on my to-read list for free!) I started the Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge, so that should help me work through my to-read list! I guess my goal is to read around three books in the month of July to try and stay on pace to complete the challenge.

I was going to up this goal to 4-5 times a week since I did so well in the beginning of the month...but I'm going to keep it at 3-4 times a week.

Meal Prep & Healthy Eating
Same as last month, but shooting for even healthier eating.

Use eBates more!
I keep forgetting to use eBates and I kick myself! I used it for the swing tanks I bought towards the end of June (you can see all of my June purchases here), but that's it! They recently added Etsy, so I went through eBates when I bought my new blog design! (I just bought it yesterday, I can't believe it's already installed! Let me know what you think!) I felt like I had to add a goal to replace my no shopping goal, and this is really something I need to work on!

I know these are just the same goals as last month (or variations of them) but I feel like I've been crazy busy lately, so I don't want to add too much and stress myself out.

Past goals:

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  1. Hey Mattie,

    I came over on the While I'm Waiting Link up today, and I'm glad to find your blog. And, where you live is beautiful. I've gotten to visit the area once, a long time ago. Gorgeous part of the country!

    I like the idea of writing out your goals and then seeing how you did. Then, I like how you wrote out the new goals. Seems like a great way to stay motivated and really honest with yourself!

    Hope to connect again soon~ (I followed you on Pinterest today)

  2. Hi Mattie,

    Reading is on my July goal list as well, I am going to have to check out "What Alice Forgot." It looks like you have some really good goals this month. Have a good day!

  3. Mattie, I am SO in the same boat as you in terms of forgetting to use eBates. I always seem to forget as soon as I've hit the "purchase" button on an order! Drives me crazy! I'm trying to find a way to help myself remember, but I haven't had any luck yet.
    I am proud of you for at least trying to do a shopping ban -- there is no way I could do it. I already know that. It's too hard!!! :-)
    Have a good day!

  4. I had no idea Etsy was added on eBates! Cha-ching. It's about to get crazy up in here ;)

    I'm in the middle of The Girl on the Train. I don't understand why people won't leave me alone all day so I can just finish this book! I'm pretty "dumb" when it comes to mysteries so I have no idea what I think is going to happen.

  5. I love me some monthly goals, I did mine today too! I couldn't imagine wedding planning...but it seems like you're chugging along!! Go you!

  6. Oh my gosh! my friend just lost her fit bit and I thought she was going to cry her eyes out!! I can sympathize with ya. And hey there has to be some protein or something good in those frappucinnos ;)
    Happy Wednesday Mattie!!

  7. I was so nervous before we sent out our wedding invites! Once you start getting them back it is so exciting to check your mail!

  8. I just ordered through Old Navy & JCPenny's yesterday & was like, WAIT - go to Ebates!!!

  9. I love the new design! It's definitely different from your old one, how did you decide?

    I think I would flip my lid if I lost my fitbit, I have the One, so it's not as easy on being on a wrist, but I check it daily to make sure it's still there. and I keep meaning to use ebates, honestly I really need to jump on the game with that. I'm always purchasing things off Amazon.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. LOVE the new site update Mattie, looks great!!

    Hope you find your Fit Bit!! It has to be around the apartment somewhere right??

    Excited for your wedding planning, so much fun!

  11. Looks like you did great last month! Getting the wedding invitations out was the biggest sense of relief for me - they seem so easy but were one of the hardest and most time consuming parts for me!

  12. Love these goals...and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design!! So pretty!

  13. I like the new blog layout :)

    I'll give you a heads up that the RSVPs probably won't come in as quickly as you'll be hoping they will. It's kind of an agonizing process :s

  14. Don't worry about the RSVPs...they will come. Just not as quickly as you want! Loving the blog design!

  15. Girl on the Train is on my list, I can't wait to read it!

  16. LOVE LOVE the new blog layout! I love the clean look paired with the pretty flowers on top! I can't seem to "ban" myself from shopping either ;)

  17. Hi lovely! I wrote out this long comment on here yesterday and my phone was freaking out and wouldn't let me publish it. ugh. Anyway, I LOVE the new layout. It looks very sophisticated yet beautiful :) I LOVE getting e books from the library. That is how I contribute to our budgeting not buying books. But Girl on the Train became available to me this morning! Woohoo! Ebates...did you know that they have an add for web browsers that will pop up a green bar at the top of the screen anytime ebates is available for the website you are looking at? You need to check that out. It is the only reason I don't forget to use it. And Justin just pushes ok and uses it too because its so easy.

  18. I completely understand the panic with wedding invitations!! I got married a little over a month ago and it took forever to get in RSVPs. We were still receiving them after the RSVP deadline. I hope you get more in soon!

  19. I think you did great on your goals! And I love the new layout- looks so clean! I keep wanting to do this, but keep putting it off because though I love the clean feel, I also kinda like my current background. Decisions, decisions. I actually recently installed the Ebates button on my Chrome browser, and it reminds you (or automatically tells you) when you're on a site that's connected to them! So much easier! Good luck on your current goals!

  20. Great job on your June goals! I love your blog design, beautiful! Looking fwd to following you! Stopping by from the link up.

  21. I almost bought "What Alice Forgot" at a used book store last week! I'm kind of regretting that I let it get away.

  22. Isn't it crazy that we are already well in to July! Crazy! Where did June go??? Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! I hope you'll link up with us again tomorrow!

    Holly @