Northwest Native: Weekend Recap: The best kind of weekend.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap: The best kind of weekend.

We had a very laid-back weekend at home. Our only real plan was meeting up with some friends to celebrate a belated birthday on Friday night. It was a lot of fun, but I never love waking up dehydrated after drinking the night before. I really need to drink a glass of water in between each drink, but I never seem to remember that trick when I do go out.

On Friday I wore my camo jacket for the first time! You may remember from my May budget post that I ordered two different styles. I ended up keeping this one (which is the one I thought I liked more online anyway). I like that this one had a collar and was shorter, so I passed on the zipper one. I paired the jacket with my pale pink v-neck and my white jeans and some cognac flats.

On my lunch break, I headed to the post office to get stamps for our wedding invitations and postcard stamps for the RSVP postcards. These are the new postcard stamp design and the girl working was kind of apologetic (like maybe coastal birds aren't the best for wedding RSVP postcards) but I'm a crazy bird lady so I'm really digging them! I think birds are sometimes adorable and sometimes pretty, so these are right up my alley. Of course I squeezed in Starbucks after the post office business was done.

On Saturday we walked downtown to return my excess camo jackets along with some other stuff. We stopped at Tully's on the way so I could get the sweet brew that I had been thinking about for almost two weeks since I tried it on Memorial Day.

I wore a tank top I bought when we were in Portland last weekend at a market. I absolutely love it. It lists a bunch of Portland things. I feel a little weird though because it includes the Timbers, their Major League Soccer team, and I'm a fan of the Sounders, Seattle's team. Did I mention they're fierce rivals? Oh well! I also wore my new shorts from Old Navy...and then returned the other two sizes that didn't fit! I love that they're not skin tight. The boyfriend fit was a good choice.
Since the words are backwards (and these might not make sense to people far from Portland) I thought I'd list/explain them. Blazers (Portland's NBA team), Timbers (Portland's MLS team), bridges (there are tons of bridges in Portland), roses (it's called the City of Roses), Draplin (I had to Google this, honestly--he owns Draplin Design Co. and is a successful graphic designer living in Portland), Voodoo (as in Voodoo Donuts--they're pretty famous and have been featured on Food Network, etc.), and weirdness ("keep Portland weird" is a common phrase and is painted on the side of a bar downtown).

When I was at Old Navy to make my return, I tried on a bunch of stuff. For some reason I seem to always have success when I order clothes from ON online, but when I try stuff on in the store beforehand I never like any of it! I seriously tried on nine things and these shorts are the only thing I would actually purchase. But let's just acknowledge my willpower--my return was $31, these shorts are about $30 (not sure if they were on sale in store or not). I totally could have just exchanged them and had to pay a couple dollars extra for sales tax...but this time I am not breaking my shopping ban, dang it! (I already made my ON purchase with my super cash and promo code, so no more purchases for me this month! I hope.)

We rented Still Alice from Redbox. I've been wanting to see it for months. I read the book and it was amazing. My grandmother (my mom's mother) had Alzheimer's, so I'm all about awareness and research for a cure. Still Alice is about early-onset Alzheimer's, which is much different than what my grandma had. But I always worry that maybe my mom will have Alzheimer's some day, or maybe I will. I recommend both the book and the movie, but the book is much more detailed. They weren't able to fit everything into the movie. But the cast was amazing. Julianne Moore is a goddess. And I've never been a Kristen Stewart fan, but I thought she was good in this! And because I have no picture to go along with this, just look at this proof that Julianne Moore is a goddess. With her red hair and pale skin she looks amazing in emerald green.
We also rented Two Night Stand which was light and nice to watch after Still Alice got me all emotional.

We actually broke up our movie watching with a late night trip to Lucky Diner! They serve breakfast all day and are open 24 hours on the weekend. I got pancakes, because they make my favorite pancakes ever. They use organic whole wheat flour, so they're thick and dense. I prefer my pancakes like that over light and airy.

On Sunday we slept in, watched some Friends as we drank our coffee, and headed to Trader Joe's to get our meal prep supplies. The rest of the day was spent at home doing various things--cleaning, meal prepping, and preparing for the week.

I hope everyone had a a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the tank top explanation. I was at a complete loss for some of them!

  2. Looks like a great weekend!!! LOVE the shorts! I actually have an Old Navy return too ... hmm .... haha!! xo

  3. I cried some seriously ugly tears during Still Alice - such a great movie! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I really want to read and see Still Alice! I love books that become movies :) I am getting better at trying things on that are SO CUTE and not buying them. Those flower Old Navy shorts are adorable but I'm proud of your willpower ha!

  5. Oh I love those fun shorts! I always love the idea of wearing patterned shorts, but it just isn't good on me. I hope you got those, though!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I've never heard of a diner actually selling organic whole wheat pancakes, that's awesome!

  7. I need to see and read Still Alice. I hear it's amazing. When's your wedding? Are you getting excited? Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Sounds like you had such a nice weekend! By the way, I LOVE your camo jacket. It looks great!!!!!! And I know how hard it is not to buy stuff at Old Navy. I was just there today returning some things and I ended up filling up a bag with stuff for my son. I have no willpower!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  9. Cute jacket! Sounds like a great weekend And this diner sounds wonderful too!

  10. I need to see Still Alice still!!!

  11. Way to stay strong on your shopping ban! I'm in an online shopping phase right now but always end up returning half because I don't like the fit then walking out of the store with a ton more!

  12. That sounds like a great weekend to me! Love the camo jacket btw!

    Keep it Classy, Keep it Country,
    Gretta Patrick <3

  13. I am with you on ON..every online purchase is a win but in stores not so much. It's ok shopping is better when done on the couch anyway ;-)

  14. awwwwww yeah!!! i LOOOVE that shirt <3 my hometown!!!

  15. I love denser pancakes, too! Making my hungry!

  16. I probably missed it but WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PORTLAND TANK? Like, where in Portland? I have to get it for my sis. :)