Northwest Native: The end of an era.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The end of an era.

I'm going to tell you all something. You're probably going to think I'm the most mentally and emotionally unstable person for this. Maybe I am. I've decided that shopping bans are not for me.

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I've been reading Fran's posts on building a cohesive wardrobe and these two posts (here, here) by Audrey that have inspired me. I decided to be more strict about getting rid of clothes. You may remember my post on de-cluttering from last week. When my huggable hangers came I pulled out a bunch of my clothes to transfer them over. In the process, I really scrutinized each piece of clothing that I don't wear on a regular basis. I ended up coming up with a lot more pieces to add to my Poshmark closet.

I decided that there are some things that I would like to add to my wardrobe, and will allow myself to purchase. I will mostly avoid purchases that do not fall into the categories below.

Something palm print - I love this trend. I'm not going to hold myself to a specific type of item, because I feel like that's too restrictive.

Tops that do double duty - My collection of v-necks is complete for the time being. I really need more tops that I can wear to work, but I'd like them to also work with jeans, white jeans, shorts, etc. on the weekend. Tops that are only made work appropriate with a jacket are included.

Dress pants - I kind of dread this, but it's necessary. I could wear dresses and skirts to work every day, but I just feel like I should have some dress pants. The two pairs I currently have are too big, and the black pair is faded. This can also include more lightweight pants that aren't technically dress pants, but that I can wear to work.

Dresses that do double duty - Ditto with the tops. I love dresses, and pretty much all of the dresses in my closet can be worn to work, at least with a jacket over. I do have one that's too short for work, and I want to stay away from adding more of those to my closet.

A-line skirt - I'd like an a-line (or really any non-pencil/body-hugging) skirt that is knee-length or maybe even midi-length.

Jeans - This isn't a dire need. I have two pairs of dark wash skinnies. If I find a pair of light wash skinnies that fit well and don't break the bank, I may purchase them. But I will not actively look for a pair.

Colorful, non-striped maxi dresses - Somehow I only have two maxi dresses. One is navy blue with white stripes and the other is black with white diagonal stripes (you could sort of call it chevron, but there's only one 'v,' not squiggles of them). I need to stay away from the all-neutral maxis and the striped maxis.

No shoes, with one exception - The only shoes I am allowed to buy are these in almond.

Maybe a cute romper - I think I have one romper currently and one jumpsuit. I'd like to add at least one more romper to my wardrobe.

My April and May budgets ended up both being right at $120, and that was before I had an actual budget set. I'm going to set $120 as the top end of my budget, but shoot for $100. Hopefully I don't always use that $20 buffer. Before I started blogging, I didn't have a set budget. I've always looked at my bank account frequently, often before I consider making a purchase of anything non-essential. Honestly, giving myself a budget has made me anxious about going over. I prefer doing a flexible budget (aka buying what I can afford). That also makes sense over a shopping ban. When I give myself a strict guideline or restriction, it makes me anxious. So maybe some months I'll only be able to afford to spend $50 and another I'll be able to spend $200. That works much better for me. (I'll still be doing budget posts monthly!)

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  1. A good romper and a few colorful maxi dresses are definitely must haves for summer! I have a hard time not spending but I feel like if you get staple pieces that you can wear out and to work it's worth it!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Yes to romper! Would you recommend using Poshmark? I've gone back and forth on it.

  3. I feel like I could have written this post myself. I'm in love with v-necks and wearing dresses all day. I don't think I've worn pants to work in a year. I just find them more restricting than need be. I've also tried to not go clothes shopping, something I am notorious for doing (thank you Old Navy, Target, etc). Although, I'm a lot less strict on what I wear in the summer (oops). Going through your wardrobe may help as well on what you can get rid of (sell or give away) so you can clear as you buy.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. Its so hard to find clothes that are both work & 'life' appropriate. I'm always on the hunt for good dress pants that aren't too 'office'... I've yet to find a pair.

  5. I just saw a palm print romper and shorts on Old Navy, and they have 30% off today only! They are super cute, I'm even thinking of getting them for myself. Good luck sticking within your budget!

  6. I never do shopping bans for myself. Sometimes things come up and I need to purchase something...I dont want to feel bad about it...I work hard for my money and therefore should be able to spend it on things as I want/need them. I just make sure I really LOVE something before I purchase it and know what it will be used. I think you have a good list of things that you are specifically looking for, and that is good to stay in check.

  7. Getting quality versatile pieces is definitely essential, it sounds like you have a good plan!

  8. Colorful maxi dresses are the best for summer! I'm definitely into the mindset of quality over quantity!

  9. I'm so with you! When I "give up" shopping I want to shop more than ever. At least now you have a detailed list of what you want, so you will shop with focus and a budget. Awesome post!

  10. I got those hangers and jsut transferred everything. And reading this I realize what a missed opportunity that was for me to really get rid of some things. Reading Fran's posts has been really helpful for me - I still feel like I have a bunch of random stuff that I like, but that doesn't go with enough of my wardrobe, and it kills me. Can't wait to hear how this goes for you!

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  12. I just bought a new romper and I'm loving it! You should totally get one!

  13. I love these ideas! Shopping bans aren't good for anyone. I'm obsessed w clothes that can be work and weekend stuff!

  14. Alsooooo hi you're famous because you were featured 💁🏼

  15. I am definitely with you on this idea - better to be more intentional with your clothing purchase and get an idea of how you want to build your wardrobe, rather than just buy things that are super cute, but may not be exactly what you want!