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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sale Alerts!

Yes, I'm still on a shopping ban. I really have to be, because an $800 medical bill ain't pretty. At least that will make me keep my motivation to not spend frivolously unnecessarily (budgeting for some clothing purchases makes me happy, I wouldn't say it's frivolous, but it's not as essential as food for us and our dogs, rent, etc). But there are some pretty great sales going on (not at my usual three stores that are probably boring you now, aka Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Target) and for lack of a better post today, I thought I'd share them!

I'm a big lover of TOMS! I think I have four pairs (one wedge, one printed classic, two crocheted classic). I also had sequin ones at one point but I wore them into the ground when I studied abroad in Australia, so they went away. Well, TOMS is having a surprise sale that lasts through the 11th! Prices start at 35% off and there's free shipping for orders $25 and up!

These ones are pretty unappealing to even think about wearing when it's in the 80s every day, but I loved these wool classics in the winter! I bet they're super cozy.

I love that these faux leather classics could be a more casual substitute for black flats. The metallic faux-leather makes them different from your regular TOMS. They come in a gold color here too!

I've liked the Nepal boots since they came out, but I kind of feel like they'd be something I'd be so excited about buying and then never wear them. (For example, the patent tweed wedges I got in high school for some reason. Lucky for me I was never able to part with them even though I wore them about once...and now they're actually appropriate in my work wardrobe!)

These burgundy 'wine' flats are so cute and fun! They'd be perfect around the holidays, in my mind. They come in black here too! Does anyone know if TOMS flats are comfy? I love the classics and know they're super comfy, and even my wedges are pretty comfy, but I've never tried their flats!

Okay so I could never pull these brogues off but someone who can needs to buy them and post outfits so I can live vicariously. Seriously, I think these are so cute but if I bought these they would sit in my closet because I wouldn't know what to wear them with. I have much more tame nude oxfords (not even brogues!) and I even struggle trying to wear those!

Okay this iPad case I would buy even during my shopping ban if I had an iPad. (Well, then I'd have to pay shipping which hurts my soul, so maybe not.) I love all things navy and white striped. Plus $13.65? I'm sure there are iPad cases around that price at Target!

There's waaay more stuff (including women's booties, which I know are popular) but I feel like I've rambled enough. Also I'm apparently really into burgundy/red and neutrals, according to these picks. Oh, and they have a bunch of awesome men's shoes too, in case you need to do some Father's Day shopping!

Have you guys ever purchased anything from BaubleBar? They're having a 40% off sale, and some of the stuff is still waaay out of my price range for jewelry, but some is more reasonable! I pretty much only buy the Buried Baubles ($20 special on one selected item on Monday, $10 special on one selected item on Friday). They also sometimes send out promo codes or do $15 specials on one or multiple items. If you create an account, you accumulate Vault Points when you shop (one point per dollar, ten points are redeemable for $1 off when checking out in the future).

You can shop the entire summer sale here. I won't highlight many items since my maximum budget on a piece of jewelry (we're talkin' "costume" jewelry) is about twenty bucks, and most of the pieces in the sale cost more than that.
This dog tag pendant is only $10! They have a different dog tag pendant for the same price.

I'm a big fan of emojis, and I actually bought the kissy face and the heart eyes necklaces for Michael's sisters (they're super cute in person too)! I really want the heart eyes one for myself... But even for only $8 I'm not breaking my ban (BaubleBar has never charged me sales tax and it's always free shipping).

This bracelet is super hardcore. It comes in three other colors. I love it!

This necklace is definitely waaay out of my price range (even on sale) but it's one version of their Courtney Bib, which I reeeally want. If I ever reach enough vault points to get the Courtney Bib that I want (here) and only have to pay $20 after points, I'll do it.

So there you have it! Two big sales going on that aren't at any my usual three stores for once! (Speaking of my usual three, if any of the items in the TOMS sale are sold at Nordstrom, maybe they will price match! Not sure if they will still have the fall/winter items, but it's worth a shot if you're interested!)

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  1. Oh don't tease me, no spending money for me for awhile!

  2. I haven't looked at Toms' website in forever, but now I can't stop!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is probably the worst thing for me to read, since I am trying REALLY hard not to shop. I love Tom's so much!!

  4. I understand the financial lock down as I am on that while I try to pay off my student loans. Love the iPad case!


  5. oh gosh - i looked for one of the emoji necklaces, the hearts out my eyes one… and they didn't have it. waaahhhhhhhhh!!!

  6. Yeah, I'd just stop looking at pretty things if I was on a ban, it's so tempting. Good luck, you can do it!

  7. These sales have seriously been killing me lately! I feel like everyday I'm ordering from Nordstrom!

  8. Those wine flats are so cute!!!
    Burgundy is one of my favorite colors to wear and those are adorable!!

  9. Ahh TOMS! I love them! I'm on a modified shopping ban too, but that's because I'm not making much and want to live simpler so I can save up for emergencies! But I may just need a new pair of TOMS!

    Keep it Classy, Keep it Country,
    Gretta Patrick <3

  10. Oh my! That emoji necklace is just too cute! Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @