Northwest Native: #photodump - 6/24/15

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#photodump - 6/24/15

Sometimes you take blog-worthy photos and don't work them into a post. And then too much time goes by. And that's where the photo dump comes in. Enjoy a post of mine where I don't rant for paragraphs at a time!

I briefly mentioned that we stopped at my hometown's peony garden in between my bridal shower and bachelorette party, but I only posted one photo! #betterlatethannever #peonies #basic

Speaking of my bachelorette party...
It was a super low-key night on the Oregon coast. There weren't many pictures so I didn't do a full post on it. Here's the group! #Seaside #notdrunk

I haven't included the furbabies in a while. These were also taken at my parents' over my bridal shower weekend. #dogbutt

Yay for giant #margaritas and creepy #photobombs! // Somehow, no one brought donuts in to work on #NationalDonutDay, but someone did a week later, so I had a belated celebration. // I'm obsessed with mugs. I love the #nautical ones because I'm also obsessed with nautical things. And I love the other one because it cracks me up. I found all of these at Powell's in #Portland. #goodmorningasshole

Loving my new soft pants from Old Navy! They were a bit out of my comfort zone (as in I don't normally wear things in such bold prints or non-basic cuts/materials) but definitely in my comfort zone in the literal sense (it felt like wearing pajamas to work!). And yes, this is a work bathroom selfie. Because it's easier than trying to clean up the bedroom to take selfies there. :) #bathroomselfieforthewin

Our dogs destroy their toys as soon as they get them. Tully has a sixth sense for them, I swear. Any time I bring home new toys, even if they're in a paper bag and not sticking out of the top, she just knows. She will whine and bark at the bag until I either give her one of the toys or hide the bag really well. Here she is loving life with a new toy. #spoiled #diva

I know I said I hadn't included the dogs and now I'm just all about them...sorry if you're not a dog person. Flora and Tully get along and they love playing together, but sometimes they get territorial over sleeping spaces or food. On this morning they were practically spooning, so I had to take a picture. #bigspoonlittlespoon #puppycuddles #doggysideeye

Did you  notice my #hashtags? I'm participating in #hashtaghumpday for the first time! This link-up had me at hello. Ironic hashtags and Schmidt? #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo



  1. Aw I hope you had a great bachelorette party, it looks like you had a great group!

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  2. All of your flower pictures are SO pretty! And that margarita? YUM! I can never say no to a good margarita!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Love love those pants from Old Navy!! So cute and those flowers are pretty!

  4. I just placed an order on Old Navy & was eyeing those pants!!
    I always say that toys last in my house about 3.8 seconds before being torn into shreds.

  5. Love your shirt in the picture from your bachelorette weekend! #hashtag Wednesday sounds like it's right up my alley;)

  6. These are all of my favorite things...doggies, fun mugs, donuts, pretty flowers and fun with friends! Happy Wednesday!

  7. Love the pants!!!! SO cute on you!!

  8. Love getting to see this pictures of your life. Our dog goes crazy for new toys too :)

  9. The peony garden is gorgeous!! I love that you guys had a belated donut day!

  10. Yay for peony gardens! Aren't they the best?? Also, those pants look so good on you. You can definitely pull them off... and it's such a plus that they feel like pajamas! I love clothes like that:)

  11. I also have tons of photos that I don't bother posting. I should really work on more of these photo dumps because I love seeing what others are up to! The peony garden looks adorable. I saw that "Asshole" mug recently and it took all of my willpower not to buy it!