Northwest Native: Fruitday Favorites

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fruitday Favorites

Woohoo, Friday is here again! You know the drill--I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

And I just decided (a little late to the game) to link up with April for Five on Friday for the first time! I figured it'd be the perfect day to start, since I have five things, coincidentally.

Number One: Sleeping beauties

I'm the creep who takes pictures of my fiancé while he sleeps. Okay, not all the time, but this one was way too cute not to capture.
I'm not sure he was even actually sleeping at this point, I think he knew I was taking this. But I think he unintentionally fell asleep after that.

Number Two: Chris Pratt (*all the heart eyes emojis*)

Chris Pratt is a major celebrity crush of mine. He's funny (Parks & Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy, anyone?) but also a badass (Guardians of the Galaxy again...and I'm hoping Jurassic World) and, well, he's pretty easy on the eyes. See the evidence below.
Did I mention he's also from Washington, about an hour from here? Michael's sister Katie emailed me bridal trivia questions for a bridal shower game and one question was which celebrity I would marry. I chose Chris Pratt, John Krasinski (he made my Friday Favorites last week!), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She emailed me back and said we have the exact same celebrity crushes, all three of them. How weird is that? Anyway, he made my favorites this week because after a lifetime of waiting (yes, I'm a drama queen) I am going to see Jurassic World tonight!

Number Three: The occasional sweet treat...

Last weekend we stopped at this artisan popcorn shop we've walked by a bunch of times, KuKuRuZa. One of their weekly specials was dill pickle, which Michael was all over. I, however, opted for a sweet variety. I chose coconut macaroon and let me tell you, it was delicious.

Number Four: ...and a healthy treat too!

At work we have a little 'market' with a refrigerator of food, a refrigerator of drinks, and non-refrigerated stuff (like what you'd find in a vending machine, but way more variety). You just take what you want, scan the bar code, and pay. There are a bunch of healthy options like fruit, veggies, salad, and sandwiches.
I got a fruit cup for the first time this week. I was thinking the fruit would be eh, but it was really good! I especially loved the watermelon. It was extremely flavorful, and I've known a lot of watermelon to taste like, well, water. I love that I have healthy food at my fingertips in case I won't make it to lunch or the end of the day (but the unhealthy stuff sometimes calls to me too, which is dangerous).

Number Five: Orange is the New Black is back!

I am obsessed with this show! I love love love binge-watching each season! But then I'm left wanting more until the new one comes out! Lucky for us, they released the new season a little earlier than they had announced last night, instead of waiting until midnight! I've yet to watch any of the new episodes, but I'm sure we will this weekend!

It's a short post this week, mostly because I didn't take many pictures which left me feeling uninspired (which you can probably tell from my ultra-clever title). Hope everyone has a fun weekend!


  1. I love Orange is the New Black! I binge watched the first season when it came out a couple years ago. There aren't many shows I get that into. Orange is the New Black, BBC's Sherlock and Suits probably rounds out the whole list. My husband and I are in the process of binge watching season 4 of Suits on Netflix right now :)

  2. That fruit looks so good! I have been nawing on watermelon all morning!!

  3. That popcorn sounds delicious! A fancy popcorn place is such a great idea!

  4. That popcorn sounds and looks so yummy! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. That pic of your fiancé and dog is sooooo sweet. I agree - you had to capture that moment. And, from the pic, your fiancé looks like John Krasinski!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  6. Mmmm fruit is SO tasty this time of the year!!

  7. at first I was wondering what was on your fiancés head haha but then I realized it was a dog :) so cute!! and that popcorn tho. mmmmmmm I have been craving popcorn and this just made me want it even more! and seriously watermelon is my favorite ever!!! so good and healthy, win win!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  8. I want some of that popcorn... yummmm. Love this post!

  9. How awesome was Jurassic World?! So awesome! Chris Pratt is a total hottie and completely rocked it in this movie. :) Oh and I am binging on Orange is the New Black right