Northwest Native: De-Cluttering

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Lately I've had the urge to purge. (I don't know if you're keeping track, but that's two posts in a row of me rhyming.) Michael and I can be pack rats. We try to be practical about what we keep, but I think we're just overly cautious. For example, Michael pulled a box down from our closet that had a three-hole punch and some notebooks from college (with the notes ripped out, we were just saving the extra notebook space). Sure, maybe some day we'll have a home office or go back to school, but I'm pretty sure some notebooks and a three-hole punch won't break the bank if that does happen.

I'm trying to be more strict on sorting through our stuff, really thinking it through. Do we really need this? Does this fit me well? Do I wear this? There are bags and boxes all over our apartment of things that need to be donated or sold, which just adds to the clutter and makes me want to get rid of more stuff (I can't complain about that feeling--I'm loving lightening the load!).

I just bought these hangers from Amazon. I know it seems backwards that I'm buying things in order to de-clutter, but these will make my closet more efficient. For one, the velvet makes it so clothing doesn't slide off. I have a few tops that have wide necklines and they always end up on the floor of my closet (clutter!). They're also thinner (and all the same size/shape, whereas I have all sorts of varieties of plastic hangers) so they take up less space in your closet. And plastic hangers break sooo easily. It drives me insane!
One // Two
One // Shirt/dress hangers - Amazon
Two // Suit hangers - Amazon
Three // Combo pack - Target

Target has a lot of different options. They have different colors, accessory can see all of their 'huggable hangers' here! I'm sure Amazon does too, but I didn't look too extensively after I made my purchase. My mom started slowly replacing all of her plastic hangers with these and in my mind I gave the side-eye like, 'If only I had enough money that I thought buying fancy hangers was worth it.' Well, I'm singing a different tune now, partly because they're not actually that expensive and partly because my closet is driving me insane. Shaeffer also mentioned that she uses these hangers and loves them.

So you know how Facebook is creepy and gives you suggested ads? Well, there was an ad for these hangers since I had been looking at them and a woman had commented saying they're way cheaper at Costco, 35 hangers for $10! I don't know if it's true because I haven't seen it, but if you find yourself at Costco and are interested in these hangers, you may want to check!

The best part about getting these hangers is that I had to take out a bunch of my clothes to transfer them over, and in the process, I pulled out a bunch of clothes I don't get enough wear out of and listed them on Poshmark. (I've gone through my closet a lot lately, but my inspiration to keep on going comes from here and here.)

Speaking of closet clean out...I found two pairs of shoes that I didn't think I had any more. Yep. These were hidden in the back of the closet under a suitcase for who knows how long...maybe a year?
I just thought about these sparkly gorgeous heels the other day and wished I had kept them. I honestly thought I had gotten rid of them. Now I'm trying to brainstorm ways I can wear them to work without them looking totally out of place. And a few months ago I thought about these gray booties and also wished I had them. I guess there's a reason I didn't get rid of these...
(*Note: So, I put on the metallic heels and they were SO TIGHT. I took them off and assumed they were size ten from before my feet became size eleven. Well, they said 11 so I was bound and determined to wear them to work and stretch them out. I walked a little bit and they were DIGGING into the back of my heels. So, rational de-cluttering Mattie came back and replaced crazy pack-rat keep everything Mattie and I listed the shoes on Poshmark. Sad times.)

And here you can see my crazy pack rat lady tendencies. I mean, these Kate Spade boxes are super cute, but what's the point in keeping them in my closet just because they're cute? So whenever I take down the box they're in to find something I can be pleased with their prettiness?
That's my issue. I want to hold on to everything because I think maybe one day I'll use it (like maybe one day I'll re-purpose those boxes). I need to eliminate that thinking. Clutter in our apartment has been driving me crazy lately. If I don't want to go insane, I need to let go of my pack rat tendencies!

If only I could de-clutter this post! I realize it's kind of a boring topic, and I'm sorry. But it's on my mind all the time! I have one last question for anyone who has used ThredUp. I'd heard of it, but never knew much about it until Fran explained it in a post. I get impatient when my Poshmark sales stall. Is it worth it to just go for it on ThredUp or should I try to sell more on Poshmark first? What do you think?

What are your purging strategies? I need to keep my momentum!

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  1. Go you for decluttering! It feels good, doesn't it??

  2. My husband will NOT throw away boxes, we have a whole closet of them. Drives me NUTS.

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  3. I love the velvet hangers! They make such a difference!!

  4. I need to go through my closet now! :) Have a great day.

  5. I have some cute jewelry boxes too haha! They need to go away. I have Poshmark and Thredup and I've used neither, so that goes to show you how much I need to get rid of! I'm a fan of Plato's Closet (a local consignment shop) because it gets all the clothes out of my apartment or house immediately. I take the money for what they purchase and take the rest to Goodwill before I come home. Maybe try Thredup because you send all the clothes away right away! Haha

  6. Come to my closet next, please!

  7. when i was reading this i was thinking about my closet.. all sweaters right now! i definitely need to kind of re-do/re-think my whole wardrobe situation now that the seasons are changing. do you do a seasonal wardrobe at all?

  8. I always get creeped out when I go on Facebook after being on Amazon & seeing the things I looked at on there. #bigbrotheriswatching

    We just cleaned up a part of our house on Memorial Day weekend... I need like 6 months to purge all the junk.

  9. I'm doing a closet purge too, and just bagged up 75 items! I tried to sell at Plato's Closet, but they said they didn't want the stuff, even though a lot of it was new and still had tags! I think I'm going to try Poshmark. I've never done ThredUp but might have to check that link to see what it's all about. Good luck!

  10. Be committed! You got this, I need to start de-cluttering seriously. Our house may feel bigger if it didn't have so much junk in it.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. I love de-cluttering - I always feel so much better when it's done! Doesn't it feel great!

  12. Yay for nice hangers, I had a friend replace her's awhile ago and she loved the difference.

  13. Those velvet hangers are such a lifesaver! I got about 50 of the full ones (with the bottoms) and they're AMAZING. Not only are they slim, but they can hold so much! I usually drape a pair of pants and a cardigan/sweater on each.

    Good luck with the rest of your decluttering!!


  14. I am so inconsistent with this. Sometimes I go on a throwing away extravaganza; other times I can't bring myself to throw away a jacket that I got at a thrift store 10 years ago, and I can only remember wearing it twice. (but, but, it was such a good buy!)

    PS - those Kate Spade boxes are really cute. Maybe use them to store childhood pictures, mementos, cards you've received from loved ones. Use them to help de-clutter and organize...but then you get to keep the cuteness :)

  15. I LOVE de-cluttering. I need to do some myself! Reading this definitely makes me more motivated. And I bought some of the huggable hangers from Target and LOVE them. It does seems a little crazy to replace all your hangers, but I have been doing it little by little and I definitely can see a difference in what fits in my clothes and how my clothes stay on better.

  16. I've been slowly getting rid of clutter but I swear for every 5 things I throw away another TEN appear ! I keep 'cute' things too, like those Kate Spade boxes, but what for?!?!

  17. It's not a boring post! It's actually a super relatable post, because I'm sure everything you said has at some point come out of my mouth as well. I love the hangers, but I need to find a narrower shoulder version and I've only seen those come in wooden form.

  18. There was nothing boring about this post! I love to purge but get overwhelmed because I want it all gone! :) Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope you'll link up again tomorrow!

    Holly @