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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Today I'm linking up with Anne and Jessica for their Currently series for the first time!

So, I'm currently...

If my bridal shower and bachelorette weekend hadn't just happened, I'd have no answer for this. But we played some fun games at the shower--trivia about me (of course, I didn't play since that seems just a tad unfair), pin the kiss on Michael (he stood inside behind the glass door and we taped the lips to the door), toilet paper wedding gown-making, and trying not to say 'wedding'! We also played Cards Against Humanity at my bachelorette.

Well I went down to Oregon for my bridal shower and bachelorette last weekend. I don't have any scheduled plans to go anywhere at this point.

I wore this to work on Thursday.
I loved this super simple outfit--I finally got to wear two of my Joe Fresh purchases (the tee and shorts). Sorry the shiny shoes are so blinding!
Right after my bridal shower on Saturday, I changed into this for a stop at the peony gardens in my home town before heading to the Oregon Coast for my bachelorette night.

Lots of coffee! Thursday night I drank Michael's homemade cold brew on the drive, while I was home I had lots of coffee both at home and out and about, and I'll be drinking coffee this morning to tolerate my first morning at work since Thursday!

I'm still reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. Next on the list for me is The Girl on the Train.

Also linking up with Holly for her Waiting on Wednesday series!



  1. Ha! I love that idea for a bridal shower game. I finished Three Wishes recently - not my favorite book of hers, but still fun. Girl on the Train is an excellent summer read though! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. coffee, coffee, coffee. would love to hear about the homemade cold brew..I am thinking I need a tumbler and would love a good recipe for getting some iced coffee that I don't have to buy!

  3. Glad you had a fun weekend! And let me know what you think of "Girl on the Train." It's on my "to read" list. I've heard it's awesome!!!!!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  4. haha i LOVE how your shoes are so blinding. they're like shooting off laser beams or something!!!

  5. Can I please have that dress? Where is it from? Are you liking Three Wishes?? Why haven't you posted pics from your bachelorette yet :)

  6. The Joe Fresh outfit is so cute!! I loved The Girl on the Train. #mindblown

  7. Totally loving those shoes youre rocking for the peony garden pic! SO cute! I need to download Three WIshes still!

  8. Enjoy this special time that leads up to your wedding and make lots of memories! I love the outfit you wore to work! I liked GIrl On A Train. Alot of people compare it to Gone Girl, which I did not read. Happy Wednesday!

  9. I love the bright floral dress, pretty!

  10. That sounds like a fun bachelorette and bridal shower weekend--love the kisses game! I want to read both of those books, especially Girl on the Train...I've heard so much about that one!
    Shea Lennon

  11. I love that outfit you wore to work. And I'm a sucker for shower games so those sound fun! Congrats times a million on your upcoming wedding!

  12. Thank you for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! I love the Currently series and hope to do a post soon!

    Holly @

  13. Sounds like a fun party! They always are! Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! :)

  14. I'm sipping coffee too! I just made some lavender simple syrup to add some herbal flavor and it is so delish. I'm kind of wild about lavender at the moment, haha. I'm loving your outfits, especially the casual one. So perfect for summer.

    Thanks for linking up!