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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two for the price of one!

Last month's budget post was weak, I know! But it was also my fourth post ever, so I wasn't prepared to do a full-on detailed budget post. I'm going to do an overview of my April budget now to make up for that pathetic performance. Linking up with Franish's Budgeting Bloggers!

Poshmark sales to date: $152.55
Plato's Closet sale: $34
Total budget: $186.55

April Budget
One // Two // Three
Four // Five // Six

One // Regularly $46 - $32.40 gift card = $13.60
Two // $38
Three // Regularly $29.94, on sale for $17 - 30% off code = $11.90
Four // Regularly $24.99 - $12.50 (buy one get one half off) - 5% red card discount = $11.88
*I actually ended up returning the full-price dress and the return was pro-rated so I should adjust this accordingly...but I'm cheating to stretch my budget. :)
Five // Regularly $26.94 - 30% off code = $18.86
Six // Regularly $39.94 - 30% off code = $27.96

Total spent: $122.20

$186.55 - $122.20 = $64.35

My budget coming into May was $64.35...and then I apparently said screw it and bought ALL THE THINGS.

May Budget
One // Two // Three
 Four // Five // Six

One // Regularly $22.99, on sale for $15 - buy one get one half off promo - 5% Red Card discount = $10.69
Two // Regularly $22.99, on sale for $15 - buy one get one half off promo - 5% Red Card discount = $10.69
Three // $18
Four // $25
*I'm not sure about this one. I originally ordered a necklace I wanted, but the next day that item was cancelled, so I had to speak to customer service to replace it with something else. We'll see how it looks! How it looks? HORRIBLE. It was way fitted up top but super drape-y at the bottom. And the neckline seemed weirdly high. I did NOT like it on me. RETURNED.
Five // $24 Also returned--I tried it on when I tried on the maxi skirt from April and I liked them together, but the one I ordered seemed to have very short straps and didn't fit right at all (weird since the one I tried on in store was the same size and fit well), plus the thin material and light color didn't work with my strapless bra. I also struggled with paying $24 for a pretty basic tank.
Six // $24.99 - 5% Red Card discount = $23.74

Total spent: $112.12 - $49 (returns) = $63.12

After the first two items, I went to Nordstrom during triple points to buy a strapless bra (wouldn't count towards my budget, more of a need than a want). Then the salesgirl asked if I wanted a credit card--I already had a debit card, but I wanted a credit card to be able to buy multiple sizes and return what doesn't fit later (and still have money in my bank account for things like, you know, food and rent). If you spend $100 the day you get the card, you get a $20 Nordstrom note, so I just went for it.

And I couldn't not order number six after I saw it on Pamela. The picture above is from Target's website (which honestly does nothing for me), but Pamela's post shows how bright and fun it is. I love the back and I love that it's something I wouldn't normally buy for myself (which has been the trend for spring and summer clothes for me this year!). I'm breaking out of my comfort zone and adding lots of dresses and bright colors!

And these next few items are also from May, but I decided to separate them because...I won a $100 gift card to Joe Fresh from a giveaway Shaeffer was hosting! I never win anything so that was super exciting. I had also never bought anything from Joe Fresh, so I was excited to try it out.
 One, Two, and Three here
 Four // Five // Six

One, Two, and Three // $14 each
Four // $16
Five // Regularly $49, on sale for $19.94
Six // $29

Total spent: $106.94 - $100 discount code = $6.94 + $8 shipping = $14.94

Yes, I bought four v-neck t-shirts. I live in v-necks most weekends, and I sometimes sneakily wear them to work too. I didn't have any of these colors yet. I'm nervous about the sizing on the bottoms, especially the skirt, since the shorts are drawstring. If either of them are too small, I'll probably just sell them on Poshmark. I was a little disappointed because shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, but not including discounts. I didn't actually have a gift card, it was a discount code that took off $100. So I was about $7 over and then I had to pay $8 shipping on top of that. Old Navy does free shipping at $50 too, but they honor the price before the discount code.

Welp, you may have read that I decided to impose a shopping ban for the rest of May/the month of June. It is May 22nd and I have failed. Unfortunately for me, I read A LOT of blogs (actually, the unfortunate part is my lack of self control) and a lot of bloggers give you the lowdown on sales. Thankfully, I found nothing I really wanted in Nordstrom's half yearly sale (retracted...apparently when I fail, I fail big! Keep reading to see my half yearly sale purchase). BUT Old Navy was my downfall. They were running a big sale and I saw these denim shorts. I need new denim shorts. One of my pairs are high-waisted and they are so short it's practically like wearing a diaper. So those need to go bye-bye.
 One // Two

One // $24.94, on sale for $15 - 25% off = $11.25
Two // $12.50, on sale for $6

Total spent: $17.25

Because of my weird pear-shaped body, I hate ordering bottoms online. I also haven't bought anything from Old Navy in numbered sizes in a long time. So I ordered three sizes (which put me at $45 before the code) and added this nude cami because it was $6, so I'd qualify for free shipping and I actually need/want a nude cami. Then Old Navy goes and plays this cruel joke on me. (I almost screen-shotted the whole thing, including my those people who take pictures of their new credit cards and tweet them and then people spend all their money!)
So now I have to go buy more from Old Navy by June 6th.
*Then they cancelled my order due to a system error and I had to call to get it reinstated; anyway, they sent me a 20% off code for my troubles, SO I'm hoping it can be combined with their other discount codes AND my $20 off to save tons of money!

And speaking of breaking shopping bans...
 One // Two

I've been wanting a camo jacket for a while now (can't wear my denim jacket with blue jeans!) and both of these were included in the Nordstrom half yearly sale. I think I like option one more, but it only had three reviews (all five star) and option two had pictures uploaded and seventeen reviews. Anyway, I ordered a small and a medium in each jacket, so when they arrive I can decide on the style and size I like and return the others (see, this is why I needed wanted the credit card, I couldn't do this with the debit card!). I only decided to buy this after I returned the two tops from earlier in the post. Had I not made those returns, I would not have made this purchase.

Camo Jacket // $78 - on sale for $46.80 - $20 Nordstrom Note = $26.80

May GRAND TOTAL: $122.11

If you're playing along, I spent almost double my Poshmark budget this month, which is fine because I knew I couldn't sustain that forever! I'll have to implement a new budgeting strategy next month. It was fun while it lasted, Poshmark budget! I spent almost the exact same amount both maybe $120 should be my monthly budget going forward?

So there you have it, my (extremely long-winded) April AND May budget!

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  1. Love all of your buys! The budgeting thing get's easier. Congrats on your blog!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad both of my months added up to about $120, I think that's a good budget amount, but I may even try to test myself and lower it to $100!

  2. OMG So many great finds!!! Both of those camo jackets are amazing!!

  3. You are the QUEEN of thrift shopping! Do you visit consignment stores in your area as well? I've read a few blogs that are in to that end of thrifting. Have fun with it!

  4. Wow, you found a lot of things! Very cool about the $100 gift card. I love the floral top you bought.

  5. I TOTALLY need to be on a budget. I admire you for keeping track of your purchases the way you do! That's great! It's so hard NOT to shop... it's just such a stress reliever for me! :-)
    "The Busy Brunette"

  6. I bought a lot this month too- I blame those Memorial Day sales...but gotta stock up when there are good prices, right?! Digging that scalloped black top! And I have some Super Cash to use too-- what to buy, what to buy :-)

  7. Wow, you got a lot of great pieces! I love that jumpsuit -- I'm kind of obsessed with them lately, and that one looks amazing. Gotta love Old Navy sometimes for just getting things right!

  8. I bought that Old Navy dress in black and the white floral one. Would wear them all the time if I could, and I love putting on sneakers and a denim jacket or heels or sandals. So versatile! Love them both!

    Roxi -

  9. You found quite a few items for such little money! I bought that white floral ON dress too but ended up returning. You got it for such a steal!

  10. Good for you for budgeting so well!! Want to be my clothes budget maker?! :) Have a great weekend!

  11. I'm really liking #one from april... that dress is super cute! Looks like you're doing awesome on your budget!

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