Northwest Native: Pin Picks: Spring & Summer Style

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pin Picks: Spring & Summer Style

I love Pinterest. I wish I could make more of my pins a reality. I thought I'd do an overview of some of my favorite spring and summer style Pinspirations lately. (Some of the pins don't take me to an accurate source, so if you know the source of any of them let me know and I will link to it!)

Patterned Shorts
 source unknown // Nordstrom // source unknown
I love all of these patterned shorts. I know it's not groundbreaking to wear patterned shorts with a solid tank, but I still say this is something I would struggle to recreate. You can't just wear any tank, and of course, you have to find the perfect patterned shorts. The shorts in the middle are from Nordstrom and I was tempted to buy them, but they sold out right after I found them.

Crop Top & Maxi Skirt
source unknown // source
There is no way I'd wear a crop top and short shorts. That's just a little too much skin for me, I'm self-conscious. I've seen plenty of women rockin' crop tops and shorts or minis and I applaud them! I just couldn't do it. This pairing is perfect for me because it balances out the coverage. I wouldn't want to show as much as the first pin, though. Maybe just a sliver (or none at all, like the pin on the right).

Relaxed Fit Patterned Pants & White Blouses
 source unknown // source
This one is oddly specific, but it worked! And oh my gosh, I had never seen Mink & Ivory (source for second pin) but now that I have I just want to live in her closet. Her outfits are that good.

Ugh, if only I could transport myself into my Style board... I'm trying to step up my spring and summer wardrobe game. It usually struggles more than my fall and winter wardrobe because my birthday is in October and then there's Christmas...and floral rompers and sandals aren't exactly in season then.

What are your favorite spring and summer trends? Have you tried any of the three I higlighted?



  1. I have a couple of these pins on my boards too!! Love patterned shorts.

    pumps and push-ups

  2. I seriously love patterned shorts for the summer! So cute and can easily be dressed up and down. That first pin is perfect!

  3. I agree with Pamela about the patterned shorts. We have a bunch of them where I work and they are super cute. We also have a lot of soft patterned pants that are super cute. In fact I just bought my first pair today! :-) Give them both a try, I'm sure that they will look cute on you. Hope that you had a great day today too.

  4. I adore patterned shorts, so my favorite summer thing!

  5. Oh man, I'd LOVE some soft patterned shorts! I just need to find the right pair. I'm too scared to wear crop tops, even with a high-waisted item. I feel like I just look like I'm wearing a top that is too small for me!

  6. I am trying some new pants with prints and some bold colors. I like those relaxed fit pants, too, so I may experiment. It's so hard to step out of your comfort zone, at least for me! Great ideas, though!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  7. Love those maxi skirts! I've been looking for a good (not see-through) maxi for quite a while now. Guess it's time to start searching again! Love these pins!

  8. the struggle of wanting to be in your style board… haha. so on point. i wish it was actually my closet.