Northwest Native: Long Hair, Don't Care

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Long Hair, Don't Care

This is to preface next Monday's post about favorite hair products. I was going to just add this to the beginning of that post, but it's kind of long-winded. And, as I said in my very first post, I'm trying not to bore you.

Confession time. I'm horrible at all things hair and makeup. I'll leave the makeup talk for another day, but let's talk about hair...

I've dyed my hair twice (from a box, btw). I have mousey brown hair with red undertones. I dyed it a dark brunette with red undertones early in my junior year of college. I left it for a long time, then when I was studying abroad in Australia (towards the end of my junior year) I finally dyed it again. I dyed it pretty much the same color, but a lighter shade (the first time was a little intense for my pale self).
This was my first dye job. Yep, I now realize how intense this is. My step-dad joked that I looked gothic and I was offended at the time...but I kind of agree now. (Disclaimer: It did fade some, this was literally the day I dyed it.)
This is the second time I dyed my hair. Please ignore the awkward...I never know what to do with myself in solo pictures, but my friend and I dyed our hair together and had cute new outfits on so we had to take glamour shots, of course.
It's hard to convey in pictures how all over the place my hair is now. This is an old picture, my grow-out is waaay longer now (probably at least half the length of my hair). I had just gone to my hairdresser and she foiled my hair to try and blend the colors. That's also why my hair actually looks good (I'm hopeless/lazy at styling my hair) and also why I insisted on this picture, I'm sure. I actually get compliments on my hair color sometimes, and it kind of looks like an ombre but I didn't have to pay salon price for it, so that's not bad.

I own a Chi straightener and a Jilbere de Paris Porcelain Series blow dryer. They both work really well, but...I don't really use them anymore. Yep, on wash days I just get out of the shower, comb my hair, add some product, and I'm done. Non-wash days I spray in some dry shampoo, brush it through, and call it good. (I find it really annoying that heat styling is so hard on your hair, but your hair feels softer after heat styling than after just air drying.)

About that not washing your hair every day thing...I only adopted this lifestyle very recently, like within a year. I knew it was better for your hair to not wash every day, but I just couldn't deal. My hair would always feel so greasy. So at least I've improved in that regard. I'm also one of those people (or maybe the only one?) who waits like nine months between hair cuts. Oops?

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  1. I never get my hair cut either :) what kind of dry shampoo do you use?? Sorry I have been behind on blog reading lately!

    1. When I started using it, I used Not Your Mother's, and I liked it a lot! Then I went to Ulta to buy more and they were out, but the girl recommended Batiste and I like it even more! Buut it seems to run out quicker and I wore black one day and kept finding random dust streaks on my clothes...I realized it was from touching my hair! I didn't have that problem with the other one, but I still probably won't switch back.

  2. A good dry shampoo is a life changer!!

  3. Ugh, hair cuts are the worst. I always realize I need a hair cut, and then don't want to get it cut because I don't want to sacrifice length. It's a constant struggle, I know how you feel.

  4. Soul sisters! Long hair don't care here too! And mousy brown to top it off! I stink at hair and make-up! What's up with that?! I figure if I don't try then at least it won't look like I did! hehe! Thanks for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @

  5. The older I get, the less I want to mess with my hair. Most days I let it air-dry and, since my hair is naturally wavy, attempt to rock the beachy look ;) I used to straighten it every day but it was so hard on my fine hair!