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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Raise your hand if you ever had a MySpace page. Do you remember MySpace bulletins? Most of them were little surveys you filled out with random questions like, "What's the first letter of the name of the last person you kissed?" (And everyone just wanted to fill them out so they could have people guessing about who they kissed. Oh, just me? Shoot.) Anyway, they were super pointless and ridiculous but I'll fill you in on a dirty little secret: I loved them. So when Donna posted this, I knew I'd be filling it out myself. Sorry not sorry. :)

Four Nicknames
  1. Mookie - My parents bought me pink walrus stuffed animal when I was born and its name was Mookie. So basically they stole the name off the tag and just used it for my very first nickname. Real original, guys. No one really calls me this anymore (especially since my dad decided to name his dog Mookie...I won't get into how annoyed I was that he decided to name a dog after me).
  2. Matilda June - Everyone always asks what Mattie is short for. The obvious answer would be Matilda, but alas, it isn't short for anything. So my dad remixed my name (Mattie Jane) as Matilda June.
  3. Matthew James - My oldest brother also remixed my a boy's name. It drove me crazy when I was little (which was his objective).
  4. Matt - Pretty much all of my friends call me this. Michael does not, because his dad is named Matt. He actually called me Matt the other day (as a joke) and it just did not sound right.
Four Things in My Bag
  1. Chapstick - I always have some sort of chapstick/lip balm with me. I have one sitting on my desk at work, one sitting on my dresser at home, and always have one (or more) in my purse. My top three picks are Burt's Bees (the original minty one!), eos, and this one from some local shop that my sister-in-law has given me in gift bags a couple of times. (It's as big as a glue stick, people give me weird looks when I use it, but I love it!)
  2. Wallet - You know, for my ID and money and all that necessary stuff.
  3. A pen - I absolutely hate needing a pen and not having one on me. I make sure there is always one in my purse!
  4. Keys - I have three sets of keys. I have my car keys (including a bunch of keychains as well as house keys to my parents' house), I have the fob to get into my apartment building and the key to get into my actual apartment (and only one keychain), and I have my key card to get into work in a cute little pouch.
Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once
  1. 10 Things I Hate About You - One of my favorite movies of all time. Back in the VHS days, my best friend and I pretty much rented this every weekend. (We were probably way too young to be watching it...) Now I own my own (non-VHS) copy.
  2. 27 Dresses - There are just certain movies that I crave to watch all the time. This movie was one of those for a while. I saw it in theaters with two of my friends and we went to Applebee's after. You know the scene in the bar where they sing Bennie and the Jets? Well, that song came on in Applebee's and the bar started going nuts and singing it. I guess we weren't the only ones who had seen it!
  3. Because I Said So - This is another one I always had that urge to watch. It's just so good. Plus, I have a soft spot for Mandy Moore. I loved her music when I was a kid (and also A Walk to Remember).
  4. John Tucker Must Die - My best friend and I also used to watch this all the time. Apparently, we go through movie phases. 10 Things was a childhood phase, and this movie was a teenage phase.
Four Favorite Drinks
  1. Moscow Mule - I had my first one of these within the past year and oh man was I missing out! They are so refreshing. Michael and I even bought each other Moscow Mule mugs as gifts (without know the other was doing it).
  2. Iced White Mocha - From Starbucks, where else?
  3. Water - I drink a lot of water. Like, a lot.
  4. Coffee with fat free hazelnut creamer - I guess I don't drink a lot. I drink water every day, I drink coffee with creamer at work, and then I drink alcoholic beverages when we go out or coffee beverages when I find myself at a coffee shop.
Four Random Things I'm Thinking About
  1. Cereal - At work Tuesday and yesterday we had in-depth conversations about cereal. I never buy cereal anymore (my go-to breakfast is Greek yogurt) but I'm thinking about how I need to buy some, asap.
  2. Coffee - Thanks to that list above, I would looove an iced white mocha (or one of my go-to hot Starbucks drinks).
  3. This dress - I ordered this dress because I saw it on Pamela. I never would've picked it out from the picture on Target's site, but seeing it on her, the colors are so bright and fun! I also love the back.
  4. Shopping ban - Thanks to my lack of self-control, I bought a looot this month. I decided that I am banning myself from buying clothes for the rest of the month as well as the month of June. (The above dress was my final purchase!)
Four Top Places I've Traveled
  1. Australia - I could break this up into multiple places since I went to multiple cities, but I'll just go with Australia as a whole.
  2. Norway - I went to Bergen and Oslo. It's such a gorgeous country!
  3. Mexico - I love taking trips to Mexico because it's so warm! And delicious food and drinks don't hurt either.
  4. Idaho & Montana - For some reason, the state of Montana was haunting me for a while during my senior year of college. And then I bid on a two-night stay in a cabin near Glacier National Park at a silent auction and won! So Michael and I took our first little vacation together. We drove to Coeur d'Alene (have to Google the spelling every time!) and stayed the night there, then went on to the little cabin in Montana for two nights. It made the list mostly because of the sentimental value of being our first vacation together, but also because it was just gorgeous and a fun time!
Four Places I've Lived
  1. A teeny town in Oregon on the border with Washington - I'd post the name, but it kind of freaks me out. The other places are bigger so they're more anonymous. Anyway, this is where I grew up and where my parents live.
  2. Tacoma, Washington - I went to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.
  3. Marsfield, NSW, Australia - I studied abroad at Macquarie University here. It's a suburb 30 minutes north of Sydney by train.
  4. Seattle, Washington - I moved here after graduating and still live here!
Four TV Shows I'm Currently Watching
  1. Friends - We always have a light comedy series with half hour episodes to watch in bed before we go to sleep. We've done The Office too (we started watching it a second time, but switched to Friends instead). After we're done with this, I think we'll start Scrubs (which we've watched before!).
  2. Pretty Little Liars - Okay, this is my major guilty pleasure. I know it's for teenagers but I just can't. stop. watching. I've watched it all the way through, but with all the stuff that goes down and all the breaks in seasons, I can never keep track. So now that there's a break from it airing, I'm re-watching the series on Netflix.
  3. Scandal - I think it's the season finale tonight? I'm not really sure. We started this on Netflix and loved it. But now I kind of hate it. I feel like nothing new happens, just the same old back and forth. Ugh. Michael got sick of it even before I did, so once I felt the same I said we could stop watching it and he said we should stick with it. WHY?!
  4. Nothing! - All my other TV shows are on hiatus, and I'm not watching anything else on Netflix!
Four Things I'm Excited For This Year
  1. The Wedding! - We're getting married on October 10th!
  2. This Weekend! - We're going down to the Bay Area for Michael's sister's college graduation. I'm excited to spend time with his family.
  3. My Bridal Shower/Bachelorette! - On Saturday, May 30th there will be a bridal shower brunch in my honor at my mom's house, followed by a group of us girls heading to the coast and staying in a rented beach house.
  4. My Second Shower! - In August, Michael's family is planning on hosting a couple's shower for us in the Bay Area.
Well that was fun (at least for me, it may have been boring for you to read!). If anyone else shares my love of these things, feel free to steal it. :) You don't have to link to me or anything, I didn't make it up!



  1. Love your lists!!!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! And I'm going to have to try your fav Starbucks drink ... (And BTW - omg MySpace! Ha!)

  2. Mattie, thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. I thought I'd return the favor. Your blog is so fun! I'm adding it to my daily reading list right now. You have a new fan!
    "The Busy Brunette"

    1. Thank you! I followed you too after I read your post and commented. :)

  3. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, it will be here before you know it!! Such an exciting time. I'm also so jealous you've visited Australia, it's on my bucket list for sure!

    pumps and push-ups

  4. PLL is the WOOOORRRSSSTTTTTTTT. i finally had to euthanize my relationship with it because it was killing me. absolutely killing me. i'll just wait for the end of the show and find out who A is hahaha. it'll probably be the very last episode, or it will be like a made for TV movie that happens a week later or something. ugh.

  5. I had MySpace and I love surveys sooooo much that when I got Facebook, I still did surveys in the "Notes" section. Also, me and one of my friends emailed surveys back and forth to one another constantly. Haha! I love all of your TV show/movie picks...although I really don't know if I've ever seen 10 Things I Hate About You! I obviously know what it's about since it's so well known but I might have to watch it this weekend!

  6. I love 27 Dresses! I might just have to watch that again soon. I also need to check out Because I Said So, I don't remember it at all but I totally have a soft spot for Mandy Moore too, How to Deal is one of my favourite movies she's stared in!

  7. I discovered Moscow Mules this year, and you are right - they are so refreshing!!!