Northwest Native: First Friday Favorites!

Friday, May 1, 2015

First Friday Favorites!

One of my favorite posts to read by other bloggers are their Friday Favorites, so of course it's something I wanted to do myself! Soo I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci!

I'm also linking up with Astleigh for The Pick!

Number One -My Little Family

  They're my favorites every week, but I figure that would get boring for people so I'll just make them my number one this week and they'll just be an unwritten favorite every other week.
The dark brown dog is Flora, the human is Michael, and the blondie is Tully. This was taken on March 8th, 2014, the day we got Tully.

Number Two - Spring/Summer Weather

I'm loving that the weather is improving! On Monday, it was a high of 75 in Seattle. That was a favorite for many reasons. One being that I got to wear this!
I introduced the dress and the bag in Wednesday's post. I'm obsessed with my denim jacket. It's the first one I've had since I was a kid, I think. I always liked the trend when it came back, but never jumped on it until this season. The necklace is old from Forever 21 and these shoes are one of my two absolute favorite pairs currently. I also loved the weather because Monday is my day to take the mail out at work, so it was nice to get out in the sunshine for a few minutes.

Number Three - What Alice Forgot

I've heard only good things about Liane Moriarty's books in the blog world. I actually bought Three Wishes for my Kindle a while back (just checked; it's apparently been three months already!--how?!) but haven't gotten around to starting it. When I was at my parents' last weekend, my mom gave me this.
I'm obsessed! Once I finish this I am absolutely starting Three Wishes. I'm sold! Side note: Another favorite of mine is my mom's extensive mug collection. The one above might be my very favorite out of all of them!

Number Four: More Summer Clothes!

I tried to order a top I've been lusting after that was backordered until June 10th...but when I checked a couple of weeks later it didn't say it was anymore! So I ordered it, then got an email that it was backordered. Sigh. Once June 10th rolls around, I'm getting my hands on that top! So, instead of my beloved top, I decided to order these two lovelies from Old Navy (with a 30% off code!).
Since I bought so many dresses recently, I knew I needed to get some summer-friendly clothes that weren't dresses. I've been wanting a jumpsuit and I always have good luck with Old Navy, plus the reviews are great! And these shorts are just so fun and I could see them dressed up or down.

Number Five: Sweatpants at Work

Okay, so, maybe I don't go so far as to wear sweatpants to work...but I definitely push the boundaries. I often wear plain t-shirts with my slacks or skirts, sometimes with a jacket or sweater over them, but sometimes I just throw on a necklace and hope no one notices or cares!
Target brought back these linen pants from last year. I bought them in olive green last year, but I lost weight and when I pulled them out this year I was swimming in them. :( I was so excited when I found these in the store! I wore a t-shirt, these pants that feel like pajamas, and a denim jacket to work earlier this week. I once wondered if denim jackets were allowed since jeans are only allowed on casual Friday...but I didn't care enough to ask and I've now worn it plenty of times with no consequences. #livingontheedge
P.S. Can I just say how proud I was to get both of my pups, my super mini 'gallery wall' and minimal mess in the background of this shot?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Is Tully named after the coffee?? I'm the worst about work clothes. I wear leggings almost every day...oops. :) I'm a boundary pusher too! Have a good weekend!

    1. In a roundabout way, she kind of is! Both of our pups are rescues from Thailand. This non-profit called Greater Good (based in Seattle and Tucson) were our flight volunteers with Flora. While they were over there, they found two puppies (one of them being Tully). They named them Seattle and Tucson. We decided to adopt Seattle (a woman who got her dog the same time we got Flora adopted Tucson) but we thought it would be weird walking around Seattle yelling, "Come here, Seattle!" So we were brainstorming names and all the Seattle-themed ones were better for boys (Sounder was one, I can't remember the others we thought of). So Michael said Tully, which works because Tully's is from Seattle annnd because it's pronounced like Sea-TULL.

      Sorry that was so long-winded. :)

  2. The jumpsuit and shorts you got from Old Navy are SO cute! I have a jumpsuit like that from Forever 21 that I bought at the end of last summer and I have yet to wear it! Ah!

  3. I love my ON jean jacket. I bought more expensive versions from J Crew and Madewell. Both got returned. And then I found the perfect one at ON, I'm glad that trend is back too.