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Monday, September 26, 2016

Love/Hate/Personal [9.26.16]

Are you sick of these posts yet? Oh well, they're easy for me and I'm going to keep doing them. It would make more sense to post them on Fridays so I could link maybe some day I'll switch, but not this week.


That Scream Queens is back! I looove this show. I didn't know how the second season would go, but JOHN STAMOS! That's all I should have to say about that, right? My favorite part of the first episode was probably when everyone was giving their definitions of 'ghosting.' If you watched it, you'll understand.


I also watched This Is Us and that ending threw me for a loop! They totally got me; I never would've expected that!

Found these shoes at Ross this weekend and my momma bought them for me! They're totally knockoffs of these (but the wedge version) but the Ross price was only $23--sooo over $100 cheaper! (Sorry about the awkward picture, I was struggling to get one. Also, they're burgundy, not black!)


Last week, someone commented that they don't use the term 'hate,' they say 'dislike.' I've mentioned before on the blog that I'm the same way. I just wanted to clarify that love/hate/personal just sounds better than love/dislike/personal in my opinion. Though there are some things I truly do hate that I've mentioned in this category lately...namely rape, rape culture, rapists...and anything else along those lines.

And on that note, I swear I had something to include here, but I can't remember it and it's late, so there you go.


I chopped my hair off! On the left you have Friday's hair, on the right, Saturday's. My last haircut was December 19th. I told you I stretch out the time between appointments. Below is a selfie from Friday and one from Saturday morning after the haircut for comparison. (I didn't get it colored, it's just the lighting difference.)

I felt that the first day of fall was the perfect day to wear an oversized sweater and over-the-knee boots, right?! (Full disclosure: I tried to wear the boots the day before, but ended up not liking how they looked with the outfit [gray jeans & denim shirt]).
Thursday, September 22nd
Sweater (similar) - Jeans - Boots

Friday, September 23rd
Sweater (Target last year) - Scarf (similar) - Bag (similar) - Boots (old)
This is one of my go-to fall/winter outfits. I love this sweater, and I have it in light gray too. I hope Target brings it back this year so I can buy even more!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why I'm An Adult

Disclaimer: A lot of these have to do with getting married/combining my life with another human's life, but there are tons of unmarried people who are way more adulty than I am. These are things that make me feel adulty, not things you need to be/do to be an adult, obviously.

Disclaimer #2: Posted late because I had it allll written and forgot to schedule it! Yikes!

I posted why I'm not an adult last week, so check that out too. And then link up with Lexi and I for Weekly Lessons!

I got married.

I changed my last name. Like, seriously. The government allowed me to legally change my name. I'm still kind of surprised by this.

We bought a house. Even though we had to borrow a large sum of money from family to afford the down payment, we own a house.

One time, when pretending my mom was Google, she told me, "I don't know. Google it." So I actually had to find something out myself, can you believe that?!

We bought a car.

Time goes by so quickly. Is it just me, or did time drag forever when you were little? A year was like seven lifetimes. A month was an eternity. We would take a six-ish hour road trip every summer to see my grandparents, and every time I asked how much longer (probably like five times per trip) my parents would answer in how many Gumby episodes (not that I was watching it in the car, but that's how I could comprehend time). I still trudge my way through the week and say hallelujah when Friday comes, but this past year has been the shortest year of my life. In less than a month, it'll be our first anniversary. It feels like we got married a month ago. Whenever I would wish time away ("I wish my birthday would get here!") my dad would warn me not to. I rolled my eyes then, but now I know just how right he was.
We pay for car insurance and health insurance.

I make my own appointments, which I hate and dread, but I still do it. (Though, as you know, I still don't have a PCP or a dentist here.)

Speaking of the dentist, I floss daily.

I got blood drawn twice recently and I didn't even freak out that much. I mean, I'm never going to be one of those people who donates blood, but I'm no longer that person who freaks the nurse out so badly with her nervousness that she makes the doctor do it.

I pay student loans...unfortunately.

I get excited about purchasing things like a vacuum, a new bed frame, a new mattress, a new end table. I was also excited to receive our robot vacuum, but I think my level of excitement over that categorizes it as a, "Why I'm Not An Adult" bullet point.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Love/Hate/Personal [9.19.16]

This is probably my new favorite way to write a post. It's like favorites...but better. Even though lots of the things I put in the 'love' category could work for 'personal' so it doesn't make the most sense...just go with it.


All things fox and Cost Plus World Market. My mom bought me this adorable spoon rest and fall kitchen towel at Cost Plus (that's how I shorten it) and I am in love. And then I laughed when I set the spoon rest on the counter next to our two sets of salt and pepper shakers: a set of two foxes, and a fox salt shaker that goes with an owl pepper shaker. Yes, I have a problem. (Really want this blanket, guys.)

I finally finished sending thank you notes. I wrote my last thank you note on Sunday. Yes, that's September 18th. Yes, we got married on October 10th. They say you have a year, right? I took that extremely seriously. (Also I looove these thank you notes we got from Target!)

These babies. Have you tried them? If you haven't, you should. The picture is terrible because I just snapped it really quick to send to Michael when I was loading up on treats for our viewing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. These have been a favorite of mine for years, but they're kind of hard to find sometimes.


That now I don't only get a weekly update email from Bloglovin', but it tells me in my feed how many new followers I got. Getting that -1 follower email is all fine and dandy, but staring at a -1 all week is not fun. I don't even really care about followers and page views, but the -1 is still a downer. (Also I had 200 followers exactly before then and I was excited about that milestone/round number...I just need one more follower and no unfollowers and then I don't need anyone else to follow me ever! Ha!)

In the same vein as last week... I hadn't seen this story before, somehow it stayed out of the news unlike Brock Turner. This guy raped (I don't care about the technicalities; I know they dropped the rape charges, but in my mind any penetration is rape) two unconscious girls and they woke up to it happening. So, no, I don't agree with the judge's bullsh*t ruling that he avoids all jail time and after two years of probation this will be completely expunged from his record. He gets no consequences. His probation includes two years of not drinking alcohol...he's 18 or 19, so he isn't even legally allowed to. Wow, what a harsh punishment. RAGE. I do appreciate, however, that it seems that the school he was planning on going to has dropped him. At least that's what the article makes it sound like.


Only one outfit picture this week... And it's the exact same as Friday's outfit last week but with swapped out pants and no necklace...
Wednesday, September 14th
Top - Camo Skinnies - Sandals (similar) - Watch

I went shopping with my mom a week ago Saturday, and she generously bought me a new coat! My rain coat was way too big on me, and it was super light so it provided no warmth. I needed one that fit and was a little bit heavier. I had basically resigned myself to paying about $200, but this jacket was  (and still is, as of yesterday) on sale for $140 (from $210) and my mom offered to buy it for me (I got the navy)! (Don't you love my facial expression? Haha!) I wore it to an MLS game on Saturday and we had to walk 15-ish minutes in the rain to get there and it was perfect! Also, I feel like a grown-up in it.

We made this slow cooker chicken curry on Sunday and it was delicious! Definitely recommend!

And that's all I have for today! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why I'm Not An Adult

It's Weekly Lessons day with Lexi and myself! I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't learn all of these things this week. But they are things I've realized about myself over time, all adding up to teach me an important lesson about how far I am from being a fully functioning adult human.
I still pretty much use my mom instead of Google. If I have any questions on how to do anything, I'm going to be texting or calling her.

My coffee still needs lots of 'crap' in it. You know, creamer/flavors/milk/sugar/sweetener. All that uber-healthy nonsense. (This may never change, and I will forever not be an adult.)

I'm obsessed with children's movies.

And some young adult books.
I have to use Google Maps to get pretty much anywhere.

I pretty much always buy the cheapest possible option at the grocery store. Hi, non-organic/store brands!

I still don't have a primary care physician or a dentist here. We moved in November (which, consequently, is when I was due for my last dentist appointment...oopsie...)

I stretch out my time between haircuts for far too long because 1. I hate making appointments and 2. haircuts are not free.

I have an insane sweet tooth. If there are free sweets somewhere (donuts or pastries in the office, cake at a party, etc) I'm going to be having some. If there are sweets to buy somewhere (you know, the grocery store) I'm buying them. (JK, I don't buy sweets every time I go to the store. But sometimes I make special trips just to do so.) My future children will probably get to eat about half of their Halloween candy. I'll make one of those videos for Jimmy Kimmel where I tell my kids I ate their Halloween candy...but it'll be real.


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Love/Hate/Personal [9.12.16]

I did a post like this a while back and considered making it a series. Still not really going to call it a series...but I'm going with it for the second installment.


That we all still hate Brock Turner.
You know how some things are a flash in the pan and then they're gone? Well, I'm glad that the outrage about Brock Turner is still there. I know he was just released from prison (after serving half of his pitiful six month sentence because of "good behavior") but I hope this outrage is here for good. We gotta make some changes. And here are just a few examples of women I 100% agree with on the subject:
This article that Michael's cousin shared on Facebook. It's long, but it had me nodding (and shaking) my head in a fit of rage. Our country is allowing crimes against humanity and us women are the victims of it.
Audrey and I agree on everything. Like this! Again...the system in place in this country is designed for men by men. All the feminist rights movements have gotten us the right to vote and wear pants...but not the right to not be raped or for our rapists to actually be punished.
And like Erin, I am clearly still pissed off.
At least this verdict (that Erin also brought to my attention in this post) is more respectable. Why can't Brock be in prison for 15 years?


Brock Turner. Rapists. Rape culture.
Enough said.


Okay, let's move things away from the dark side, shall we?
Remember the top from my last Friday post that lots of you loved but wasn't online? Well, I found it online!
I was also going to do a "what I wore" post, inspired by Jess, but I decided I'd just leave those here. It seems less scary than devoting one post to them. (Note: I'm not a fashion blogger. I have an iPhone and a mirror to work with...not a DSLR or DLSR or whatever the heck they're called and a pro photographer and editing software.)
Wednesday, September 7th
Stripes and neutrals are my jam. I forgot to take a picture at home before work and on this half-shot in the office bathroom had to do. I was wearing dark jeans and cognac booties.
Top - Vest (similar) - Necklace - Jeans (similar) - Booties - Watch

Thursday, September 8th
More neutrals minus my top--which is one of like only two colors that I wear semi-often. (I gravitate towards peach/rust colors and burgundy, if not neutrals.) And I am sooo happy I got this color jacket instead of the olive!
Jacket - Top - Jeans - Booties (similar)

Friday, September 9th
Mission WEAR ALL THE NEW TOPS: Success. I wore this plaid shirt on Tuesday for the first time too. The Friday before, I wore this top for the first time. Monday will probably have to incorporate this one to keep the streak alive...then I'll be done wearing new tops. I think. And guess what? I only forgot to take the tags off two times out of five! Woo! *insert see-no-evil monkey here* Also, I kind of wanted to hold out and wear this top for the first time with my camo skinnies...but I'm weak. Also also: high of 82 = sandals instead of booties. Even though it was a high of 82 the day before. I wore the same jacket as Thursday's outfit over the top.
Top - Jeans (similar) - Sandals (similar) - Watch - Necklace

In un-clothing-related news, I'm on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in my first ever reread of the series since I read books one through four when they were released (or a couple years after). I had the first five books, started book five twice and got about halfway through each time before giving up. This time I am going to read all seven! It amazes me how much of these things I remember too. And yes, I've seen all the movies, but most of them I've seen all the way through only once, minus the first one, because I owned it. But it had been yeeears since I watched any of the movies!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Deadly hickeys & casual sexism.

It's week two of Weekly Lessons with myself and Lexi! I've learned a few things this week...

Hickeys kill.
A seventeen-year-old died because of a hickey. Now, I've never been a fan of hickeys or seen the point, but this is really sad. And I'm totally going to tell my teenage children about this some day.


A woman's place is in the kitchen...and ordering office supplies.
First off, I don't actually agree with that statement. I am one of two women in my office, and I'm the only one in an admin role. There used to also be a female sales assistant, who was also basically the office manager. She quit a few weeks ago, and last week a coworker comes up to me and says, "So now that she's gone are you the one ordering office supplies?" Now, he's a nice guy, and it's possible he doesn't really know what it is I do. But I'm a corporate employee who just happens to be working out of this branch. I don't work for this branch. And I'm not suddenly going to be ordering office supplies just because I'm a woman who isn't a sales rep. There's nothing wrong with being in a job where you order office supplies or being an assistant or's just not what I do. This company hires women in all of those roles--receptionist, executive assistant, sales assistant--so I think there's a mindset that this is a woman's work...but don't just assume whatever woman is remaining is going to take it on. Update: The other female in the office, a sales rep, also asked me if I was ordering office supplies. *facepalm* Update 2: I was only slightly annoyed before, but when I came back from lunch on Friday to a stack of dry cleaning invoices on my desk, I was kind of raging. (And out of defiance, I'm just going to leave them there untouched.)

How to library.
It seems like I re-learn this every few weeks. If you use your library to check out e-books like I do, see if your library's website has a wish list section, and just add a bunch of books from your TBR list. When I look at my wish list, it tells me how many items are on it and how many are available to check out. Yesterday there were six available. Sometimes you can look at a book on your wishlist and it's available, then the next day you're third in line on the hold list (and vice versa!). When I have nothing to read, I look at my wishlist and there's usually at least one book for me to check out!


Remember to take your dang tags off!
I do this ALL THE TIME. But when I did it on Friday it was especially awful because I remember being at home in the morning and thinking, "I need to go ask Michael to cut my tag off before I forget." But then I forgot anyway. Because I forget everything. Isn't there a supplement you take that helps your memory? Or maybe I should download some brain games app? I'd ask for your suggestions, but I'll probably just forget them. ;) Update: I left the tags on another shirt on Tuesday. Yep, even after a restful three day weekend I don't learn.

Radio stations are repetitive.
I mean, I think we all knew this. And that's why I only listen to the radio in the car, not all day at work. But recently, they've started playing a country music radio station at the office all day, and this has to be the most repetitive radio station in all the land. I don't listen to country music. There are a select few songs/artists I like, but I'm not going to get into that. This radio station plays Blown Away by Carrie Underwood (the song itself says 'blown away' 497 it's repetitive on its own) at least once a day, probably more than once. The other song that is constantly repeated is that one that goes, "this looo-oo-ooove, from the gods a-booo-oo-ooove." Yeah, I was too lazy to even Google it. But if I never hear that song again, I will be a happy woman. OH and old school Taylor Swift when she was kind of country, like Love Story and that "she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts" song. I've liked T-Swift from the beginning, so hearing those songs the first couple of times were fun. Now...PLEASE GET SOME VARIETY!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

There's a cute dog picture in here.

Yesterday, I was going to post my goal results, and that I'm done with blogging my goals again. I know, I'm such a flip-flopper lately. One day I think, "Posting this will be fun/easy/make me happy" and the next I'm like, "Posting this is a chore." Goals were exciting to bring back at one point, but now they feel like a chore to post again. I'll summarize quickly though: 10,000 steps every day = fail (four days under; that's really good for me though), 30 active minutes 5 times a week = success (and I'll continue to shoot for this, just not blog about it), shopping ban = success (so glad it's over!!!), vegetarian dinners = big huge massive fail.

Okay, now that that's over with, let's talk about some good things, shall we?

Link-up success!
You guys...Lexi and I were floored with the participation in our very first Weekly Lessons link-up! We had eleven posts including our own. I was expecting a maximum of five including us. So thank you to everyone who read, commented, and especially linked up a post! (Also, we're trying to work out some of the technical difficulties we were having. Hopefully next week everything will be working perfectly!)

My shopping ban is OVER!
Yesterday after work I went straight to Nordstrom Rack. There was a sweatshirt thing that I loved when we were there two weekends ago and I was just hoping they still had it. They only had my least favorite color left, and they only had one of the two sizes I would try. It just looked pretty 'eh.' But I tried on about a thousand tops and ended up with two. Are you seeing a pattern among the pictures below...? Yeah, I'm obsessed with peplums/ruffle hems.
Top 1 (not online) - Top 2 - Top 3
The first top isn't online, but it's Lush brand in case you have a Rack near you (the back laces up! [not all the way...a respectable amount]). The second one is here, and I kind of wish I hadn't looked for it because I found out they have it in nine solid colors here. I might be buying one...or nine. The third I had been eyeing for a while, but didn't let myself try it on until I wasn't on a ban. It's only $15 full price, but I didn't buy it because I have a feeling there'll be a Labor Day sale coming up. I tried it with the camo skinnies (this is now my third time talking about them in the last two weeks...yikes!) and I think this is my new favorite outfit in the world. I bought the pants because there was a 20% off jeans Cartwheel coupon but...these didn't qualify. So I might return them and re-buy them if they go on sale for Labor Day.

Fall decor!
I put up my fall decor on August 31st because it was overcast and a high of 70ish. It's been like that for days and I am so happy. Part of me was sort of sad to think about summer actually being over but once these temps hit I realized I was being ridiculous.
Literally the only decoration that isn't there all the time is the pumpkin made of twigs on the left.

Tully's face!
Humble brag: my dog is cute.

Tully kisses.
While I was working towards the above perfect selfie of the Tullster, I caught her (and me) mid-kiss. Tully will attack your face with kisses at any moment. Flora is so much more selective with her's an achievement when you get her to kiss you and you didn't just get home after being gone for hours.

Australia, is that you?
Is it just me, or does this splotch on the lid of my makeup kind of look like Australia? Obviously it's not totally spot on, but there's a resemblance!

Nostalgia and deja vu.
I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone this week. I've only read it once and it was at least fifteen years ago...but it's so weird because I swear it feels like I read it a few months ago! I have a weird sense of deja vu while I read it.

That this week is almost over (plus a three day weekend)!
This week has been sooo insanely busy. There are two people who do my same job (but I'm the lead #fancy) and the other one is gone this whole week. My supervisor is in, but she was gone all last week so she's behind and can't take on much when the emails start piling up. On top of that, I had a big report I do every month due today, plus billing gets suuuper crazy at the end of the month. So basically it's been crazy stressful and busy and I am over it! (And it also means I haven't read/commented on as many blog posts this week as I would like to. Boo.)

Also, update on the robot vacuum from last week (because lots of you were curious!): I am LOVING this thing. It's only been a week so I can't promise you that it will last for five years or whatever, but I decided that if it lasts a year and dies, I would buy another. If it lasts like two weeks...guess that means I'm saving for a Roomba because I don't think I can live without one of these now!

Those are my eight (nine if you count the vacuum...for the second weekin a row) things that made me happy this week to link up with Krysten, Lindsay & Charlotte! Also linking up with AndreaErika, & Narci for Friday Favorites!

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